Money is necessary for doing anything. All of us face situations where we need some extra money. Though hard work is the only way to earn more, there are some money spells and abundance prayers that work too. Prayers said with pure and devoted heart work for sure. Praying can help you feel focused, connected to your self and attract positivity. It can work wonders for your spiritual life. Prayer can change one’s perceptions and when perceptions change, the life starts changing. Those who face lack of money or resources can use powerful money prayers to communicate with the God and get blessed with abundance and prosperity. Money spells can be used to claim abundance which is everybody’s birthright. These prayers remove the blockages and clear your way to prosperity. Abundance prayer can attract money. They work by helping you connect to the love and wisdom of the Almighty to guide you in your efforts to increase prosperity in life.


Abundance prayer is not just about attracting money and wealth. It is also about getting an abundance of happiness, love, good health, friendship, good health and family harmony. This is the most powerful prayer for money and can be said at any time. If you feel there is a lack in your life, you can ask for divine help with this money prayer.

To get effective results from money prayer, start by sitting down with a calm mind. Try to slow down the speed of your thoughts with deep breaths. Think that everything is good and believe that you are God’s child and can connect with the divinity. Form an intention to connect with higher powers. You should say the money prayer with faith, belief, and sincerity. Release all the intentions into the cosmic and let the divinity decide how abundance should come to you. Set expectations but be realistic and stay away from restlessness. Show gratitude before, during and after the abundance prayer. After saying the prayer, thank the universe and let it decide what you should get. Simply open yourself to receiving abundance from any source.

Abundance Prayer – Most Powerful Prayer For Money

Here is the abundance prayer:

From the Light of God that I am.

From the Love of God that I am.

From the Power of God that I am.

From the Heart of God that I am.

Let us recite:

I reside in the middle of infinite abundance. The abundance of God is my infinite source.

The River of Life flows endlessly. It flows through us into the lavish expression. The Good comes to me through unexpected sources and God blesses me in a number of ways.

I am now ready to open my mind and receive the good.

Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen. With God as my source, nothing amazes me.

I am no longer burdened by thoughts of the past or the future. One of them is gone and the other is yet to come.

With the power of my belief combined with my fearless, purposeful actions and my reputation with God, my future is made and my abundance is manifested. I accept that I am lifted in this moment and every moment. My mind is quiet.

From today, I give fearlessly and freely into life and life rewards me with magnificent increase.

Blessings come in both expected and unexpected ways. God provides me in wonderful ways.

I am indeed grateful. I wish the same for the goodness of others as well.

Here are the real-life experiences and effects of the Prayer For Abundance & Prosperity:

Pamela Johnson, Chicago-

A brilliant prayer! Very thankful! A lot of good things have happened in my life since I have started using this prayer. I have gained more opportunities at work, I have won money. I have noticed that it has positive effects on people around me. I love spreading positive vibes around.

Isabella, Arizona –

I have used the abundance prayer in dark times of my life. I believe confidently that I secured a good paying job from this prayer and improved self-belief and confidence. The quality of my life improved from this job. I used the prayer in hard times and abundance came my way unexpectedly. I hope the prayer keeps bringing abundance. It has changed my life and I will be grateful always as it improves the lives of others around me. I wish for the abundance of all.

Jack, Sydney –

This prayer really works. I have used it for two years and I recite it in times of need. I have got unexpected sums of money through this prayer.

Mary Williams, London –

I can assure that the prayer works. I discovered the abundance prayer three years ago online while searching about how to attract money. It was the time I needed help badly. I was getting turned down by every landlord due to my credit. I said this prayer with tears in my eyes and open mind and heart. I was blessed by the prayer and got great news that one family was ready to rent me a house. I recite the abundance prayer two to three times in a day. I am re-married again and my husband loves me a lot. I will never stop saying the prayer. Though I haven’t had any large financial winnings, I have found a lot of peace and help with it.

The tone of this prayer is entirely different from other prayers. It is not just about asking God for prosperity and sitting back to hope that something good will happen. You are declaring to the Universe that you want to receive abundance. If you believe as you recite this prayer, be sure to receive the blessings. Try this prayer and write about the positive results or pleasant surprises you receive in life. Please share your experiences about the abundance prayer. We would love to hear about them. This will help other people. Share this money prayer with all your friends and family members.