This article offers you with the most important information and can help you as a Guide for Astral Projection. It will give directions and will help you understand the significance of Astral Projection.It also guides on the things to be taken care of and the whole process towards Astral Projection. Astral Projection is a common phenomenon, you can learn to Astral Project at your will and whenever you want to. This Astral Projection Guide will help you learn astral projection techniques to get Out of body Experience. Since each person is different, no one technique is best for all. You have to find out which method you are comfortable with and just like any other thing in life, you have to practice consistently and become good at it. Some can attain it on the very first time and others may take a very long time even years! But if tried constantly, in about at least 25-30 days you can experience at least one projection. One should be more open minded and start trusting, then it will become easier to Astral Project.

But let’s first understand, what is Astral projection and why Astral Projection.

Astral Projection Experience

What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection or astral travel is an understanding of out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an astral world separate from the physical world and capable of travelling outside it. In astral projection the conscious mind moves out of the physical body and moves into the astral body to travel in an astral plane to get out of body experience. During this you will still remain attached to your physical body by a white umbilical cord.

Why Astral Projection?

There are good reasons to practice astral projection. Here are few good benefits of astral projection listed below.

  • Out of Body Experience – Most people identify themselves with their physical bodies and have no idea that their consciousness spreads beyond their physical being. With Astral Projection experience one gets deep awareness that they are more than just the physical body and hence any changes/pain to physical body will not impact you.
  • The Awareness is increased and hence you are free to raise to higher level of consciousness and reach blissful state as it is easier to meditate.
  • Learn more about the universe, get ideas, solutions to improve things on physical plane
  • One can come out from the fear of death, as one get awareness that the consciousness exists beyond the body. The procedure of astral projection is similar to dying process.

How to Astral Project – Astral Projection Techniques

If you are a beginner, follow these simple steps to learn how to astral project.

  • Health

Make sure that you are in good health and feeling full  energetic before you start, the volume of energy you have will determine your ability to project out of your body, the duration that you can stay outside of your physical body and  at what frequency you can reach during your projection.

  • Have no Fear

You may have fear of leaving your body, let go of all fear while in projection.The astral body and the physical body are linked by an energy flow, usually referred to as the silver cord,by which you are completely safe and cannot lose your way. Also, during the projection process, a partial paralysis might happen for some time. Beginners should not be afraid of this.

  • Relaxation

You must completely relax your body by consciously relaxing each group of muscles and release all tensions in your body, feel your body becoming looser and lighter. Relax your mind as well, feel quiet and peaceful and let any distracting thoughts just disappear.

  • Astral Project Methods

There are different ways to astral project,

  • Imagine pulling and climbing up a rope and your astral body is pulled out of your physical body as you climb further up the rope. Snub all other feelings and focus solely on moving higher up the rope. Be relaxed while doing this. As you climb higher you will start to vibrate. Continue and you will leave your body below, finding yourself flying above.
  • The visualisation techniques also can help to learn how to astral project. Having relaxed your body fully, envisage yourself floating out of your body. Intensely invoke the feelings of this happening. Vibrations will start. Continue imagining yourself floating free from your physical body until you float out of it.
  • Another method is to imagine a fixed object. See this in your mind and imagine reaching out and holding onto this object, by pulling yourself out from your body. As your pull becomes stronger you should feel yourself moving nearer to the object, continue until eventually you reach the object and are outside of your body.
  • Suitable Time

There is no set time of day for astral project, although most people prefer to project last thing at night or first thing in the morning. As a beginner, be aware that putting yourself into a deep state of relaxation last thing at night could possibly send you to sleep, and thus make you incapable of performing a projection at that time.

  • Returning back

Astral Projection can last anything from a few seconds to a couple of hours. Ultimately the consciousness must return to the body it left behind. To re-enter your body, focus on your core and imagine being pulled back inside. You might feel a bit dizzy when you merge. This is completely normal, and within few moments you will return back to normal.

Dangers of Astral Projection

It is always good to be aware of any dangers and risks involved in Astral Projection,  Though there is actually no danger involved as far you are well aware of the process, have no fear and ask your God, Guru’s and Guide to protect you while in travel.However here are few possible questions that can arise

  • Can anyone physically die while astral projecting? Highly unlikely that you will die while astral project as the silver cord keeps both the bodies attached strongly.
  • Since the silver cord is holding us, are we vulnerable if we go out too far? The silver cord is important and valuable part of your connection to your body which is exceptionally robust and durable.  The cord can stretch a really long way and not get tangled, torn, or cut.
  • Can a demon possess you while you are astral projecting? A demon can only take on you if you let it, if you intend for it, if you’re vibrating so low that you easily vacate your body just for some relief from your life.

It would also be good to read Astral Projection Stories and Astral projection Experiences of others who have already experienced in Astral Projection.


With this Astral Projection Guide, one can confidently get started and should be able to experience the astral projection as fun and extremely fascinating.  It will help you realize that you are not your body, and that your consciousness continues to live even after death.  Before you project into the astral plane, make sure you are protected and vibrating at a high frequency.  Always ask your God, Guru’s and guides to protect you.  Be safe and have fun!