Brown Rice is much healthier than White Rice. Fact. Is it a lot more expensive? Not really. Is it not as tasty as White rice (after all, the prevalence of fast food proves health would always take a back seat to taste)? But again, not really. So why do people continue using white rice and not change to brown rice diet, you might wonder? Well, the reason is even more superficial than the taste. It “appears” cleaner, and hence tastier, and maybe people are just used to it. People can be notorious when it comes to unchanging habits.

White rice is simply a “refined” version of brown rice. Now refinery might seem like a good thing to most people, after all, you wouldn’t go anywhere near water that isn’t refined, right? However, in this case, the brown rice is refined of all it’s nutrients. The Brown shade is there because of the hull and brans which provide a “wholeness” to the meal. However, to achieve that pristine white color, the rice is robbed of protein, calcium, fiber and other really healthy nutrients.

What we get is a stripped down version of a wholesome meal, and it’s packaged as “enriched.” Well, the use of that word could be debatable, considering the only enrichment’s used are synthetic vitamins and iron after the natural ones have been depleted. It’s like stripping someone off their Armani, dressing them in rags and calling them “enriched” for not leaving them entirely barren. In fact, white rice doesn’t even meet the bare minimum standards of nutrients as specified by FDA.

10 Benefits of Brown Rice Diet – Cleansing

brown rice diet

So that’s all the technical aspects of the two kinds of rice. But how does it affect me, you ask? Well, brown rice is beneficial to you in a whole lot of calculable ways, and here’re some of the most prominent benefits of brown rice diet:

#1. Reduces risk of suffering from illnesses relating to heart, or cancer and arthritis. This is because brown rice is rich in Selenium.

#2. It significantly helps our reproductive system and helps the body synthesize fats. This is because of the Manganese content available in it. In fact, consuming a single cup of brown rice could give us almost all the Manganese we need for the day, as opposed to always running short on one vital mineral.

#3. It helps balance the cholesterol levels because of the presence of naturally occurring oils.

#4. It can significantly help in weight loss. This is because brown rice can give you a wonderfully full feeling, without adding to the fats. It also comes rich in fiber, which helps in ideal bowel regulation.

#5. It’s a “whole grain” because it hasn’t yet undergone the “refining” process, and as such it can help reduce any risk of heart diseases and maintain your cholesterol levels.

#6. It has enough anti-oxidants to rival healthy fruits like strawberries and blueberries and other green vegetables.

#7. Your chances of colon cancer are significantly reduced because the high fiber levels attach themselves to the toxins and cancer causing substances, thus preventing them from latching onto the colon wall.

#8. This is great for those with diabetes as it helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels. In fact, those who consume brown rice, even a nominal amount, on a daily basis are significantly less likely of suffering diabetes, to begin with.

#9. This is an ideal food for babies as they need rich nutrients to help them grow, and brown rice comes with a high quantity of natural nutrients.

#10. Furthermore, it can also greatly help those suffering from Candida Yeast Infection. This is again due to the high fiber content which can help in digestion and thus ease a sensitive digestive tract currently in the grips of an abundance of Candida organisms.

After reading through the benefits of brown rice diet I sincerely hope that at least few of you would change your food habits and replace white rice with brown rice. Just give it a try, its worth the effort.