At some point or the other in your life, you might have felt like something is not just right with your body and mind. Here, we are not talking about something clearly noticeable like an upset stomach or a headache but a rather subtle feeling of not being completely fine. Though such a feeling is absolutely normal, it is ignored most of the times and this is a mistake. A simple chakra test can help bring in a lot of clarity for all your problems.

If this feels familiar to the way you ever felt, don’t ignore it. Read on to find out what it is and what you can do about it. We share some useful information about chakras that would help put yourself in a way to a healthier and better life.

Chakra Test – Are Your Chakra’s Balanced – Highly Accurate Test

An ecosystem of energy surrounds every living being and this system is balanced through seven chakras. These seven energy vortexes stabilize one’s energetic ecosystem. If any of these seven chakras are blocked, weak or out of balance, problems start arising in one’s life. The chain is as strong as the weakest link and if any of your chakras are unbalanced, the whole ecosystem gets affected.

If you ever felt like low on energy or an imbalance of emotions, it is possible that you have a chakra imbalance. This means that some of the chakras might be over-active while others are under-active.

Chakras are the energy centers located across the entire body in funnel or sphere shapes. There are seven major chakras located throughout a body in a line from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each of the chakras is associated with different aspects of a person including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Chakra Test

These chakras remain in a constant state of flux and open and close during the course of a day. When you have less conversation in a day, your throat chakra would close if you don’t speak. If you have a down day and criticize yourself, your solar plexus may close. Your heart chakra closes during your breakup period and during a natural disaster, your root chakra gets closed.

Chakras get charged through your connection with the Universe and with the Divine. Stress or physical illness or even emotional problems can often block your chakras. However, when such blockages become serious, the flow of universal energy from and to you stops and this gives rise to more problems.

Identifying what chakras are imbalanced is quite tricky though not impossible. This is where the chakra test proves useful. With the help of this simple test, you can determine by yourself which of your chakras are balanced and which are not. What makes this chakra test so unique is the accuracy and thoroughness of the results.

Here Is How The Chakra Test Is Conducted,

  1. First of all, lie down in a comfortable position and lie still for 5-10 minutes. Let your breath slow down and drive away thoughts from your mind and try to turn your consciousness towards your physical sensations.
  2. Ask your spirit guides to accompany you and provide guidance during this practice. Tell them that you are open to grasp whatever is useful at this time.
  3. Start with the root chakra by allowing both palms to stay close to the area for some time.
  4. Focus on the sensation you feel in the area of the root chakra. These can be heat, cold, humming, buzzing, pulsing or tingling or nothing at all. Pay attention to duration, intensity, and frequency of the sensation. At this step, you should not analyze or judge anything nor should you criticize yourself for not feeling anything. You are just the observer.
  5. After 1 or 2 minutes, move to the second chakra and relax and observe the sensation. Observe whether these sensations are the same as or different from that at the root chakra.
  6. Continue this process until you have examined all the seven chakras.
  7. Then, you can start the analysis. Think whether anyone chakra felt different from others in some way or the other. Analyze if half of them were same and the other half different. Without taking much stress, categorize the chakras as best as possible and do not hesitate to feel the particular chakra once again if you need.
  8. Now, using your intuition power, assess the chakra sensations. Try to get an answer to which sensations were clear and positive and which were negative. Remain calm and wait for the answer.
  9. Your spirit guides would help you understand what sensations denote a free-flowing, open chakra and which ones indicate blocked or closed chakra and based on these indications, you can plan your chakra balancing and healing practice.

Chakra balancing techniques are prevalent for centuries now and today, there are many easy to learn and follow methods to return all chakras to their optimum levels. There are many options available for chakra balancing for different individuals.

Color therapy, essential oils, chakra balancing meditation and visualization methods are some of the effective ways to balance chakras and restore the energy. Such a technique would result in a healthier and stronger energetic ecosystem for one’s body which in return enhances the quality of living across different areas.