The index finger is thought of one of the pivotal fingers in palmistry. The fingers can be used to derive and deduce about a person’s personality or even hobbies, interests, passions and inclinations. The index finger which is also called the Jupiter finger is thought to represent the ‘self’. In general, the index finger indicates personal power, primarily the ability of a person to lead others. People generally tend to use their index finger to express personal power by pointing out at something. This can be clearly seen when one is scolding or quarreling with someone. When this personal power of ours grows to be habitually strong and direct in its direction then, the index finger actually tends to grow longer, stronger, and straighter with time. You should probably start noticing this. The Jupiter finger is said to be a finger of “Personal Power and Leadership Success” and curved index finger imply many characteristic traits.

There are three parts in which the finger is divided, each of which represents some specific elements and aspects of a person’s personality. The index finger is naturally one of the most utilized fingers of the hand, more so in use when people have to hold some objects or a thing. The Indians refer to this finger as the “Tarjani”. Historically, palmists have traced this finger’s association with the ego of a person. This finger clearly depicts the feelings of a person in terms of how he projects himself or herself to the world, in general.

Curved Fingers Meaning 

Curved Fingers Meaning 

A curved finger is the one that shows an evident and decent amount of diversion from the qualities that the finger in general represents. Sometimes the finger which is straight in general still naturally leans towards or away from another finger and that is what describes the current state of it rather than what shall happen in the long term. This leaning of the finger is actually indicative of the fact that it is giving up some of its strength and passing it on to the other. When the length in its totality displays a curve, one finger stands to gains strength from the other.

Curved Jupiter Finger / Curved Index Finger

If we consider the case where the middle and the index finger are wide apart from each other then, then that goes on to exhibit qualities of motivation, self-confidence, and individuality of a person. Such people with curved index finger are independent and unrestrained in their nature.

Only Crooked tip of the finger: This condition has a greater impact on the meaning. It is generally found only on the index or the little finger. It is usually indicative of mental confusion where decision making is a little hampered, thoughts haywire, and quite with intuitive faculties.

Crooked Index Finger

When someone has a crooked index finger, it is a sign of them lacking respect. The palmists however also argue that a person with a curved index finger will be someone who has a large number of hobbies and interests which is certainly a positive attribute. There are a lot of qualities that are discussed in association with the bend. When the index finger of a person away from the middle one i.e. towards the thumb, then that is a sign of an extremely extroverted and ambitious nature. Such people usually love to be at the center of attention of people.

Index Finger Curved Inward

Index Finger Curved Inward

When the index finger of a person bends towards the middle finger, then the possibility that the person might have been a shy child, who wasn’t very good at coping with communication or independence. Such a child may have been dependent a lot on others, especially the family. It can also be a sign of some form of insecurity which can possibly be due to a past of poor economic years. However, such people generally grow up to become pretty self-assertive and ardently serious achievers, working tirelessly towards their goals keeping a dutiful outlook on life.

Furthermore, if the index finger is tilted towards the middle finger, it also indicates a high degree of morbid pride in a person.

In a case when the whole index finger curves towards the middle finger, then that shows that in relationships, such people are prone to be emotionally silent or not feel stable resulting into exposing and exhibiting an extremely possessive or jealous behavior which maybe is detrimental to the bond. However, when only the very tip is bent, then the mental faculties indicate heavy restraint, which shall affect the self-image. If there is a clearly visible gap between the base of the index finger and the thumb then, it is indicative of generosity.

A clearly pronounced gap between the index finger and the middle finger clearly shows that a person posses independence of thought in his mind. If the index finger of your dominant hand appears to belong, protrudes forward, and has pinkish hue beneath it then, you are one who likes to plan things, set goals and naturally lead people. As an ambitious and stringently career-minded professional, you’re naturally pulled towards go-getters just like yourself. You want to get on it and complete it and anyone looking for a free ride and doesn’t want to do a thing or is unable to carry his or her own weight will quickly be ticked off your close ones.

Proportions of phalanges, knots, and nails are also very important in the finger. With a spatula like a fingertip there comes along a lot of individuality, unconventional traits, and novelty in all that’s done. A square tip fingered person is one who is supposed to be far more practical and responsible than other. Round and conical tips of the fingers hint towards adaptable and intuitive behavioral traits. Every detail, including fingerprints, must be taken into consideration while you assess the characters and traits of a person.


Thus, palmistry involves a lot of factors in determining the character traits of a person. The minutest details are of significant importance in determining how the person is. Thus, look closely and carefully.