Dreams are the communication tools between the conscious and the unconscious minds. Dreams are a way to experience the pain and the puzzling emotions in a safe place. Dreams reveal the deepest wounds and the deepest desires of a person. Analyzing one’s dream helps get a better understanding of oneself. Each person is unique and so there is no set of rules or formulas that work for dream interpretation in common. Though dreams can be understood with self-discovery and unfolding of oneself, there are some guidelines that help people analyze their dreams more logically and go deeper into their meanings. Though research indicates that there are benefits to dream interpretation, some believe that dreams contain no symbolic meaning. Dreams about snakes can be extremely disturbing and frightening though snake dreams are quite common.

A lot of people dream about snakes, the most common one being that of being bitten.  However, we believe that the dream you just saw is related to feelings and issues in your daily life. Hence, it is important to interpret the meaning of the snake dream. Dreams about snakes can mean different things to different people, based on the location, type, and activity of snake and the person’s association with snakes. In other words, snake dreams are quite personal. The interpretation can be both positive and negative, depending on many factors which we consider and explain here.

Meaning Of Dreams About Snakes

Just like any other thing or animal, snakes appearing in dreams can correspond to various meanings. Though they arouse a lot of fear in dreamer, snakes are quite complex and multi-layered symbols.

Snake Bite Dream

Dreams about snakes bite are one of the most striking yet common types of snake dreams. Though the dream is likely to leave the dreamer scared and confused about the meaning of the dream, the interpretation suggests snake bike dream to represent a wake-up call or valuable warning regarding life. A snake biting you in the dream symbolizes that you should pay attention to a challenging emotion or situation that you have not yet dealt with.

If you dream of a snake biting you, it means you need to concentrate on something in your life that you have been avoiding because it was uncomfortable or intimidating. You may need to pay attention to harmful words or actions of people around you.

Killing Snake In Dream

If you kill a snake in your dream, it means you are going to find big opportunity to advance over others around you. Killing snake is a positive dream suggesting that you will overcome all the obstacles in your way to success.

  • If you find yourself walking over snakes to kill them, it indicates you need to change your visions.
  • To dream about cutting off the snake’s head denotes that you will find new ways to overcome difficulties.
  • If you dream of being helped by somebody to kill the snake means you are likely to get help from others to do well in your field.

Black Snake In Dream


There are many possible interpretations of seeing a black snake in dreams. The most common meaning denotes dealing with negative emotions like depression or sadness. Black also symbolizes the unknown or the unconscious. The appearance of a snake in your dream can indicate changes taking place in life. A black snake in a dream can represent the following:

  • Deeply rooted instincts
  • The unconscious and the unknown in your life
  • Any personal association with the black color
  • Significant changes in your life
  • Depression, sadness, grieving, negative state of mind

The black snake coming in your dream can be the symbol of rejected aspects of your personality. Such a dream points to a specific dimension that you have been avoiding and that requires being dealt with.

When you see a black snake in your dream, it suggests that you are dealing with unknown drives and hidden desires. It is a call to discover what is driving you and to get in touch with those desires you have been ignoring till now.

White Snake In Dream

Snake in Dream

The image of a white snake in your dream represents the power within you. Such a dream indicates some kind of emotional storm in life. White snake is also considered to be an avatar of God’s messenger and dreaming of white snake can denote excellent luck. Dreams about snakes that are white in color can be interpreted as a symbol of good fortune and winning a lottery.

If in your dream, you catch a white snake, it indicates you may get a lot of money or win a lotto. Such a dream gives a signal of buying lotto.

Dream about killing a white snake is also a good luck sign. It denotes a success of a business or monetary situation. You can take such a dream as a good signal for more income and good fortune.

Green Snake In Dream

Dreams About Snakes

Whenever a person sees a green snake in his/her dream, it generally indicates the resurgence of dreamer’s connection to his self. The meanings corresponding to a green snake appearing in one’s dream are about the earth, nature, going back to the truth. Green color symbolizes feelings and emotions like hope and connections. Seeing green snake in a dream should also represent any personal associations you have with the color.

As the color of the snake you see in your dream is green, it suggests a transformation taking place in your life quite naturally. This can relate to personal growth, discovering new aspects of self or growth in a project or relationship as well. A green snake dream can be related to personal development and inner transformation to a great extent.

Other Interpretations Of Snake Dreams

Snake is considered to be a symbol of wisdom in many cultures around the world. If a dream is interpreted from this perspective, snakes can indicate problem-solving, renewal and good fortune in general. Dreams about snakes always signal transformation. You can expect an inner self-growth, overcoming difficulties and success as indicated by snake dreams of different types. You should take it as an intimation of paying attention to something that you have been ignoring till now.

The classic dream interpretation theory of Freud represents snake dream as a phallic symbol relating to a male energy, male figure or the sexuality experience.

However, we should understand that dream interpretations are much dependent on one’s personal conditions and associations and thinking deeply and closely about your dream should help you find better insights about the meanings a dream applies to your life and personality.