The moon has held symbolic meanings for centuries, for ancient civilizations all across the world. In fact, pretty much all civilizations have worshiped the moon in one form or the other. However, the practice of holding full moon ritual is fast waning in the modern world as we lose our tether to the natural world. The transition from New Moon to Full Moon has always been seen as a sign of personal transformation.

The new moon represents rebirth. You can look upon it and determine to initiate things in life, take big new decisions, to start your life anew. And then at the end of the two weeks once the full moon is up you can make a conscious decision to set free or cast away all the accumulated burdens of the world.

Full moons represent celebration, completion, the end of a cycle. So that you can prepare yourself to start anew. In fact, a full moon can have great impact on your emotional sensitivity and we should be cognizant of those changes coming forth. And furthermore we should harness the energy of the full moon by using the prescribed full moon ritual ideas, to transform ourselves and our lives by purging all the negative energies and moving to light.

5 Full Moon Ritual Ideas To Transform Yourself

So below are listed 5 full moon ritual ideas that can help you move forward, that can help you transform.

#1.  Introspect – Pen your thoughts

Full Moon Ritual- introspect

A full moon has the ability to cast light on an otherwise dark night. It illuminates what seems to be hidden. This is why people generally feel emotional and sensitive during full moons. All of us harbor thoughts and insights, conscious or unconscious. However, the hidden desires and ideas, the ones hiding in the recesses of the mind, they struggle to break free and come to the fore during full moons. This is why you feel so sensitive.

It is helpful to allow those thoughts to come out naturally, to wield a pen as a vehicle to channel them outwards. As you start writing down what you’re thinking you might come to some great conclusions and epiphany about yourself and your purpose.

#2.  Release Negativity – Talk to Moon

Release negativity -full moon ritual ideas

Once you’ve penned your thoughts you might realize that there’s a lot of negative energy in your life that keeps you from being as happy as you wish to be. A great way to cast them out is to simply talk to the moon.

Simply face the moon and start talking your heart out. We all wish that someone would listen to us without casting judgment. This is your chance, you can talk to the moon without any inhibitions, thank the universe for all the blessings sent your way and then release all the negative thoughts and energies from your life. You’ll feel a lot lighter as a result.

#3.  Cleanse Yourself – Do smudging

Cleanse Yourself - full moon ritual ideas

One may cleanse one’s energy using a Smudging ritual. A smudging ritual makes use of a burning sage to expel all negative energies.

First, wave the sage around your body at about a two feet distance. Though you should take some precautions to catch the ashes. As you cleanse yourself speak some incantations about your intentions and how you’d like to expel all negativity.

Following this cleanse your entire house, trusting in your intuition to guide you. Once done open the windows to let the smoke out and let moonlight and fresh energy in.

#4.  Bury a Crystal – Expel negativity

Bury a Crystal - full moon ritual

Use a crystal — or a stone in lieu of that — and with a black marker write whatever you’d like to expel over the stone surface.

Later go to the yard, dig a hole, and bury the stone into it, telling yourself that you wouldn’t let that something take hold of your energy anymore.

#5.  Moonbathing – Get spiritually nourished

Moonbathing - full moon ritual ideas

This is best performed behind closed doors, before open windows, in the full nude. You should lie down in a position so that the moonlight can fall directly over your body.

Lie there for about 20 to 30 minutes and let your mind wander. The sun helps uplift your spirits. But the moon helps awaken your intuition. Soak up the silvery rays and let yourself feel spiritually cleansed and nourished.

So these are 5 potent full moon ritual ideas you could perform to help re-energize you and transform you so that you are ready for your rebirth and to face the coming days with renewed vigor. And let us know if there are other full moon ritual ideas you would like to perform that you think may be helpful. We’d love to hear from you.