UPDATED April 2020 – Popularly called as Garuda Bhagwan and Shri Garudar, Lord Garuda is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu and is the emblem on his flag. Garuda is an eagle and is noteworthy in the Hindu religion. He is the son of Vinata and the brother of Arjuna, the charioteer of Surya. Garuda is popular for his speed. He flies in the sky fast like meteors and the gush of wind created with his wings produces tremor in the mountains. He is depicted to possess a golden body of a mighty man with a white face, red wings and eagle’s beak with a crown on the head. The Garuda Mantra or Garuda Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to Lord Garuda.

Garuda has an everlasting hostility to serpents that run away the moment they smell his presence. The Garuda Mantra invokes the bird form of the Divinity to eradicate all fears and anxiety. It was composed and sung by a scholar known as Venkatesa to please Lord Garuda.

Garuda Mantra Benefits

Garuda mantra Benefits

There are numerous benefits of chanting the Garuda Mantra. It eradicates the fear of poisonous reptiles and snakes. It is believed that chanting this mantra with devotion helps remove all diseases and ailments like the viral fever and even poisonous bites.

Garuda Mantra can be recited to eliminate black magic, evil eyes, and negative energies. Those who are affected by sarpa dosha can chant this mantra to worship Lord Garuda. This mantra also helps you thwart off any ill effect of accidentally killing a snake.

It is believed that cancer and tumors are caused by curses of snakes and thus, it is advisable for those who are diagnosed with such illnesses to pray to Lord Garuda for relief from such death causing diseases.

According to Hindu religion, praying to Lord Garuda before Lord Vishnu speeds up the prayers and effects. Lord Garuda can be worshipped for an increase in confidence and courage and removal of all kinds of fears.

Some other benefits of reciting the Garuda Mantra are:

  • Relief from skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, lupus, dermatitis, fungal infections, rosacea and more
  • Safe and worry-free travels and trips
  • Relief from the fear of unknown and anxiety
  • Chanting the Garuda Mantra regularly with devotion blesses the devotee with Vahana Bhagya that gives him the ability to purchase the vehicle of his choice

Chanting The Garuda Mantra

The best day to start reciting the Garuda Mantra is Garuda Panchami or any Paksha Panchami Tithi. The mantra can be chanted at any time on any day. However, the best time to practice the mantra is early morning. It can also be chanted during the Rahu Kala in the day. The mantra can be repeated for a minimum number of 11 times. You can chant it for 108 times or 1008 times. Anybody can chant the mantra without any restriction of age and gender. You can use a picture of Lord Garuda or the yantra to chant the mantra.

When a person gets Garuda darshan in the sky, he can recite the mantra to get better blessed. One can sit in the North East or East quadrant of the house to chant the mantra. It is advisable to face the East direction while practicing the Garuda Mantra. You can use japa mala made using Tulasi or quartz while reciting the mantra.

Lord Garuda Mantra

Lord Garuda Mantra

Garuda Gayatri Mantra:

Om Thathpurushaya Vidhmahe

Suvarna Pakshaya Dheemahe

Thanno Garuda Prachodayath


I offer my salutations to the great living being, Oh, the bird with golden wings, bless me with higher intellect and let the Lord Garuda illuminate my mind.

Sri Garuda Dandakam:

Nama: pannaganaddhaaya vaikunta vasavardhineh
Sruti-sindhu Sudhothpaada-mandaraaya Garutmathe


I bow down to Lord Garuda who has beautiful wings. His limbs are adorned with mighty serpents which he won in battle. They are his ornaments. Garuda is always devoted to the God and his service.

Garudamakhila Veda NeeDadhirooDam Dhvishath Peedanothkantithaakunta
vaikuntapeetikrta skandhameedhe SvaneeDaa gatipreetha Rudraa Sukeerthi
sthanaabhoga-gaaDopakuDa sphuratkantakavraata veda vyataavepamaana
dhvijihavaadhikalpa vishppaaryamaaNa sphataavatikaa ratna rochischataa raaji-
neerajitham kaanti kallolinee raajitam


Lord Garuda has designed the Vedas to be his cage. Lord Narayana sets out to destroy the enemies of his devotees and uses shoulders of Garuda for conveyance. When they set out on the mission, the wives Rudrai and Sukreethi miss his presence. Upon completion of the mission, Garuda returns home and embraces the wives with affection. In such a state, the hairs on his body turn thorny and hurt the serpents wrapping his body. They raise the hoods and the ratnas on the hood radiate brilliant red rays at the time when the mangala Aarti is offered to Garuda.

Jaya Garuda Suparna Darveekaraahaara Devaadhipaahaarahaarin diwowkaspati
Kshipta Dambholi Dhaaraa kinaakalpa Kalpaantha Vatoola Kalpodhayaanalpa
Veerayithoodhyacchamatkaara Dhaityaari Jaitra Dhwajaarohanirdhaaritothkarsha
Sankarshanaatman Garutman Marutpanchakaadheesa Sathyaathimurthe na Kascchit
samas te namaste punaste nama


O Lord Garuda, you have been named as Suparna as your wings are so beautiful. Large serpents become your food. It was you who brought nectar from Indra Loka to free your mother from the bonds. At that time, Indra became angry and threw a weapon at you whose sharp edge hurt your wings and the body. Those wounds look as ornaments on your body and prove your bravery. You sit on the flag of your God representing his victory over the enemies. You have divided the self into five parts and matched them with the five vayus. O Lord with beautiful wings, there is nobody equal to you. I offer my prayers to you and repeat my salutations.

Nama Idhamajahath-saparyaaya Paryaaya-niryaata- pakshaanilaasppalanodhvela
PaToti Veechi- chapetaahataagaadha paatala Bhankara sankruttha nagendra
peetaasrunee bhaava bhasvannakhasreNayE chandatundaaya nrtyat bhujanga
bhruve vajrine dhamshtrayaa thubhyam Adhyaatmavidyaa vidheyaa vidheyaa
bhavath dhasyamaapaadhayeta dhayaTaasccha meh


O Lord Garuda, scholars offer their worships to you. Your wings create mighty winds stirring all the oceans and making them flow over the boundaries. Waves rising and falling from the powerful winds reach down the netherworld and the entire effect is quite violent. The mighty elephants shiver with the sound and run to attack you and your sharp nails attack them. You have a mighty beak that creates terror among the enemies. Your knot of brows resembles the movement of a cobra’s hood. Your teeth look like the vajra weapon of Indra. I offer my salutations to the glorious Lord. Bless me with compassion so that I can have good fortune.

Recitation of Garuda Mantra confers multifold blessings on the reciter and fulfills the hearty wishes of all the kinds. If one chants the mantra with devotion on daily basis, he would start noticing changes in his life. The devotee gets rid of all the enemies and gets increased confidence and power. His fears and anxiety disappear as he practices the powerful Garuda mantra.