The Gyan mudra is a hand symbol practice in different forms of meditation and yoga. It has been in existence for thousands of years beginning from the historic ages. The Gyan mudra is also known as the “Mudra of knowledge”. Other names for Gyan mudra include Vayu-Vardhak mudra, Jnana Mudra, and Dhyan mudra.

The practicing of the Gyan mudra is very beneficial for the physical body and mental health. It provides spiritual calmness and peace to the mind and body alike. This mudra has been practiced by many prominent figures and could be seen to be shown by Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak and Mahavir. Practicing the Gyan mudra helps to instill wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. It is therefore very beneficial for any practitioner.

Gyan Mudra

The Gyan mudra is done by connecting the thumb and the forefinger together from tip to tip. The other fingers will be relaxed and straight while the pressure is felt only between the thumb and forefinger. The Gyan mudra is the prime mudra out of all the mudras. It is believed to increase the element of air and Vata Prakriti within the human body. Therefore this mudra is full of health benefits to the body.

Gyan Mudra Benefits

The Gyan mudra could be practiced for its healing properties as follows;

  • If you are facing problems such as extreme dullness, lethargic feeling, loss of memory or a lack of consciousness.
  • When you are flushed with feelings of extreme drowsiness, nervous disorders or fatigue.
  • When faced with diseases such as Alzheimer’s or similar.
  • When suffering from Hypopituitarism, Hypothyroidism, Hypoparathyroidism and Hypoadrenalism.
  • When suffering from muscular disorders, respiratory paralysis, facial palsy etc.

The Gyan mudra is beneficial in treating all of the above weaknesses, diseases and negative feeling and much more. It is a very helpful and positive addition to a person’s life. Whether or not you are suffering from any weakness, disorder or illness you should add the practice of the Gyan mudra to your life in order to enhance the quality of life. It is a very positive act to add to your life and brings no harm whatsoever.

Gyan Mudra Benefits

The Gyan mudra help to ease tension in the heart, nervous system and muscles etc. It is well known to stimulate the brain and help its proper functioning. Hence the fact that this mudra helps especially in the disorders related the nervous system. This mudra empowers the mind and the pituitary grand as well. As a result, it helps to increase concentration and hence results in more knowledgeable and intelligent human beings.

Variations of Gyan Mudra

The following are the different variations available of the Gyan mudra:-

#1.  Abhaya Gyan Mudra – To overcome fear

Abhaya Gyan Mudra - Gyan Mudra Variations

This mudra helps the practitioner to develop fearlessness. It helps the practitioner get rid of feelings of anxiety, fear and the related stress occurring from the same. The mudra helps to ease the mind and calm it so as not to get affected by facts such as fear. The mind would thus be able to overcome the negativite impacts that fearfulness and anxiety could bring along.

#2.  Vairagya Mudra – Calms mind

Vairagya Mudra  - Gyan Mudra Variations

The Vairagya mudra is more suitable and equally practiced by people following the spiritual path. It helps you realize the limits of the worldly things and how fragile our minds and body could become when caught to the worldly matters.

This mudra brings peace to the practitioner and helps them in their path to spirituality in getting rid of the material things. This mudra makes the practitioner think of life in a more high-level manner. Hence most negative habit among humans are eliminated as a result of this mudra.

#3.  Purna Gyan Mudra – To attain knowledge

Puran Gyan Mudra - Gyan Mudra Variations

The Puran Gyan mudra is a mudra that is more focused on gaining knowledge and intelligence. The practice of this mudra brings the person a vast amount of knowledge and intelligence which helps the person when dealing with any situation.

It is extremely beneficial to many people as anyone would strive for knowledge and intelligence based on whichever field they are working in.

#4.  Dhyan Mudra – To progress in meditation

Dhyan Mudra - Gyan Mudra Variations

Dhyan mudra is very beneficial to get a fast progress in the practice of meditation in general. This mudra will help the practitioner learn more about Gyan mudra and also help him in continuing the practice of the mudra through meditation.

Frequently practicing meditation and related activities will help the person in the long term, whether it be physically or mentally.

The Gyan mudra and its related mudras have all proven benefits to practitioners. So it is important that more people get to know about these types of meditation and use them to their wellness by practicing them regularly. Initially, it may take some time to get used to doing it correctly and to keep doing it regularly as a practice. But as the saying goes “practice makes it perfect”. So you should not give up easily and always strive to work hard in achieving the goal of meditating and practicing the Gyan mudra. It is good if you can make use of all the variations of the Gyan mudra explained above as it will give you the maximum benefit. As you can see, each mudra has its own use so the more you do the better and more expanded area you are exposed to.

As you have learned through this article many religious leaders have practiced this mudra. You could see many pictures and sculptures of these religious figures, showing the use of the Gyan mudra. This shows that this mudra has played a major role in their earthly lives and that it is a reason for them to be so good at remaining calm and fearless. The well-known religious leaders such as the Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ are known to have overcome many dilemmas. They had to undergo an unimaginable amount of trouble by enemies at their time, which cannot be even thought of in today’s world. However, they have all overcome these negative effects in a very wise manner. The practice of calming the mind and ease of tension and anxiety has helped them in achieving this. The Lord Buddha has preached his followers to meditate and calm your mind. Free it from anger and all the negative powers.

So now that we know what is the Gyan mudra and the benefits it brings to people, along with many other facts about the Gyan mudra and its variation, it is important that we strive to put this knowledge into practice. It is also good if word on this can be spread among people as it is something that is very much needed in today’s world which is full of so much of negativity.

Also, do let us know if you practice the Gyan mudra or any of its variations as given above. Is there any other form of mudra you put into practice during your meditation or yoga sessions? Please do let us know about them as we would like to get to know how it affects positively to your life and how you benefit from it. Feel free to leave your comments on the above topic and any others things worth mentioning which you would like to add apart from the information given above.

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