UPDATED – April 2020 Kleem Mantra is a very powerful Beej (seed) Mantra used as a key to unlock subtle forces. A spiritual method practiced by Hindus, Buddhists, and other religions since ancient times, to create love. It is one of the most ancient and powerful mantras used to attract lavishness into one’s life. This chant works by appealing the supernatural powers to bestow their help in life.

Kleem is a Sanskrit mantra consisting of four phrases – ka, la, ee, m. The meaning of Ka is the cause, la stands for the external body, ee is related to the casual body and m is for perfection. Thus, Kleem is for attaining the perfect balance between casual body and gross body to experience higher states of consciousness. The meaning of Kleem is Maha Kali.

Goddess Kali is the fearful, potent and fierce form of the Mother Goddess. She is known for destroying all things and attracts humans, gods, and goddesses.

Kleem Mantra Power

Kleem Mantra is considered to be extremely powerful. The complete mantra is “OM AIM HREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDAYE VICHCHE ” and the meaning is that the worshipping Goddess Durga eliminates the effects of every type of bad luck, black magic, health problems, effects of enemies and negative planets.

Kleem Mantra Results

Attracting people

This is the best mantra to attract people of opposite sex. This chant has the ability to connect the practitioner to the universe. It helps the person achieve his desires. When you start reciting this mantra, you feel that people are more attracted towards you than before. All those people you always desired to connect with start coming to you. They experience a magnetic attraction to you because of this powerful love mantra. If you ever wanted to please a girl or boy, this is the mantra that can make it possible to achieve the person’s attention and love.

Attracting prosperity

If Kleem is recited accurately and habitually, it can bring everything the person always wanted to achieve. Chanting Kleem Mantra with genuine intentions and heart can bring affection, peace, love, harmony, and prosperity to one’s life.

Kleem is a base sound that invokes the desire, affection, and service towards Shree Krishna in any practitioner. This mantra initiates the real freedom of human beings from the worldly bonds of birth and death, desires and wants.

Overcoming illnesses and Negativeness

Kleem mantra can also help the practitioner overcome common health problems like depression, insomnia, and others.

When an individual starts using the Kleem Mantra, he/she is able to discover those aspects which prevent the person from achieving his/her desires. These things can be really challenging and difficult to overcome. However, when you are able to highlight them, it means the chant is working.

Kleem Mantra Benefits

Benefits of this powerful mantra are many. Sincerely reciting this magical mantra on daily basis can earn the practitioner various worldly, mental and spiritual benefits.

#1. Improving Relationships

The most important advantage of Kleem Mantra is creating better relationships. Some people believe that it is not wise to ask God for harmonious relationships. However, people reciting Kleem Mantra request the superior powers for harmony in their relationships. Chanting the Kleem mantra 100 times in a day can cure all the complications in your relations.

#2. Achieving Prosperity

The Kleem Mantra is also believed to attract prosperity by appealing to the desires of the practitioner’s life. Reciting the powerful mantra can bring you rewards in the form of prosperity. The mantra is so powerful that it can get a person almost everything he can think about if practiced properly.

#3. Kleem Mantra for Health

Reciting this mantra with a pure heart can heal numerous diseases including weakness and depression. Those who chant the mantra with sincere motive benefit from an increase in determination, vigor, motivation, and affection. A constant repetition of this love chant can eliminate stress and inner fears completely. It improves the chanter’s overall health by regularizing his blood pressure and sleep patterns.

Kleem Mantra is also known to be capable of attracting infinite energy. The human body is a form of energy too. Thus, those who practice this mantra can attract happiness, prosperity, abundance, relationships, affection, love and material success.

#4. Enhancing other Powers

Kleem Mantra is known to be able to increase the power of other chants. This is because of the red color energy it features. Thus, reciting this mantra before other daily mantras can enhance the powers of those chants.

Does Kleem Mantra Work – Scientific Perception

 Kleem Mantra Benefits

Talking from a scientific approach, repeating any Sanskrit mantra continuously tunes us to a specific frequency which attracts cosmic energy to our mind, body, and surroundings. Everything in the universe has a special resonance emitted from it. Reciting ancient mantras allows us to balance the energies while increasing our own level of the energy system to promote various advantageous actions and events.

Kleem Mantra Results

Kleem mantra, as well as other Sanskrit mantras, don’t have any significant meaning. This is because they are simply base sounds and the results come from their sound effects and not the mantra meanings. This means one should sit down with a silent mind in a calm atmosphere to listen, recite or write down the mantra to get maximum impact.

Kleem Mantra Procedures – When and how much to recite?

Kleem Mantra can be practiced at any time of the day. The minimum number of repetitions required can be about 108 per day. The more you repeat or listen, the faster you experience the results of the mantra and start living a happy life. It works best when this mantra is initiated through any Spiritual Masters as this empowers the Mantra with their Energies.

The best time to chant this mantra is the Brahma Muhurta which occurs at about  3:20 – 3:40am before the sunrise. However, you can recite the mantra before going to sleep too. One should sit with legs crossed and hands placed on the thighs with palms upwards to practice this mantra. Choosing a closed space with no disturbance is ideal.

Kleem Mantra and Karma

Kleem gives desired results based on various factors and one of the major is our Karma, our actions. So, those who want that the love mantra helps them fulfill their desires must improve their actions. If your Karma is poor, Kleem’s results can delay.

So, use the Kleem Mantra to improve yourself and achieve your desires.