An average human being spends about one-third part of his life dreaming. One may encounter a variety of dreams containing objects and consequences from the daily life. Dreams are something out of our control and they give us the chance to interact with other dimensions of our existence. Most of us often wonder what our dreams are trying to convey to us. We try to find the meaning of a particular dream by exploring the online dream dictionaries. Today, we focus on lizard in dream. Though this type of dreams is less common, lizard dream meaning can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

Lizard In Dream Meaning

Lizard Dream Meaning

Lizard in dream is actually a reflection of how we perceive life. Lizards are the animals with a good perception, they move fast and hear really well. When one sees a lizard in a dream, it indicates that he is planning new things in life and it is the time to consider the possibilities. However, the exact interpretation of a lizard dream is based on the type of lizard, the situation and other details you see in the dream. Below, we present the meaning of the most common dreams about lizards.

A lizard dream in general

A dream about lizard is generally interpreted as a warning. A lizard dream denotes that you might have a conflict with others at your workplace, with some close family members or with enemies. If you have had a lizard dream, be careful about conflicts and quarrels as situations can turn against you.

Seeing a lizard in dream

If you saw any type of lizard in your dream, it means you will change your residence in near future. You are probably a type of person who does not get emotionally attached to a place and keep moving from place to place. Such a dream is about changes and it can mean changing your workplace as well. You might receive a new job offer with higher pay.

Green lizard in dream

green lizard in dream

A green lizard appearing in your dream indicates that you will be facing problems in your life but will find a way to solve them too.

Blue lizard in dream

Seeing a dream of blue lizard symbolizes a peaceful period in life as calmness is likely to come to you in the near future.

Seeing a red lizard in dream

Red colored lizard is a symbol of passion and dreaming of a red lizard denotes how passionate you are about the things you like to do.

Dreaming of a black lizard

Black lizard coming in your dream indicates that you are suffering from a tough situation and you have lots of worries. You are not able to solve your life problems and this is making you desperate.

Lizard attack meaning

If you dreamed that a lizard attacked you or somebody else, it should not be considered a good sign. Such a dream indicates the possibility of being obstructed by someone. The person might hinder you from accomplishing something. This dream may sometimes be a sign of betrayal of trust.

Dream about a crawling lizard

Seeing a lizard crawling in your dream warns you of a sneaky person around you that you should be alert about.

Lizard Attack Meaning

If a person dreams that he attacked a lizard, the dream represents his struggle to trust his instincts and intuition. Such a dream also symbolizes overcoming fears. This type of dream suggests that something is concerning you and you constantly feel that something bad is going to happen to you.

Dream about killing a lizard

This dream has a positive interpretation. If you kill a lizard in your dream, it indicates that you will be successful in solving your problems and you will get out of the difficult situation you are in. Apart from this meaning, the dream of killing a lizard is considered to be a sign of adultery and jealousy. If you are in a relationship, you should be careful as your partner might be cheating on you.

Dream of Iguana attack

Dream of Iguana Attack

Seeing the giant lizard attacking you in a dream symbolizes a big threat from somebody close to you. Such a dream should warn you of staying aware of such a person or a group which might have ill intentions towards you. They might want to destroy you.

Seeing a dead lizard in the dream

A dream about a dead lizard has a negative meaning. This type of dream indicates that you are in a bad relationship with some people close to you. This would make you bothered and unhappy. There is a possibility that your partner deceits you in near future.

Dreaming about a huge lizard

If you see a giant lizard in dream, it is a warning. This dream is a sign that you will soon meet a person with bad intentions. This person would pretend to be your friend but would want to benefit from you and fool you. Take this dream as a warning and be careful about letting anybody come close to you.

Holding a lizard in dream

Dreaming about holding a lizard indicates that you will soon be renovating your house the way you wanted. You will be purchasing new furniture to make your home beautiful.

Dream about petting a lizard

If you dreamed that you were petting or touching a lizard, it is a sign of an impending threat. Something that you are currently working on might turn out to be dangerous to you or others.

Chopping off a lizard’s tail in the dream

A dream about chopping off the tail of a lizard symbolizes that you should pay more attention to your decisions and actions to avoid any mistakes that prove to be harmful to you. Such a dream also warns you of avoiding the situations and places that could put you in danger.

These were some of the most common meanings and interpretations of lizard dreams. If you just saw a lizard around or in a TV show, your dream might be triggered by this. However, if that was not the case, you should try to analyze the type and situation of the lizard you saw in your dream and find out the meaning. It is possible that you are receiving an important message in life.