In history, Merkaba is represented as a vehicle that allows the practitioner to ascend to higher worlds. However, Mer-Ka-Ba is much more than this. It can be just about anything because of it being the basic pattern which created everything and the universe – visible as well as invisible.

The Holy Bible refers to Ezekiel and the vehicle by which Ezekiel ascended to heaven. This is the Merkaba. There is also a reference to Merkaba in the Torah. Here it is represented with two meanings – one is the ‘chariot’, a vehicle and the other is the ‘Throne of God’. The true meaning of Merkaba comes to life when the two meanings are combined together.

Merkaba - Meaning & How To Activate?

Meaning of Merkaba

In Egypt, the primary pattern that created all things was referred to as Merkaba. It is, in reality, three words. Mer means a ‘type of light’ which rotates within itself. Ka means ‘human spirit’ and Ba means the ‘human body’. This way, the meaning of Merkaba in Egypt was a rotating light that takes the spirit and body from one world to the other.

In this modern world, there are many teachers who help people remember Merkaba. It is about starting a process of ascension that takes us from this three-dimensional world into another higher world. Ascension is a process involving the transformation of the human body into light. It can be achieved through meditation which needs complete integration of body, mind, heart, and soul. This integration into a pattern of light transcends the human limitations to reach the higher world. This Merkaba concept of ascension is very old.

A Merkaba is basically a star tetrahedron in the form of 8 pointed stars in three dimensions created out of two triangular pyramids. One of the two pyramids points up and the other points down. The pyramid pointing upwards represents yang, the positive energy flow and connects us to the divine energy. The pyramid pointing downwards denotes yin, negative energy flow and it connects us to the Earth.

Merkabas are the same heavenly light vehicles as used by ancient masters to connect to and reach the higher realms. Literally speaking, Merkaba means light-spirit-body, representing the balanced activation of the three fields.

Merkaba Meaning - Tetrahedron

Technically, Merkaba is an electromagnetic field at around four degrees Kelvin, located in the microwave range. The field of Merkaba is very complex and involves five Platonic Solids with other Sacred Polyhedrons. This field is believed to pass through all universes and is capable of changing its nature from electromagnetic to anything else. Blueprint of Merkaba is found almost everywhere in nature.

One of the roles of Merkaba is to take one’s body and spirit to the next world by acting as a vehicle. But this function and others can be availed only when something changes within the practitioner. Merkaba is located around one’s body like a three-dimensional web which is geometric and non-functional, waiting for the time. Whenever the person remembers and realizes its existence and starts changing one’s aspects, a huge transformation starts growing.

How to Activate and Use Merkaba?

In ancient times, it was believed that Merkaba can be activated using certain principles of meditation involving changes in breathing and other mind-body-heart changes which transform the way the practitioner views the reality. Activation of Merkaba is a beginning of Enlightenment. Merkaba is alive. It is not a purely mechanical field of energy, it is a living field and is able to respond to feelings and thoughts of human beings. This is how we connect to the field. So, it is the human heart and mind that guides the Merkaba. It allows combining the divine energy with your soul to create endless possibilities.

At any specific point in life, a person’s Merkaba field becomes alive. At this time, an electromagnetic change can be observed in the form of an energy disc which comes out from a small place near the spine’s base and expands instantly to around 27 to 30 feet radius around one’s body. Scientific methods can be used to view this disc.

Merkaba - Meaning & How To Activate?

Most people use one of the two methods to activate their Merkabas – active or reactive. Active programming is quite detailed, specific and proactive. One can deflect the negative energy in a room coming from a person with the Merkaba programming. If you want to accomplish a specific task, your Merkaba can reach the Earth’s energy matrix and create this reality.

Female reactive programming for Merkaba is more open than the active one. This method involves the use of instructions like ‘I program my Merkaba to flow easily in this physical Earth and to see that my desires and needs are fulfilled for the good of everybody’.

Meditation with Merkaba

To meditate, sit down, close your eyes and calm your mind.

Activate your pyramids in such a way that they spin in different directions. The male pyramid spins from left to right around your body while the female pyramid spins in the opposite direction. Combined together, they energize your body cells completely. As the pyramids spin, you can see a field of light around your body, growing in size around the force of Merkaba.

Now, breathe in and out, in and then out to create a circular pattern to fuel up your Merkaba.

Think about how you can pattern your Merkaba personally. Focus on your attention and set your intention for Merkaba. Believe that your Merkaba is working on your intentions now without any failure. Then take your focus off the Merkaba and see your surrounding glowing, your body cells turned to their fullest potential and yourself energized.