Moles are the marks that occur in different parts of our body since our birth and stay until the death. Moles are formed due to the planetary influences at the time of fetus formation. The planets start influencing the person right in his mother’s womb. Certain planets influence more and others less. Such influences are the reason behind the formation of moles on the body’s surface. There is a sophisticated field of study on mole meaning and its influence on our lives – Moleosophy.

According to the Indian and Chinese astrology, moles represent one’s destiny. Some people believe that moles are the secret imprints from the former lives, the imprints of past karma intended to ripen in this life, both good and bad. Others say that moles are the messages of fortune and misfortune which reflect the turning points in our lives.

Each mole on different parts of our body carries an important hidden message. If you ever thought about what the mole on your thigh, neck or back means, here is a guide to what these birthmarks tell about your future.

Mole meaning can be interpreted based on their size, shape, color and their place of location on our body.

Moles of green, honey or red color are usually associated with good fortune while black colored moles bring bad results.

Tiny moles which are hardly visible do not produce any results. Big visible moles are considered to have a larger impact.

Moles having square shape produce bad effects in the beginning but bring good results in the end. Long moles produce good consequences.

Triangle shaped moles bring mixed results, bad at times and sometimes good.

Moles with zigzag shape also produce bad consequences. Here we share some information about the effects of various moles based on their location on the surface of the body.

Mole Meaning Based On Mole Location

Mole on the Head

Mole Meaning - Mole on the Head

The moles located on the top of one’s head can be seen only when the head is shaven. If there is a mole on the right side of the head, the person is believed to excel in the field of politics. If the color of the mole is green or red, he becomes a minister. It is possible that the person becomes a leader of any business organization or society. He would enjoy success in every phase of life and a social status.

If the mole is located on the left side of the head, the person will not have sufficient money. He may not get married and spend his entire life roaming. He is supposed to live a spiritual life. He can have interest in literature. If one has a mole on the back of his head, it represents weakness related to ladies. This type of person remains attached to his wife. He would earn money but would not have name and fame.

Mole on the Forehead

Mole on the Forehead - Mole Meaning

If a person has a wide forehead and a mole is located on the right side of the forehead, it symbolizes wealth. The person achieves fame and wealth in his life. He will show devotion towards God and a helping hand towards others.

A mole on the left side of the forehead shows that the person is selfish and is not interested in helping anybody. He will not get respect from others.

Mole on the Eyebrows

Mole on the Eyebrows

A mole in the middle of the eyebrows denotes name, fame, wealth and leadership qualities. Such a person is interested in luxuries and in women.

Mole meaning of a mole located on the right eyebrow is that the person gets married early with a nice lady. He or she is blessed with good fortune in marriage.

A mole on the left eyebrow suggests bad luck. He faces problems in business or job and is not able to use his money wisely.

Mole on the Chin

Mole on the Chin

Having a mole in the middle of the chin denotes determination, tenacity, and stubbornness. Such traits can bring enormous success if channeled well, but can also take a person towards addiction, poverty, and lethargy.

Mole on the left side of the chin means the person is straightforward and people do not like him. In general, they are people who are against authority and organization, they usually excel that allow them to work as individual contributors.

Mole on the right side of the chin denotes diplomatic nature and logical thinking. People with this mole do well as bureaucrats, lawyers and any other job that involves negotiation.

Mole on the Neck

Mole on the Neck

A mole located on the back side of the neck suggests aggressive nature of the person. Usually, such a person is supposed to get involved in anti-social activities, but if this energy is channeled well, you can expect athletes and elite sports stars,

Having a mole on the front side of the neck represents an artistic person with a beautiful voice. Such a person’s life will be settled well after marriage. Such people aren’t very ambitious and often tend to focus on inner peace, friendships and relations, instead of careers and financials.

Mole On The Chest

Mole on the Chest

If a person has a mole on the right side of the chest, it denotes excessive female progeny. Such a person is troubled by financial problems. However, he would receive respect from others.

A mole located on the left side of the chest indicates that the person is clever but unable to maintain relations with friends and family.

A mole in the middle of the chest represents huge financial problems. Such a person has heavy debts but has devotion towards God.

Mole On The Lips

Mole on the Lips

A mole present on the upper lip indicates that the person is good to everyone. He will have weaknesses like luxuries and ladies.

Having a mole on the lower lip denotes that the person has a love for food. He also has interests in theater arts and acting.

A mole located on the inner side of the upper lip means the person is involved in mantras and spiritualism. If a person has a mole on the inner side of the lower lip, he or she will have to beware of addictions

Mole On The Cheek

Mole on the Cheek

Moles on the face that is located on the right cheek indicate a person who is sensitive and respects his parents. He enjoys long life and good health as well as wealth. He loves his family, wife, and relatives.

A mole on the left cheek represents an arrogant and introvert person. Such a person faces problems in his life but lives happily during his sunset years.

Mole On The Back

Meaning of moles - Mole on the Back

A mole located anywhere near the backbone indicates name and fame. The person with such a mole becomes a leader or a minister.

A mole on the left side of the back denotes completion of tasks with diplomacy, while the mole situated on the right side of the back indicates courage and good health.

Mole On The Hands

Mole on the Hands

If a person has a mole on the left hand, he aims to become rich but remains average at money. A mole on the right hand represents a person who is intelligent.

A mole on the elbow denotes success and wealth while a mole on the wrist denotes a poor childhood. Such a person grows up to be a painter or writer and is devotional by nature.

Mole on the Nose

Mole on the Nose

Moles located on the tip of the nose indicate quick temper and thinking. Such people are high at self-respect and usually win others easily. These people can be considered people-pleasers and try to be loved by everyone.

Mole on the Ear

Mole on the ear

A mole situated anywhere on the ear indicates luxurious life and good earning. Expenditure for such a person is uncontrollable.

Mole in the Eyes

Mole in the Eyes - Mole Meaning

Having a mole in the left eye means the person is arrogant and after ladies. A mole in the right eye brings easy money. The person becomes instantly rich out of luck even if he does not work.

Moles on the Eye Lids

Meaning of mole - Moles on the Eye Lids

A mole on the left eyelid denotes a general life while a mole located on the right eyelid brings a lot of wealth. Such a person becomes rich and has inner pride and confidence. He spends money for God.

Mole on the Shoulders

Mole on the Shoulders

When a person has moles on the left shoulder, he is involved in quarrels. Having moles on the right shoulder indicates that the person is courageous and brave and sleeps only after completing the project at hand.

Mole on the Legs

Mole on the Legs

If a person has a mole on the left calf, he undergoes a lot of journeys for business or job. A mole on the right calf indicates success in different ventures. Mole located in any area of ankle and knee denotes a selfish and lazy person without any sympathy for others.

Moles on the Fingers

Moles on the Fingers

Having a mole on any part of fingers is not a good sign. It indicates obstacles. People having moles on fingers become dishonest.

Mole on the Stomach

Mole on the Stomach

A mole on the left side of the stomach denotes a jealous person interested in easy earning. A mole located near the navel indicates a person loving luxurious life.

He is often loud-mouthed. Moles towards the right side of the stomach represent the weakness of ladies and good earnings.

Mole on the Tongue

Mole on the Tongue

A mole on the middle of one’s tongue represents hindrances in education. Such a person faces a lot of health problems and does not talk fluently. If one has a mole on the tip of the tongue, he can easily convince others with his speech.

Hope you enjoyed the article and now have got an idea of the mole meaning based on the location, color, and shape of moles on different parts of your body.