India is a land of mysterious places. Many of them are explored while others are yet unknown. One of the most popular mysterious places in India is the beautiful Nidhivan located in Vrindavan in Mathura district. Nidhivan is a holy temple also known as the temple of Bankey Bihari situated in Vrindavan where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days.

Lord Krishna

Also known by the names Kanha, Murlidhar, Leeladhar and Giridhar temple, Nidhivan is a sacred temple of Lord Krishna who is believed to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Most part of this temple is surrounded by huge dense forests. The name of the temple is derived from two parts – Nidhi meaning treasure and Van that means forest. This place is very beautiful with greenery all over. A special thing about this forest is that all the trees found here are hollow with their branches twisted downwards. Moreover, the trees remain green throughout the year despite the land being dry.

Nidhivan – The Mystery

There are many myths and stories associated with Nidhivan – the Land of God. It is believed that Lord Krishna himself visits the place every night and performs Raasleela with Radha and gopis. After the evening aarti, the temple is closed until the next morning. The entry to human beings is restricted after evening. Locals have reported having heard the ‘ghungroo’ sounds at night. It is also believed that the trees around the temple light up in the night to welcome Shri Krishna. Nidhivan Vrindavan at night is highly dangerous and night stay is completely prohibited. Those who have stayed back after sunset have either turned blind, mad or found dead. The person is not able to disclose the night activities to anybody in the morning. The locals and the people staying nearby are well aware of these miracles of the Lord.

Another mystery associated with the Nidhivan temple is the size and shape of the trees surrounding the temple. These trees have short height and are intertwined with one another. All the trees have the same shape and size. People believe that the trees are Gopis and the special shape represents the love and bond between them. There are no birds, insects or nests in these trees. The holy place with these trees is considered to the favorite of Krishna.

Nidhivan - Trees

After the evening aarti, priests put saree, bangles, sweets, paan leaves and other beautifying items in the temple and lock it. In the morning when the gates open, everything is found scattered, paan leaves are seen chewed and sweets tasted. It is believed that Lord Krishna and Radha rest in the temple after the Raas Leela.

People say that the love and devotion of the residents of Vrindavan force the God to visit the place every night. There is sufficient proof to say that the Lord actually resides in the Nidhivan temple.

Many scientists and historians have visited the place to unlock the mystery but came back empty-handed, convinced that the place really belongs to the Lord.

There are some more stories associated with the Nidhivan Vrindavan temple. Once upon a time, young Krishna was playing the game of hide-and-seek with his friends in this forest. Krishna hid himself behind a mountain and played his flute. It is believed that the large mountain melted into a piece of rock hearing the sweet flute.Today, the footprints of little Krishna with his calf can be found on the mountain.

In this area, there is also a small well. It is believed that Radha felt thirsty while performing Leela and Lord Krishna built the well using his flute to quench her thirst.

Nidhivan – Vrindavan Temple

Located in the holy city of Vrindavan in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, Nidhivan is a beautiful temple of Lord Krishna with an attractively decorated statue of Radhe-Krishna. It is situated near Shri RadhaVallabh Temple and is one of the seven temples of Thakur of Vrindavan. This is the only temple where no loud bells are used to wake up the God in the morning. No bells are used for Aarti too. The Lord is woken gently and not with loud bells. Thousands of followers visit the temple daily and offer their prayers. Priests and devotees are seen chanting mantras to make the place more religious and pure. Those with sincere devotion feel something attractive and amazing about this place. Chirping birds and monkeys can be found in abundance in Nidhivan. The park surrounding the temple is covered with Vana Tulsi, small holy trees.

According to a myth, Swami Haridas, a divine sage was a big devotee of Lord Krishna and performed severe penance to please the God. The dedicated worship of Haridas had compelled the Lord to appear in front of him. The place of Lord Krishna’s appearance is known as ‘PrkatyaSathal’ and is a great attraction of this holy temple visited by devotees from all across the world.