The secret mantra of abundance transmitted to Dr. Pillai by the Hindu divine Saint Vishwamitra, Om Brzee Mantra is considered to be a miracle mantra to attract prosperity and wealth. Saint Vishwamitra was once an emperor and desired to make everybody in his kingdom wealthy. He resorted to meditation to achieve this and derived the sacred sound of ‘Brzee’ after spending years on meditation.

This mantra has outstanding abilities and powers. It works as a prosperity magnet and carries the powers of abundance. Dr. Pillai paired it with the sound of ‘Shreem’ to combine it with the mantra of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, to create the most powerful mantra for the inner and outer prosperity.

Dr Pillai
Dr. Pillai

Om Shreem Brzee Mantra Meaning

This mantra is made up of two sounds. The first is ‘Shreem’ which is a special seed sound that demonstrates grace, blessings, creativity, surrender, and peace. The sound of Shreem represents the moon’s energy, receptivity, feminine nature and power of the ultimate Goddess Lakshmi, the force behind abundance and prosperity.

The second sound in the mantra is ‘Brzee’ which is a sacred sound revealed to Dr. Pillai by Vishwamitra rishi. This sound works as an ultimate tool to attract wealth and riches. Not only this, the sound is effective at bringing divine light into any soul.

Chanting Brzee Namaha Mantra

Om Brzee Mantra

The word ‘mantra’ has its roots in Sanskrit and is made up of the word ‘man’ which means ‘mind’ or ‘think’. ‘Tra’ translates to ‘tool’ or ‘instrument’. For many of us in the modern world, chanting a word or phrase again and again aloud might not be possible. For those people, listening to the recorded mantra is recommended. However, chanting the Om Brzee Mantra regularly and repeatedly can shift one’s vibration to that of abundance, wealth, inner and outer prosperity and beauty. With regular use, this mantra destroys scarcity in every form of the practitioner’s life and consciousness.

One can make use of the opportunity to receive one-on-one initiation into the mantra from a teacher at Pillai Centers located in big cities. It is also possible to exercise the power of the mantra using a yantra which is programmed for effective access to the mantra. Alternatively, you can consider writing the mantra specific number of times to let it sink into your consciousness and transform the energy into a positive one.

Om Brzee Mantra – Benefits

The sacred sound is aimed at helping people attain financial freedom as that’s what most of us strive for each day. Chanting the miraculous mantra of ‘Shreem Brzee’ can bring wealth, prosperity, health to one’s life and solve problems related to money and relationships for a harmonious and peaceful life. This is the exact use of Sanskrit mantras practiced by millions of followers across the world.

Regular recitation of the mantra allows receiving beneficence and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. It enters the core of the practitioner’s inner self and purifies the negative karma. Moreover, repeating the mantra on daily basis with pure intentions eliminates all forms of scarcity and poverty from the life and consciousness and increases one’s positive karma or merits to transform every aspect of his/her life.

This mantra helps the person please Goddess Lakshmi and forms a clear channel of communication with her. It is a great tool to ask for blessings from the Goddess of fortune and prosperity. People have experienced magical results with the regular chanting of the ‘Shreem Brzee’ mantra. The mantra really works for those who practice it with pure motifs and belief. It is effective at eliminating poverty and brings prosperity and abundance, solving all the financial and personal problems.

It is recommended that the Om Brzee mantra should be chanted 108 times or 1008 times on daily basis to attract wealth. Another method is to listen to the recorded mantra. Dr. Pillai suggests setting a goal to recite the mantra 1,000,008 times over a specific period to unleash its complete powers.

On To Our Readers

Many people have witnessed miraculous results and changes in their lives after consistently chanting this mantra over a number of days, and that being said its very much natural to be skeptical about such claims. If you’ve tried this method it would be great to hear your experiences during and after chanting it for a number of days.

Please share your experience, results, and suggestions if any using the comments section below, it would be of great help to seekers and practitioners from around the world.