I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who just LOVE Ghostbusters, and I’m sure there are a lot more people still who grew up watching Supernatural and following Dean and Sam’s eternal ghost hunting bromance, before finally breaking off of that obsession and addiction, hopefully. However, surely stuff like this has left a ghost sized hole in your heart that is just craving fulfillment but failing to find a permanent solution. Paranormal research can be a very fulfilling hobby which can free you from all your fears, but also something that can scare you for life!

Well the truth is, chasing paranormal activities isn’t all that glamorous, but it most definitely is a thing you could invest yourself in if you so pleased. Just ask Gaurav Tiwari, the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, him along with his team dedicate themselves to the investigation of possible paranormal events.

paranormal research

While they say that 90% of the cases just turn out to be a case of psychology or mythological projection with a scientific reason, there are some cases which come up once in a while truly defying reason. That doesn’t mean they dedicate their lives to breaking in and out of hell and purgatory on an annual basis, but it is still a hopeful sign for those of you who are interested in engaging with the Paranormal realm in even the most modest of terms.

For those of you who are serious about Paranormal Research, beyond the simple level of conducting a Seance, here’s a couple of ways in which you can go about it.

Tips To Start Paranormal Research

Here are few tips that will surely get you started with your passion of paranormal research.

1. Mr. Tiwary’s Indian Paranormal Society runs the Ghost Research & Investigators of Paranormal (GRIP) academy to which you could enroll yourself. For a three month course it takes anything between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 75000, and apparently the academy boasts having over 3700 “graduates so far!”

2. You must have a scientific temperament. Even if you chose to take Ghostbusters as your model, which you shouldn’t, you’d realize that there’s probably lot more science involved in Ghostbusting than the deceptive name would suggest. You need to be able to think critically, and try and eliminate scientific causes for an occurrence first.

3. You must be well equipped with the proper electronic gadgets to be able to gauge changes in environmental factors. More than that, you need to be able to understand which changes are ‘natural’ and which are potentially ‘paranormal’ in nature.

Some of the more popularly believed indicators of paranormal activities are a rapid fluctuation in the Electromagnetic field, for which there are special instruments.

4. There’s also strange voice recordings, called EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon.) Other important instruments involve Accelerometers, Video recorders, Sound recorders, Infra-red video cameras, thermal cameras, spectrum analyzers and Magnetometers.

paranormal research

5. Researchers often make the mistake of letting preconceived notions guide their science, and make no mistake Paranormal activity tracking is a science like most things, albeit an unexplained one, as of yet.

As such, you have to go about every activity with an open mind, collecting empirical evidence, using the rule of negation to cross off all ‘natural’ explanations, and thus edging your way to a conclusion, rather than jumping to one without proper investigation because it concurs either with your personal research or your personal belief system.

6. Read plenty of books, and take courses and when doing so be wary of how it’s selling itself. Meaning, if the book or the course veers too much towards theatrics, and relies too heavily on pop culture infiltrated ideas of the paranormal, it’s most likely just that – theatrics.

If you are really serious about this you may want to read some books first, like “Evidence of Afterlife: The science of Near-Death Experiences” by Jeffrey Long and other similar titles. However, be warned these might not make the most overtly thrilling reads of the jump-scare sort.

7. Finally, it’s also a good idea to go on a Haunted house tour around your locality or in your country. Now this does not mean you hop aboard a bus marketing ‘Haunted’ locations as they’re most likely to be simple marketing ploys.

You would have to engage in serious research about places with strange stories lurking behind them, investigate their histories and visit them. If there’s any monetary transaction involved in one of the places you’re visiting it’s likely fake. If it seems too ‘obvious’ it’s probably fake. However, if you persevere and remain patient, it might just pan out.

These tips will surely get you started on Paranormal Research, but how you proceed on further is up to your experiences and interest.