The name Prana Mudra itself stands for “the energy/spirit of life.” Prana is actually the most important of all the energies in the human body used to sustain life and nature. As such the Prana Mudra techniques are one of the most important mudras in a vast range of spiritual practices and cultures.

It is generally used in order to activate the prana/ chi/ energy held within the body, to set an individual free and make them more revitalized. In this article we’ll be discussing what the Prana Mudra is, how and when it can be performed and what are its resultant benefits. You’ll see once you start engaging in Prana Mudra your quality of life will be so enhanced that you would never want to stop.

One of the great things about the Prana Mudra is that is doesn’t demand much from a person. Usually, people are turned off from the idea of performing yogic or spiritual exercises because they think it takes up too much time or energy or that there are too many rules involved. However, while those practices have their advantages and if you really want to immerse yourself in that world you should do it, but for beginners the Prana Mudra is actually enough to purge your energy.

There is no specific time when you need to this, and as such you can do it whenever you get some stray bit of time. Furthermore, you can engage in this either in a group or privately, both are perfectly okay, all that is required is that you have peace and quiet around you.

Prana Mudra Techniques and Benefits

Here are some of the Prana Mudra Techniques and benefits if you practise them well everyday.

Prana Mudra Techniques :

Prana Mudra Techniques

  • Should be experienced by both the hands.
  • The tips of the ring and the little fingers should touch the tip of the thumb.
  • The other fingers must all be extended straight.
  • The purpose of the mudra is to alter the energy flow in your body, thus awakening the inactive energy. As such it is suggested that you should perform this along with deep breathing.
  • The breaths should be deep and regular.
  • The duration of the inhale and exhale should be the same.
  • To track the inhalation and exhalation you can alternately chant ‘so’, and ‘hum.’
  • The whole process should be repeated 20 to 30 times.
  • Once you stop try and center your mind.
  • Your body should feel a tingling sensation, a gentle vibration, and feel as if you’re floating above.
  • As a result, you will feel like you’ve been invigorated and you’ll feel fresh and brand new.

Benefits Of Prana Mudra Techniques:

Benefits of Prana Mudra Techniques

  1. This can take care of all your vitamin deficiencies and you won’t feel like you lack for any vital vitamins. As a result, it can even help you during periods of fasting or diet by controlling your hunger and thirst and the Prana Mudra would provide you all the nourishments you need.
  2. It helps establish the regulatory powers of the mind, and help take care of bad habits such as eating and sleeping disorders.
  3. It can help you become more confident in your attitude and sense of self.
  4. It can help establish an ideal blood pressure and blood flow and as such get rid of obstructions of the vein, thus making you feel rejuvenated.
  5. It helps you feel more active, takes care of chronic fatigue and low energy.
  6. Helps in emotional intelligence and emotional management, becoming more calm and composed as a person.
  7. It helps you develop a strong immune system.
  8. It can help you regain vision, helps get rid of red eye disease or cataract as well.
  9. It helps cure muscle cramps and pain in the legs.
  10. It can help you develop stronger powers of attention.

These are some of the benefits that can come to you if your practice Prana Mudra techniques on a regular basis. So do let us know down in the comments section whether you’ve been able to notice some changes in outlook after initiating this practice of Prana Mudra Techniques. We’d love to hear from you!

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