Tattoos have become more of a craze in the current era. The number of people you would see with tattoos in their hands may vary. Countries in some parts of the world are very popular to be having a large number of people with tattoos whereas in countries in certain areas you would hardly see a soul with a tattoo on. Tattoos can also be done in parts of the visible to the others or in parts of the body not visible to the others. Tattoos also vary greatly in size with it ranging from the tiniest which could hardly be seen to being as large that it could be seen from a distance. There are also tattoos that are only black in color and some with additional colors such as red, yellow, blue etc. They are also done in various designs, including the very popular Viking Tattoos, Nordic, and Praying Hands Tattoo designs.

Tattoos and meanings

Tattoos have a particular meaning to them. It is important that you know what a tattoo means before getting it on you. It is also vital that you decide on where exactly you would want it to be done, that is in which part of your body. Once done a tattoo remains permanent. It can, however, be removed using a specific method which is part of a different process. But there can be scars on the body once removed. Therefore careful consideration should be taken on what kind of tattoo is needed along with the meaning of it and on which part of the body it should be done.

Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

Apart from the fashionable tattoos, there are also tattoos meant for religious purposes. If you want to highlight you piousness or just do it for the sake of the religion, tattoos of praying hands is a good option. It has various designs you could choose from. These styles are more or less based on bible quotes, crosses, angels and rosary beads. Let us discover more about this meaningful tattoo designs and their meanings.

Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

Now, we shall discuss some the origins of the Praying Hands, the types of designs used, and the meaning each one conveys!

The Origin of Praying Hands

Origin of Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

History says the praying hand’s tattoo was presented as a gift to the Mayor of Frankfurt by the German artist Albecht Draurer during the 15th century.

The story of the origin of this tattoo symbol begins in the latter part of the 15th century when Albecht Draurer was a young man of 18 years coming from a poor family which includes 18 children. Therefore their father could not afford to take care of this family of 18 children with adequate food, clothing, shelter and other expenses with his job as a goldsmith. He also took on other jobs in order to provide for his family but did not succeed in it. Both Albert and his brother had a dream of becoming artist which was deemed as a luxury at the time.

The father understood his sons’ dream and thought of making it true in order to make them come out of this life of poverty and begin a new life of prosperity. However, he could only afford to fulfill one child’s dream. So he decided to toss a coin and it resulted in Albert winning the toss. He was such a talented artist that he went on to become one of the greatest artists of the time.

Albert painted the praying hands in order to pay tribute to his brother who could not fulfill his dream of becoming an artist. Due to that, up to this day, the praying hands expresses the same feelings of family and religion and the importance of both.

Praying Hands Tattoo Designs Meanings

There are many meanings to the praying hand’s tattoo designs apart from the origin of it. The praying hands tattoo designs with the palms together symbolizes the quietening of the mind and body. We close our eyes when praying to quieten our minds whereas the closing of the two hands quietens the physical body. It depicts absolute peace and reflection.

Praying Hands Tattoo

There are also different verses inside the praying hand’s tattoo designs. One such verse can be for a loved one, be it a family member, friend, relative or a known person who has left for the eternal life. It can exist as a commemoration for them.

It depicts our prayers and hopes during times of hardships in life. To give strength and comfort during the turbulent times. A ray of hope to hang on long enough come out of it and witness the joys of life.

Even in the other periods of life, it can be used to keep praying for the happiness, wealth, and health of the overall family. Even at a happy an ordinary time of life, praying hands tattoo designs could be done to maintain that spirit.

It is generally the faith, religious belief and comfort that each person wants in life. This could be marked on yourself physically as well as emotionally via praying hands tattoos.

Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

Praying hand tattoo designs are done by parents on themselves in order to get the same done on their children to maintain the family bond. To represent the unity of the family and the continuation of the generation.

Praying hands tattoo designs are also used by people undergoing depressions. It gives a sense of help which will make them rise out of their state of depression.

These tattoos are also done when a close person dies. It is done a part of the grieving process for the passing away of a known or dear person. The person would remain within you forever. He will be in your heart emotionally and through the tattoo physically. It will remind the wearer of the tattoo the moments spent with the deceased person and how important the person is to the wearer’s life.


Each religious tattoo is different from the other. Characteristics differ from one to another. It is vital that you decide what kind of tattoo you want along with what sort of meaning you are referring through the tattoo.  It may take some time and research but it’s worth it.

Be mindful of the religious tattoo when decided to get one. Religious tattoos should be accurate as it is a very sensitive matter to be dealt with. Any mistake in the same could lead to a lot of controversies. At the same time, it could tarnish your image by giving a wrong message which may not reflect your belief and faith.

In order to make sure you get the tattoo done accurately there are a few things that could be done. You should ensure you select a reliable artist with a proper knowledge in praying hands tattoo designs. This could be done by talking with other people you meet who have got religious tattoos done on them. References could also be obtained for this purpose. You can go and meet artists in their tattoo parlors.

It is very important to check if they have got the correct license to do it. This will help you get the best religious tattoo as per your wish and make sure you will be satisfied with it for your life. Remember that getting a tattoo could be a lifetime commitment, especially religious ones. Also, there may not be any turning back once done unless that of which could leave permanent scars. It is therefore very important that you make up your mind clearly with regard to the praying hand’s tattoo designs and which one you want for yourself.

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