“Becoming a MOM” is aptly described as the most beautiful feeling in this world. The first sight of your baby is the most precious and unforgettable moment of your lifetime. But with this is attached a lot of responsibilities and precautionary steps that has to be taken. Every Mother will have a question as ‘what to do for normal delivery’?, but there are no clear cut steps which when followed lead to normal delivery. It depends on too many factors like your previous health records, complications arising during pregnancy and so on. But of course there are few Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery which when followed improves your health during pregnancy and hence helps you in normal delivery. 

Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

  • Pregnancy Diet Chart

Make sure to have a Pregnancy Diet Chart for each trimester.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy. Rather than eating 3 heavy meals, go for light 6 meals a day regime. This will regulate the problem of acidity and heaviness felt during pregnancy. Include lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Soaking dry fruits overnight and having it in the morning as your first meal is very good. Include sprouts in meal at least one time a day. Avoid too much of junk food, spicy food and fried items. Say NO to aerated drinks, alcohol and smoking. Last but not the least drink lot of water when you are pregnant. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day.

Keep your weight gain under check. Gaining too much and too little weight during pregnancy is harmful.

  • Pregnancy Exercises

Exercising during pregnancy is a must for normal and hassle free delivery. Unlike olden days most of us ladies are sedentary workers in this era. Be it at office or at home we all are dependent on gadgets, which has made physical activities almost nil for us. So never forget to make brisk walking and some mild exercises like yoga a part of our day during pregnancy.

Look for pregnancy yoga classes nearby, Yoga has a lot of asana that can relieve you of various discomforts, Yoga can get started before trying to Conceive, continued during Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy as well, Get to know various Yoga poses and breathing techniques, But make sure to do it under the guidance of a professional instructor.

  • Prenatal Yoga Poses

    •  Prenatal care ideally starts at least three months before you plan to conceive, This will help to increase strength and flexibility. It also helps to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques that helps in  more comfortable days during pregnancy and labor. 
    •  The practice of yoga during Pregnancy can help you prepare your mind and body for labor . There are different Yoga poses advised at each trimester.Also the breathing techniques practiced during yoga relieves you of the stress and breathing difficulties associated with pregnancy
  • Post Pregnancy workout

    • The post pregnancy workout focuses on regaining your abdominal strength, by conditioning the abdominal muscles and it also boosts your energy level.
  • Routine Health check ups

However, busy you are don’t forget your monthly check up with doctor. Each month is critical during your pregnancy and there are chances of complications coming up. So be regular with your gynec appointments and tests advised. In case you feel anything abnormal during the course of pregnancy do consult with your doctor.

  • Pregnancy Procedures -Awareness

Be aware of the procedures involved during normal delivery. Read or talk to your gynec and get all your doubts cleared before you go to labor. Keep away from the horror stories related to labour. Face your delivery with lots of positivity and happiness.

  • Entertainment During Pregnancy

Indulge in entertainment activities that relieves you of your stress and fills positive energy. Try to avoid books or movies that has lots of violence or is depressing. Look for pregnancy music free download and listen to the soothing music. 

Spend as much time as possible with your spouse. This fills you with positivity.

.Pregnancy Tips: Spending Quality Time with your Partner

Meditation during pregnancy and chanting mantras during pregnancy is also a good technique that you can practice during pregnancy to relieve the stress, anxiety and depression caused during pregnancy.

Try to avoid taking too much of pressure in office as that can lead to stress and fatigue.

  • Keep your support system ready

Keep the support system planned for post-delivery ready well in advance. This keeps you tension free and go to labour with a cool mind. 

In short the Pregnancy tips for normal delivery is following the right pregnancy diet, leading an active life, including Yoga and Meditation routine throughout and being happy and positive during pregnancy.

Keep smiling your baby is watching you!