UPDATED – May 2020 One of the nine planets that rule the world of astrology, Rahu is also recognized as the north node. Rahu plays an important role in our destiny and luck, it makes sense to try and keep it encouraging by chanting of the sacred Rahu Mantras. According to mythology, Rahu is a demon who deceptively tried to drink the nectar, churned out of oceans in the guise of a deva. He was detected by Sun and Moon who informs this to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu therefore, separates Rahu’s head. By then, Rahu will have drunk a few drops of nectar. Hence his head remains. He is supposed to wreak his vengeance on sun and moon.

Rahu is believed to be the head of a demon called Svarbhanu which is strong enough to swallow the sun and the moon during eclipses. It is represented as a serpent without a body, riding a chariot drawn by black horses.

The effects of this graha or planet on one’s horoscope have mixed influences, both negative and positive according to its position, its alignment with other grahas and the attributes of the person’s birth chart. When favorable, Rahu has the power to bestow success and material wishes like fame, wealth and recognition on an individual. The positive influences of Rahu include helping the people gain social status, power, and position in the society. However, when unfavorable, this planet can affect one’s luck and destiny negatively. Afflicted Rahu brings ailments related to ulcers, intestinal problems, spleen, heart issues, psychological disorders, acidity, phlegm and boils.

There are numerous advantages of having a favorable Rahu in the birth chart. A favorable Rahu can bring quick success and wealth to anybody. Making the graha favorable is beneficial during physical ailments and illness. Rahu, when favorable, helps bounce back from poor conditions and fulfills material desires one may have like purchasing vehicles, land, ornaments, and assets. When Rahu is favorable in one’s horoscope, it keeps relationships smooth and helps achieve success in any relationship. Those who are into business can see their business growing fast by making Rahu favorable. It opens doors to new opportunities which one may have never thought of. People who wish to enter the field of politics can find great ways to make themselves influential, near and far by pleasing Rahu.

There are a number of ways to minimize the unfavorable effects of Rahu in the birth chart and to maximize the good influences of the planet. The first thing one should do is abandon bad habits and be good to others. One should stop acts of drinking, smoking, and killing of animals for meat and be honest in day to day life. Being helpful to people around and involving in charity deeds can help better in this aspect.

There are some mantras which help please Rahu Graha and avoid negative influences of its presence on one’s horoscope. Chanting these mantras can help the practitioner overcome troubles and help him achieve stability and balance in life.

The Rahu Mantra

Rahu mantra

Om Raa(n) Rahave Namaha II

This mantra is a powerful mantra to help get the mercy of Rahu. The mantra is believed to have the power to change one’s destiny extremely fast.

Benefits of the Rahu Mantra

  • Elevates one’s social status and brings amazing powers to the individual.
  • Removes obstacles in the way of one’s success while removing the fears.
  • Turns enemies into well-wishers and friends.
  • Eliminates any problems caused due to the undesirable position of Rahu in one’s horoscope.

The ‘Rahu Beeja Mantra’

Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namaha II

Meaning: The beej mantra is composed of sounds corresponding to the wavelength of the planet Rahu.

Gayatri Mantra for Rahu

Om Sookdantaya vidmahe,

Ugraroopaya dhimahi,

tanno Rahu Prachodayat II

Regular chanting of this mantra gives peaceful mind and keeps you away from evils, making you healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

Shanti Mantra for Rahu

Om Rahuve Devaye Shaantim,

Rahuve Kripaaye Karoti,

Rahuaaye chamaaye abhilaasht,

Om Rahuve Namoh Namah II

Meaning: O Lord Rahu, I bow down to you and pray to you to pardon my sins and reward me with blessings.

Other Mantras

Ardha-kayam mahim-viryam chandraditya-vimardanam

Simhika-garbha-sambhutam tam rahum pranamamy ahaim II

Meaning: I offer my prayers to Rahu who is born from the womb of Simhika, he who has only half the body but possesses great power and is able to subdue the Moon and the Sun.

This is the Puranic mantra for pleasing Rahu. It should be chanted 18000 times for visible effects.

Om Dhum Ram Rahave Namah II

Here, the root word is ‘Dhum’ which corresponds to the power of ‘Dhavana Shakti’ associated with saving, hiding and preparing.

Om Raam Rahave Namah II

This is also a Rahu mantra which can be chanted regularly to get energized with powers and achieve success in all the fields.

How to Chant the Rahu Mantra

The practitioner should start on Saturday by reciting any one of the Rahu mantras mentioned here. It is recommended that the chanter recites the mantra for 18000 times within a span of 40 days to notice visible effects. The perfect time to chant this mantra is at night. One can use Sandalwood and blue flowers to perform Puja along with this chanting to please the Lord. The best time to chant the Gayatri Mantra for Rahu is at noon, at dawn or sunset for good results.

The Rahu Mantra ‘Om Rang Rahave Namah’ can be used to balance the Rahu in the birth chart and make him favorable towards you. One can attain fame, success and other worldly pleasures as desired by the regular recitation of this mantra.