Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation is a Kundalini Kirtan Kriya, one of the popular Kundalini Yoga meditations which combine the use of mudras, mantras, and pranayama to seek material and spiritual benefits. Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation is considered to be a powerful tool to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by increasing different aspects of cognitive functions in the practitioner and reducing the levels of stress and improving short term memory.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation is a combination of reciting a mantra while moving the hands through mudra. Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means motion of hands and mantra refers to the repetition of words or phrases. Let us begin by understanding the basis of the meditation, the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra. The sound of the mantra comes from an ancient mantra called ‘Sat Nam’ which refers to ‘true identity’ or ‘true essence’. Some other meanings of the mantra are:

Sa means the beginning, birth, infinity of everything that was or will be.

Ta refers to the existence, life, and creativity that comes from infinity.

Na is for change, death or transformation of consciousness.

Ma means regeneration, rebirth, resurrection that allows experiencing the joy of infinity.

Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meaning

Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra

For using the mantra to meditate, the chant contains three voices. The first is the singing voice that reflects the voice of action. The second is the whispering voice which stands for the inner voice or voice of romantic nature. The final voice is the silence which means reciting the mantra mentally to oneself, representing one’s spiritual voice.

Design of the Meditation

Reciting the basic Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra helps the practitioner realize the true divine nature of oneself. This meditation uses the power of visualization to activate the chakras and the endocrine glands associated with them. The mantra meditation is specifically effective at activating the Ajna Chakra and the Crown Chakra, stimulating the pituitary and pineal glands, the most important glands of the endocrine system. The Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation makes use of the science of Mudras, that is, the positions of hands to complete some circuits of the body. Following are the hand positions used to get the benefits.

Middle finger + Thumb = Focus

Ring Finger + Thumb = Energy

Little Finger + Thumb = Connection

Apart from this, the Shambhavi Mudra is used, in which the practitioner makes use of his eyes to look through the center of the forehead to activate the third eye.

Benefits of Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

Following are the various benefits associated with the meditation of the powerful Sa Ta Na Ma mantra.

  • Increase in psychic powers and intuitive abilities
  • Healing, balance, and upliftment of emotional body
  • Acquiring peace, balance, and tranquility
  • Getting rid of negative traumas, impressions, and emotions
  • Building mental focus and concentration
  • Awareness about one’s own divine nature

How to Perform Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

To do this meditation, one should sit in a cross-legged position. It can also be performed sitting on a chair. Firstly, rest the wrists on the knees with the palms facing upwards and elongate the spine with chin tucked in slightly. Then, close your eyes and turn them upwards as if you are looking through the center of your forehead. This position is called the Shambhavi mudra and should be done as long as it feels comfortable. Whenever necessary, release the position and continue with the meditation, resuming when possible again.

Chant the mantra while following the pattern mentioned below.

For SA, press the index finger + thumb

For TA, press the middle finger + thumb

For NA, press the ring finger + thumb

For MA, press the little finger + thumb

Now start reciting the mantra, slowly repeating the sounds of Sa Ta Na Ma. As you chant, perform the following visualization.

Visualize the sounds of S, T, N, M starting with the top of the head through the crown chakra while visualizing the sound of A and then entering through the Ajna chakra. Continue visualization of this flow and performing the mudra as you chant the mantra in the pattern below.

  • Recite aloud for five minutes
  • Recite in whisper for five minutes
  • Recite in mind for ten minutes
  • Recite in whisper for five minutes
  • Recite aloud for five minutes
  • At the end, sit silently for one minute and let the infinity descend upon you. This makes the total time for the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation 31 minutes.

Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra


Though the meditation looks complicated at first look, it is actually not. The practitioner simply recites the sounds of Sa Ta Na Ma while visualizing the flow through his chakras and performing the right mudra for the sounds. Kirtan Kriya is one of the most effective meditation to perform. So commit to it and enjoy the wonderful benefits of the timeless meditation.