A person’s palm can be used to predict certain aspects of their life and their personality. Palmistry involves reading the palm to tell about the individual’s past, present, and future. One of the biggest uses of palm reading is to learn when you will get married, whether or not you will have a happy marriage, what your future partner will be like, second marriage line in female hand and more.

Five Main Lines on Palm
Marriage Line in hand

The marriage line on the palm helps predict different aspects of marriage and relationships in a person’s life. In this guide, we discuss the meaning and interpretation of the second marriage line present on a woman’s palm.

How Palmistry Predicts the Marriage Times

Most people wish to have a happy and peaceful married life but not all can live happily with their partners for a lifetime. A lot of people face difficulties and crises in their marriage and many even divorce or separate. Palm reading is a good way to find out whether you will live a smooth married life. It can also show second marriage line and how many times you will get married in life or a Divorce Line In Female Hand

The marriage line is one of the most significant lines in palmistry as it can tell a lot about a person’s future. Various details of marital life can be learned by observing the length and thickness of the marriage line, its placement, the presence of splits, and the number of marriage lines. If a person has only one thick, dark marriage line, it suggests that he would get married on time and lead a peaceful and smooth marital life.

There are several instances where the marriage line suggests difficulties in relationship and marriage and a possibility of separation and second marriage. While this is true for both men and women, let us talk about the prediction of second marriage in females with the help of palm reading.

Second Marriage Line In Female Hand – Meaning and Interpretation

The marriage line is the one that runs horizontally below the little finger. This line can suggest if the person will get married early or late and whether the marriage will be successful. Palmists generally consider reading the right-hand palm of women to make predictions. However, experts recommend using the working-hand palm of the person, regardless of gender. So, if you predominantly use your right hand, the right-hand palm should be read to predict the future.

Two Marriage lines On hand

Two Marriage lines on hand

If a woman has two marriage lines on her palm, it is natural for her to wonder whether she will have two marriages. Most people believe that having two marriage lines means they will get divorced and marry again. However, this is not the case. A second marriage line on a female’s palm has its own significance that should be understood in order to predict one’s future marriage life. Moreover, there are some lines and intersections that suggest if the person will have a second marriage in life.

Three Marriage Lines On Hand

Second Marriage lines

Many people have more than one marriage line on their palms. It is easy to think that the number of marriage lines suggests the number of marriages but it is not right. Most of us have two marriage lines. According to palmistry, these people can enjoy a smooth marriage as long as the lines are clear and bold. If the two lines have the same length and run parallel to one another, it is an indication of a torturous marriage. People with this type of line are likely to separate from their partner for a long time and finally reunite.

Second Marriage line in Female Hand

If a female has two marriage lines of different lengths running parallel to each other, it can be predicted that there is a chance of falling into a love-triangle situation. Two marriage lines, not parallel and different in lengths, indicate divorce or separation. Women with such lines on their palms are likely to face a crisis in their married life and need to put more effort to save their marriage.

Signs of Second Marriage for Females

Many believe that the number of marriage lines suggests how many times you will get married. However, the reality is that the number of marriages you will have in life is predicted by studying several details on the palm. Some people with only one marriage line can get married multiple times and some others may have two marriage lines but live a peaceful married life.

Let us look at a few situations that suggest divorce line in female hand and remarriage in females.

If the darkest of the marriage lines is interrupted, there is a chance that you get divorced in life. The number of interrupted parts of the marriage line indicates the number of marriages to some extent. The section which is the boldest and the longest stands for the marriage or relationship that will last.

Another scenario where you can predict two marriages is when two parallel marriage lines of equal lengths divide the area between the heart line and the little finger foot into a trisection. This type of marriage line suggests that you will have a miserable marriage and live separately from your partner though you may reunite in the end.

Second Marriage Line in Female hand

A second marriage line parallel to the main marriage line but shorter than it suggests a possibility of a love triangle or an extra-marital affair in life. The longer the second marriage line, the longer the relationship with the other person. However, people with this type of marriage line are hypocrites and may not easily divorce.

The presence of four or more marriage lines indicates that the female is precocious and popular among men. This increases the chance of a love triangle or extra-marital affair. If these people don’t have a clear main line, their marriage line is likely to be influenced negatively.

Marriage line touching the heart line

A marriage line that declines abruptly towards the heart line shows that the woman’s marriage life will be unpeaceful and difficult to make up. There will be a risk of separation or divorce. If it crosses the heart line or extends further and intersects the lifeline or fate line, there is a greater possibility of having a torturous or failed marriage and you may even divorce.

Indicates Second Marriage Line In Female Hand
Second Marriage Line in female hand

There is a situation where a single marriage line can suggest a miserable marriage. A fractured or broken marriage line indicates hidden troubles in married life. If you have this type of marriage line, you are likely to have disagreements and dissatisfaction with your partner. There will be misunderstandings and a chance of extramarital affairs or separation.

Indicated Second Marriage Line In Female Hand
Divorce Line In Female Hand

An island on the marriage line indicates difficulties in marriage and is a suggestion of incompatible personalities or family disputes. You can expect complications and problems in your marriage if an island is present in your marriage line. However, if your line is thick and straight, your married life may not be affected much. A little extra effort can give you a peaceful and harmonious marriage.

A dropped marriage line in the shape of a hook indicates that the female can get widowed at an early age and get remarried. Apart from these, there are many other combinations of marriage line, heart line, and life line that suggest a second marriage or a divorce.

Other Ways To Predict The Number of Marriages

There are so many signs present on a female’s palm that mean a possibility of second marriage according to palmistry. Let us look at a few of these situations on the palm that denote a second marriage for women.

  • If there are two parallel marriage lines on the left and right hands
  • Two marriage lines crossing one another
  • Double fate lines or two parallel fate lines
  • A fork present on the marriage line
  • Marriage line crossing the sun line
  • Broken fate line under the head line
  • A mole existing on the index finger and the middle finger
  • Presence of many marriage lines on both hands
  • A broken marriage line
  • Double fat line between heart line and head line
  • Too many lines present on the hand and intersections

Apart from these signs, a horizontal ‘x’ sign below the little finger suggests that you are likely to face a complicated relationship and divorce. Another such sign to look for is the symbol in the shape of an ‘8’ made of two circles on the head line or heart line. Women with such a sign on the palm can expect a marriage filled with twists and turns and can get divorced or separated, hence they should be careful.

According to palmistry, the middle finger represents yourself and the ring finger denotes your partner. If your ring finger is somewhat away from the middle finger and near the little finger, you can expect to have a complicated relationship with your future partner and marriage crises. You are likely to get separated and remarried multiple times in life. On the other hand, if your middle finger is close to the ring finger, you will have a happy and peaceful marriage and a loving partner.

Moreover, having a ring finger with well-connected, medium knuckles indicates a happy and smooth marriage. If the ring finger has big knuckles, it suggests multiple marriages with crises and even separation and divorce.


People are generally curious to know what their future partner will be like, when they will get married, and whether their married life will be happy and successful. Palm reading is useful for such people as it is possible to predict these things by looking at the lines on the palm. The placement and characteristics of the marriage line can suggest the future of your marriage to a great extent.

A second marriage line on a woman’s palm can tell a lot about her married life and future partner. While not everybody with a second marriage line gets married twice, the placement and type of marriage lines indicate the possibilities. We hope this guide helps you interpret the second marriage line on your palm easily and understand the signs that indicate the chance of divorce and multiple marriages.