Lord Shiva is the most powerful of the Hindu gods and goddesses. Known by the name Mahadeva meaning the Supreme God or God of Gods, Shiva is believed to be the creator, preserver and the destroyer. He is called by many names like Pashupati, Nataraja, Vishwanath, Shiv Shambhu, Bhole Nath, Bhairaava, Neel Kantha and more. Lord Shiva has a third eye on his forehead which symbolizes destruction when open. The holy river Ganga flows through his hair and he wears a snake around his neck. His weapon is Trishula and Damaru is his musical instrument.

Being the supreme God, Shiva is the most favored among devotees and yogis. Millions of people across the world worship Lord Shiva with devotion. In order to reflect the spiritual belief, people go for Shiva tattoo designs and symbols on their bodies. Symbols like Trishul, the Third Eye and Cobra are inked on different parts of the body to represent Lord Shiva and get the power of the truly powerful deity flowing through oneself. Youngsters, both boys and girls, like to get the spiritual faith engraved in the form of Shiva tattoo.


There are lots of creative and beautiful designs available today for people who are fond of Shiva tattoos. Here, we have gathered the top ten really awesome and cool Shiva tattoos to provide you the tattoo design inspiration.

Dot Work Shiva Tattoo Designs

One of the most popular tattoo designs today among youngsters is that of dot work. Spiritual tattoos engraved on back, chest, forearm or hand with beautiful dot work looks unique and eye-catching. Image of Lord Shiva decorated with dot work is a nice choice for one who wishes to ink Shiva on his body.

  1. Amazing dot work Shiva tattoo design on upper arm.

Shiva tattoo

  1. Cool dot work Shiva tattoo design consisting of Om and three eyes inked on upper arm.

Om and Third eye tattoo

  1. Beautiful dot work with Lord Shiva image and Om decoration tattoo design on hand.

Shiva with Trishul

Angry Shiva Tattoo Designs

Lord Shiva is popular in his aggressive form. People love and worship Shiva for his fearful nature. Images of angry Lord Shiva are quite popular among youngsters looking to get Shiva tattoo on their bodies. One can choose from numerous angry images of the Lord and get it engraved on hand, upper arm, back, chest or ribcage for an outstanding Shiva tattoo.

  1. Angry Shiva tattoo design on upper arm.

angry shiva tattoo

  1. Mahadeva in aggressive form inked on the hand with Om Nama Shivay written.

shiva -Om namah shivay

Lord Shiva Symbols Tattoo Designs

Another popular type of Shiva tattoo design includes symbols depicting Lord Shiva. Devotees of Mahadev can ink images of his weapons, musical instrument or other symbols related to Shiva. The most popular design is that of trishul which impresses modern guys fascinated by Shiva tattoos. This type of design idea is a great choice for those who do not want to engrave the image of Lord Shiva on the body. Such symbols can be inked in any size on any part of the body for a personalized spiritual tattoo.

  1. Small Shiva tattoo with trishula, third eye and damaru engraved on the hand.

Trishul and damaru

  1. Shiva tattoo design containing trishul in beautiful dot work made on the chest.

trishul on chest

  1. Shiva weapon trishul tattoo design on the forearm with mrityunjaya mantra.

Mrityunjaya mantra

Om Namah Shivay Tattoo Designs

People interested in inking spiritual tattoos on their bodies, specially the Shiva devotees, prefer Om Namah Shivay tattoos to a great extent. Shiva’s name can be engraved on different parts of the body in varying dimensions according to the person’s wish. One can include symbols related to Lord Shiva to make the tattoo design more unique and eye-catching.

  1. Attention-catching Om Namah Shivay tattoo with trishul on the back.

Shiva Tattoo- Om Trishul

10. Om Namah Shivay Tattoo Design with trishul and damaru on the back.

Om namah shivay trishul

Apart from these ten awesome and most popular Shiva tattoo designs, there are many interesting design ideas prevalent among youngsters who believe in Shiva and his powers. Such designs can range from small Aum and simple Trishula to complex and large images of Shiva along with Parvati. Tattoo designs covering the entire back or shoulder with mrityunjaya mantra or full image of Shiva with his companions are also popular.