Mantras can be called the ‘vehicles of the mind’ as it transports all the negative energy and brings clarity to mind. It helps you sleep and helps you wake up in a new refined energy. Meditation also helps you in a creative way and improves your health in a manner you may have never experienced.

So Hum Meditation – Meaning

In the Vedic scripts the So Hum mantra has a special place. Since its inception the word has been used in a philosophical sense for giving new meaning to yoga and meditation. The word of course derives from the 2 Sanskrit words ‘So’ and ‘Hum’ which translates to ‘That’ and ‘I’. So in the end So Hum translates to ‘I am that’. Mantra is a technique of meditation which helps the performer to take his mind off to a quieter and calmer place. By performing meditation every day he or she can achieve inner peace.

The basic goal of the mantra is to make our mind as still can it can be. To remove the disturbance from the mind and cleanse it of all wrongdoings. Meditation simply is a stress reliever. Stress is not something only privileged people get. If you are a student or a teacher, father or mother, son or daughter, stress will follow you wherever you go. By doing a simple meditation technique you can achieve so much.

The mantra is often shown to the people who are new to meditation. Many Vedic scholars and philosophers have made their thesis about the mantra and they have come to the conclusion that it represents a universal energy that we are all connected to. The same universal energy that is nourishing and supporting us in way we wouldn’t believe possible. It offers a feeling of oneness, of protection, of safety and remove the feelings that never let us take off to the greater heights. So Hum maybe a great for people who are looking for meditation.

Mantras have changed throughout the years. In many institutions now people are getting personal mantras which are different for different people. Organizations assign each individual with different mantras so that they can connect with their mind in a more intimate way. These mantras are provided to people based on personal facts like birth dates, place of birth, someone special. These have been helpful for people who can now connect with themselves.

So Hum Meditation – Benefits

So Hum Meditation - Benefits

Personal mantras have their own benefits. One of them is that it doesn’t have a meaning but it is a sound, a sound of the universe which you must be familiar with and it makes much sense because the meaning of the mantras can be distracting whereas if the mantra is just a sound which you are familiar with, it can be helpful for you as it takes you to your quiet place where you can find peace and clarity. For this reason the meaning of the mantra is actually not that important when it comes to the act of meditation.

But not all people are the same, some people may find the meaning behind the mantra more powerful and it may help them focus on it in a better way than the sounds. So while some may like the meaning, others prefer sound but that’s not the point. The point is to find out which meditation method suits you the better to focus on things.

You don’t have to follow anyone else’s mantra. Remember your strength. Don’t fall for any fancy mantra which promises you to achieve peace if you are not comfortable with that. That’s why So Hum is a great place to begin with. This is why it’s important to know that the meaning behind the So Hum is really beautiful. Don’t follow others and get caught in the jumble, your comfort is what helps you to achieve peace.

Mantras are basically only one type of meditation technique. It will work as the same as any other meditation technique as all of them will be able to help you bring peace in one way or another. The key is to do it on a regular basis so that the consistency will bring a wide range of physical and mental benefits.

How to do – So Hum Meditation

Now let’s understand how the So Hum meditation practise can be done. This technique of meditation can be completed in whatever time period you set up. The recommended time of doing this technique is 10 minutes but the person can set whatever time he or she finds comfortable in.

So first take a comfortable upright seat. Then follow the following steps.

  • Close your eyes. Take a minutes to settle in. Get comfortable with yourself and the surrounding.
  • Now slowly chant ‘So Hum’ and repeat the mantra in a rhythmic way so that your breath and your chant becomes one.
  • When you inhale, the chant of ‘So’ should be repeated.
  • When you exhale, the chant of ‘Hum’ should be repeated.
  • The important thing to do is to not rush. Rushing your breath or the mantra won’t help. Try to do both at once in a rhythmic way.
  • Now your mind may wander in the initial stages. Relax and focus on the mantra and try to bring back your mind to a standstill.

Set a timer before you do any of the above mentioned things. When it goes off, release your mantra very gently and quietly open your eyes. Take a moment or two to relax. Use the quiet time you have to really focus on the meaning behind the So Hum mantra.

With every breath, you should understand the concept that you are being one with the universe among many living species and you all are sharing and supporting each other. All the beings in the universe are taking in the same energy. In short you are merging with one another and this will provide you enough energy to get on with your life in a positive manner.