One of the most powerful vedic hymns to exist, The Rudram Namakam Chamakam is beneficial for everyone who chants it every day. The hymn is divided into various parts and in each part, the speaker praises many manifestations of Lord Rudra and prays for protection against various deities.

One of these vedic hymns is Shri Rudram Namakam Chamakam. It is an ancient and Vedic hymn devoted to Lord Shiva himself. The sole purpose of this hymn is to rip the fear away by its roots from the mind of the people and bless the people with prosperity and joy. Another purpose of this hymn is also to provide knowledge to the people that god is not only the creator of the entire universe but also is present in every particle of space and time.  It helps the people who chant it regularly to help cross the river called life in a smooth manner. The chants help us to realize who we are inside. It helps in attaining moksha which is the ultimate goal of every human being.

Rudram Namakam Chamakam

This great Vedic hymn is divided into two parts. Namakam is the name given to the first part and Chamakam is the name given to the second. The reason behind this is the repeated usage of the word ‘Namo’ and ‘Chame’ in the first and second part respectively. Furthermore this Vedic Hymn is divided into 11 sections called Anuvakas. Each Anuvaka is sung for different reasons and has different advantages attached to it. If a person chants this Vedic hymn in a proper manner it takes about 40 minutes for him or her to finish.

Shri Rudram Chamakam is the only hymn in the world which puts god in both the sides, right and wrong, positive and negative, good and bad, high and low, mortality and immortality, existence and non-existence. A gleaming feature of this chant is it contains hidden in a format which is coded to the speaker. There are also instructions in this in hidden form which can be used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines. In the entire anuvakas lord hymn is praised every time for creation, sustenance and destruction of the universe.

Shri Rudram Namakam Chamakam – Explanation

The following is a brief explanation of all the 11 sections of The Rudram Namakam Chamakam .

  1. The 1st anuvaka is chanted for the destruction of all sins within, to obtain leadership and divine benevolence and for protection against famine, fear, death and all the other evil forces residing in the universe. The first anuvaka is also chanted to protect the sacred cows. Its also chanted to provide a shield against fever, diseases, absolution from bad stars, fatal disorders and bad karma. Also for a good rainfall this hymn is chanted and for fulfilment of material desires and destruction of enemies, this is sung.
  2. In the 2nd anuvaka, the speaker is praying to Rudra to loosen the bonds of the universe so that the speaker can feel free and without any weight on his shoulders. This anuvaka is also recited to get rid of all the enemies, to gain wealth, to increase the prospects of job and to possess a higher intelligence.
  3. In the 3rd anuvaka, the speaker describes Rudra as the lord of thieves. It is also described that Rudra exists in everything in the universe. The context of the 3rd anuvaka is that we are unenlightened and we have stolen the state of sarvatma (the self and all) and we have replaced it with our enormous ego and it is Rudra who will save us by coming down and taking the ignorance that we have possessed and will restore the natural order of enlightenment. Hence for this purpose, Rudra is described as the lord of thieves as he steals our ego. This anuvaka is also chanted to cure the diseases.
  4. The 4th anuvaka is recited to cure specific kind of diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy and diabetes. Lord Rudra is also mentioned in this anuvaka as the worker and creator of all kinds.
  5. In this powerful and influential hymn the 5th anuvaka is chanted to praise the Lord Rudra’s existence in water. 5 activities are mentioned in this anuvaka. Creation, preservation and destruction of the universe during the doomsday, bondage in ignorance and moksha.
  6. In the 6th anuvaka, Lord Rudra is mentioned as the sole source of different worlds and Vedas. It is chanted for the blessings of a son in the stature of lord Rudra, asset expansion, to get rid of the chances of a miscarriage and to have no problems during childbirth, to avert the problems in our constellation and to protect the sons.
  7. The 7th anuvaka in the the Rudram Chamakam Namakam is recited to gain higher intelligence, for better health and wealth, for the prosperity of our descendants, for good clothes, cows and sons, for a better education. This anuvaka is also chanted to obtain longevity and liberation.
  8. In the 8th anuvaka, the speaker praises the Lord Rudra for being there in the holy rivers and absolving all the sins from the world. This chant is also recited for the destruction of enemies and for taking back our kingdom.
  9. The 9th anuvaka is chanted for getting gold, a good wife and job, blessings of a wonderful son who will be in complete devotion to lord Rudra all his life.
  10. The speaker chants the 10th anuvaka so that the Lord may shed his fury and shower it’s devotees by displaying them his bows without any arrows present with them and to appear before his devotees dressed in tiger skin as gracefully as the morning sun. This anuvaka is also recited for the absolution of all fears, to remove the presence of danger, to possess wealth and to cure all the diseases.
  11. In the 11th anuvaka, praises are showered for the accomplishments and lord Rudra. Reciting this chant will also help in providing longevity and for acquiring knowledge.