Many of us have heard of talking to spirits, and are aware of the concept of holding Seance with the dead, the spirit world, it has been popularized through several films, and TV stories. While a lot of it is conjured up fiction, there is a base truth to it. It is, in fact, possible to commune with those who have passed on the other side, be it a loved one or some relative.

However, you need to understand that in holding such communion and talking to spirits, you actually blur the boundaries between our world and theirs allowing your spirit to pass through, but it may also open the gateway to some more maleficent presence as well, and as such it is crucial that you remain protected from it all and follow the instructions. Read further below to understand the 5 steps process on how to talk to spirits.

Talking To Spirits – 5 Step Process

Here’s how you can go about talking to spirits. Follow the steps below.

Preparation For Protectiontalking to spirits


This is the most imperative step in the whole process. Once you open up that spirit portal you never know what may step through and as such it is necessary that you protect not only your energy but also your space.

This can be done by meditating for a while and charging your energy, picture yourself surrounded by a radiant white aura. That will be your shield through this trying process. Also call upon your guardian angels to look over you and make use of protective charms and crystals like Amethyst.

Choose a Sacred SpaceSacred Space


No matter who you plan to invite, some loved one or a spirit from whom you want answers, you must remain within your sacred space. This space is more of a state of mind rather than a physical space.

However, to facilitate that state of mind your physical environment must be clean and clutter free. You mustn’t have any distractions lying around. You can also surround yourself with candles, crystals, protective charms and herbs, anything that makes you feel more at peace within yourself, because only then can you set up that sacred space.

Set Clear IntentionIntention

It is very important to have a clear and firm mind to avoid any maleficent presence from taking advantage of the gap your weakness opens up. Be clear and specific about what you want from the spirit and set clear boundaries. If you’re a first timer to communicate with spirits or are holding communion with an unknown spirit then you must call upon your guardian angels to protect you and act as a gatekeeper between the two realms.

You should also first take the time to gauge the vibes coming from the spirit. If the spirit feels angry, negative or maleficent in nature you should leave the communion to the experts and focus on clearing your mind and cleansing your space. You must also not be fearful or doubtful while conducting this. Keep a clear mind.

Remain Open – Keep Open Mindpendulum

After you’ve stated your intent, immediately get to the purpose of your seance and ask the questions. Following this, you must keep an open mind. The spirit won’t necessarily manifest before you and give you precise communication. They might communicate through bodily sensations, shingles, shivers, sparks of electricity, flickers, or any other means at hand.

Which is why it is important to write down everything you see and feel at this moment so you may later decipher the experience. You may also use the means of automated writing, pendulums, or — in the case of seasoned experts — an ouija board.

However, Pendulums are the recommended means for beginners. You must remain open to all suggestions because often we only hear what we want to hear and so you might have even received the answer but won’t know it because you didn’t want to listen.

Close the Door – Be Thankful

Close The Door

After you’ve received your message you should clearly close the seance by saying goodbye or thanking the spirit for their message. Now the most important step, cleanse yourself well with sage and crystals. This is important as it would firmly seal the gateway you’d opened up. You might even want to recite a mantra invoking the presence of light and love within your space in order to expel any remnants from the spirit world.

Even if you feel like you didn’t make any connection at all it is still important to perform this process as you never know, you might just not have identified the presence or a maleficent presence might have stepped through and refused to make itself known.

Holding communion and talking to spirits can prove to be very enlightening, and healing. However, while talking to spirits, you must be certain to take all necessary precautions and follow the instructions well, and always remember to thank the spirit for their time.