This is a theory which has rapidly been picking up popularity in recent years. Twin Flame is the theory that every individual in the world has a mirror soul, a ‘twin’, anywhere around the world, for whom they are truly meant. However, this is not to be mistaken for the popular belief of another person ‘completing’ you. You are both complete individuals in and of yourselves, but you come together in a complementary way such that you are truly meant to be together. Generally Twin Flames don’t know each other since a young age, they can be separated by great physical barriers. Yet, one can always feel the others’ presence, as if they lived in your dreams, and felt real, like it’s someone who truly ‘knows’ and understands the depths of your soul. That happens to be the twin flame relationships.

Twin Flames generally don’t meet until relatively later in life because if they did the resultant energy might be too much to handle. Twin Flame Relationships theory also doesn’t mean that if you meet you would have the ‘perfect’ relationship, as you are still bound in the earthly realm and are bound by its rules. You do, however, feel an almost magnetic attraction towards each other and can often communicate everything to each other, all your deepest secrets and wishes, and it feels entirely effortless, like the other person knew and understood it without your even having to state it. However, this should not be mistaken for an obsessive or lustful relationship as it transcends the flesh and transcends the ego.

Twin Flame Relationships – Signs and Recognition


There are various signs that might indicate that you’ve met your twin flame, this is how you can recognize them so you don’t miss out.

1. When you’ve met your Twin Flame you’ll know. I know this sounds vaguely fatalistic, but that’s the best it can be described. There’s an abundance of energy released, not sexual or emotional, a cosmic energy. It can only be understood by those who’ve felt it.

2. You meet each other by pure chance and Divine Coincidence. Neither of you were actively looking for each other but found each other as if dropped straight from heaven.

3. When you are in twin flame relationships, it’s magnetic, and you are followed by an immense amount of energy, so much so that even other people can feel it.

4. You will gain a deeper sense of intuition and psychic knowledge when you’re with each other, your individual energies complimenting each other.

5. While they don’t have to follow similar patterns of birth date, year, etc, there is something significant in it still. Something that can be felt rather than explained.

6. You would deeply respect and love each other, so much so that hurting the other person in a fight or argument would be like hurting yourself.

7. When you meet them, it feels like you’re meeting someone you already know. There’s an immediate connection. You don’t even have to take time getting to know each other, you’re simply picking up where you left off, either in your dreams, or maybe in another life.

8. You compliment each other, and as such all your skills and abilities would also naturally compliment each other and together you’d make a great team, whatever you set your mind to.

9. Even when you are apart, you can still feel each other because you’re souls are forever intertwined. Your time apart is unbearable because you’ve been ripped apart temporarily. When you are together, you’re home, so much so that the world drops around you and time stands still.

10. In twin flame relationships even the smallest act like a hug can feel like it’s released an intense amount of energy into the world. And both of you will want to simply give all you can to each other without ever needing anything in return.

If you can identify these signs, then it’s highly likely that you’ve already met your Twin Flame and now all you have to do is hold on hard as you can and don’t ever let go. Also Go through the different stages involved in your twin flame journey.