If you have ever dreamt of your loved one who has passed away, you are not the only one to experience this. Everybody dreams about their deceased loved ones and this is completely normal. There is nothing uncommon about it. This is called ‘Dream Visitation’. Your loved ones, Angels or Spirit Guides try to connect with you through visitation in your dream. Once our loved ones pass away, they still retain their personality, identity, and form, though without a physical body.

Dream visitations are the best ways for spirits to connect with their loved ones after their death. These dreams come with some guidance or warning about the major decisions we are about to take in our lives. Through dream visitations, our deceased loved ones guide us on the way we are moving and make sure that they stay with us and love us even after they have passed away.

However, not all the dreams about a loved one is a direct connection with them. So, what is the best way to find out if a dream is an attempt by your loved one to communicate with you or it is just because of the thoughts in your subconscious mind? It is possible to differentiate between a dream visitation and a regular dream.

Dream Visitation Vs. Regular Dream

Dream Visitation

Most dreams you experience every night are mere creations of your subconscious mind. In a regular dream, your conscious mind is asleep and your subconscious mind takes an idea or theme to communicate and selects the characters according to the people in your life. In some dreams, your dead loved ones are the characters and such dreams are not Dream Visitations.

Most people confuse regular dreams with visitation dreams. They believe that the dream resulted out of the grievance or thoughts about the deceased person and do not consider it as a direct communication from the spirit. Actually, a visitation dream is not a creation of your subconscious mind. It is a communication from your deceased loved one when you are in sleep. Visitations from loved ones are the most common dream visitations though one can experience dream visitation from angels and spirit guides.

True Dream Visitations are quite different from regular dreams. They are very real and you actually feel that you were visited by your dead loved one. You experience a real communication in your heart and it is an experience worth remembering for the rest of the life. Regular dreams, on the other hand, are quite easy to forget.

Visitation Dream Interpretation

There are many characteristics which can easily differentiate between a dream visitation and a regular dream. When you see regular dreams, you are not confident about interpreting its meaning upon waking up. However, visitation dream interpretation is easy and are quite comforting. Read below on how to do Visitation Dream Interpretation accurately.

You Remember The Dream

As dream visitation is a direct communication from your deceased loved ones, it is very clear and realistic and you can even remember tiny details about the dream.

You Are Confident About The Dream

When you wake up, you will not be doubtful if the dream was a visitation or a regular one. Dream visitations are very clear and leave no doubt in your mind. You can easily tell upon waking up that you had a visitation from your loved one.

It Feels Very Real

The most important characteristic of a dream visitation is that it is extremely real. When you experience a visitation from your dead loved ones, clear images are produced and when you wake up, it feels as if the visitation was real and not a dream.

You Feel Peaceful

When you wake up after a dream visitation, you feel comforted, loved and peaceful. Even though you might have slept with troubles and grief, you wake up with a peaceful mind after the visitation from your loved one.

The Person Is Healthy

One of the sure signs of Visitation Dream is that the person visiting you is happy and healthy. This is not the case with regular dreams.

You Experience Divine Light

Your loved ones maintain their existence through Light and often, in a visitation dream, a light or glow is seen surrounding the person. This glow can vary from very soft to extreme but it is usually there.

There Is A Direct Address

A dream visitation consists of a direct address from your deceased loved one. In regular dreams, direct address is less common and mostly, we are the observers of scenes.

Why Dream Visitation Occurs?

Seeing A Deceased Loved One In A Dream

Visitation dreams are beautiful because they bring the comfort and messages when we need them the most. Our loved one offering guidance, support, and warmth is a special feeling and lucky are those who are gifted with dream visitation from their deceased loved ones.

But why do people get dream visitations from the deceased ones, both known and unknown? There are two apparent reasons for this.

The first reason for visitation dream could be due to the need of the dead one for some guidance. It is possible that the person who passed away may be connected to the dreamer and needs some help in the transition from physical world to the spiritual.

The other reason can be the need of guidance of the dreamer. The person would want some comfort, guidance, and assurance from a spirit, may be familiar or unfamiliar, and this is why the deceased one connects with the dreamer through dream visitation. The spirit appears in the dream of love, warmth, and message to comfort and heals the person whether or not he realizes the need for assistance.

Your loved ones never want to go away from you and they confirm this by visiting you in dreams. Dream visitations assure their love, presence, and blessings. You can pray for the happiness and rest of their souls in return for their love and support through visitation dreams.