Astral projection or astral travel is an explanation of out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an astral body separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it. In astral projection the mind with awareness moves out of the physical body and moves into the astral body to travel in an astral plane. You get out of body experience, while you will still remain attached to your physical body by an umbilical cord type. Continue reading the explanation below, to understand what is astral projection and its benefits.

Some people can astral project naturally. Others are afraid to remove their awareness from the physical body and never learn to astral project. Many of them scare people into thinking that Astral Projection is dangerous. But there is absolutely nothing to fear

What is Astral Projection - Explained

Astral Projection is indeed a very common phenomena, you can learn to Astral Project whenever you want to and at your will. There are many astral projection techniques and astral projection guide that teach you how to get an Out of body Experience. Since each person is different, no one technique is best for all. You have to find out which method you are comfortable with and just like any other thing in life, you have to practice and become good at it.

No one can assure how long it might take. Some can attain it on the very first time and others may not achieve it even after years! But if tried constantly, in about at least 30 days one can experience at least one projection. One should be more open minded and start believing, then it will become easier to Astral Project.

To astral project, one must feel totally relaxed, with comfortable clothing, reclining is best position. Usually a comforter is best over the body as the physical body sometimes gets very cold when you travel out. When you astral project you are intentionally aware of things you come across while out of your physical body.

Hope with this you have a clear idea on what is Astral Projection, now let’s also understand why you need Astral Projection and the Benefits of Astral Projection.

Benefits of Astral Projection

There are good reasons to practice astral projection. Here are few good benefits of astral projection listed below.

  • Out of Body Experience – Most people identify themselves with their physical bodies and have no idea that their consciousness spreads beyond their physical being. The majority of people in today’s world are identified with their physical bodies and their physical appearance. This is good, but what happens when their bodies begin to fail, or when they get old. Many people become miserable, and think their lives are over. But once you have experienced astral projection, you know that your consciousness can exist separately from your physical body. During this out-of-body experience, you can see your body lying calmly in your bed, while you are floating above it. Now you are not attached to your body, your body is like a home where you live during your waking consciousness. With this new awareness you are not so caught up in the deceptions of the physical body. When you get older, it is your body that gets older, not you. When you have sickness, it is your body that needs curing, not you. So you are more at peace with the many changes that may affect only your physical being. Though some things will still affect you, but they will not affect so deeply because of the awareness that you are more than your physical body. So, this is one of the benefits of experiencing astral projection.
  • Astral projection experience also helps one to raise consciousness. Once you astral project, it is easier to meditate and reach higher planes of consciousness. On the physical plane, there may be bodily uneasiness, environmental sounds and interference that can prevent you from reaching blissful states of awareness. On the astral plane, there are no physical obstacles to meditation, so one is free to rise to higher levels of consciousness.
  • One can also learn more about the universe during astral projection experience. There are inner dimensions to the universe that we are normally unaware of during our everyday consciousness. There are many miracles to experience there and many things to learn. Many mystics, yogis, saints and astral travelers have experienced this inner dimension to the universe. You can also take advantage of your experiences and information gained there to use on the physical plane. Many other people have found solutions to their problems through their dreams or in a relaxed state, where they have access to their intuition and knowledge from the inner planes. Basically, one can learn more about oneself and the infinite universe, and use that knowledge to improve things on the physical plane.
  • The other benefit would be that it will help people to come out from the fear of death. Most people are scared to die as they have no idea what may happen to them and fear the unknown. Astral projection can help to lighten the fear of death because you know that your consciousness can exist apart from your physical body. The procedure of astral projection is very similar to dying process. The only difference is that during astral projection, one leaves the physical body temporarily, but while dying, you leave your body permanently. But after you experience astral projection, you know for certain that your consciousness can exist apart from your body, so you are no longer afraid of dying. Of course, you may be anxious of where one will go after death, but it is more like the commencement of a new journey. Life does not end with death; it is a transformation and a new beginning.


To Summarize, we have understood what is astral projection and benefits of astral projection, overall you should also know that being able to astral project is fun and extremely fascinating.  It will help you realize that you are not your body, and that your consciousness continues to live even after death.  Before you project into the astral plane, make sure you are protected and vibrating at a high frequency.  Always ask your God, Guru’s and guides to protect you.  Be safe and have fun!