Consumption of wheatgrass either as a supplement, powder or drink has become extremely popular of late because of its many healing and beneficial capacities. This is extracted from the Wheat Plant in it’s earliest stages so it is quite gluten free which adds to its health benefits. And additionally, it also comes with a lot of chlorophyll and proteins, since the former of these shares a lot with Hemoglobin it is useful for increasing the blood count.

Wheatgrass remedies have been used in ancient civilizations as well to heal and bind cuts and wounds. However, despite all the great benefits of Wheatgrass, there are also a few symptoms that you should be wary of. Here’s a couple of Wheatgrass benefits and side effects, so you may decide whether it would be beneficial to you personally.

Wheatgrass Benefits And Side Effects

wheatgrass benefits and side effects

Have a look at few of wheatgrass benefits and side effects.

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

#1.  nutritional Value

It is chock-full of healthy and vital nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and a lot of others minerals as well. Not only that, it comes with a lot of fiber content and protein. In fact, it is said that you can ingest a gram of protein with a single spoon of wheatgrass powder.

#2.  Constipation Treatment

Because of its high fiber content it eases the digestive tract and ingesting it on a daily basis will make you healthier and promote regular elimination and clearing of the bowel movements.

#3.  Blood Count

The Chlorophyll present in Wheatgrass has a lot of the same effects as does Hemoglobin, and as such it will help increase your blood count and regulate blood flow. This will lead to better oxygen circulation resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

#4.  Weight Loss

This helps in restricting appetite and gives you a wonderfully full feeling so that you don’t get tempted to eat more than you need to. On top of that this comes with a lot of nutritional value so if you’re on a diet, it would be healthy to use this, without worrying about breaking the diet.

#5.  Detox

It helps eliminate and purify all the toxins in your body and your blood stream. It can significantly boost up your immune system, and as result making your body more resistant to illnesses and healthier.

Side Effects Of Wheatgrass

#1.  Nausea and Headache

While this might seem like a side effect on the outset, it is actually just a result of one of the greater benefits of this herb. Since it very rapidly eliminates all the Toxins from your blood stream, it causes a headache and since the toxins have to be removed externally, it is usually accompanied by Nausea which subsides once your toxin levels start dropping.

#2.  Diarrhea

Wheatgrass is quite a strong herb, and it’s really quite fast in its effect of detoxification. As such some people tend to consume too much of it all at a go, which causes diarrhea. A good suggestion would be to go slow at first until your body starts getting a hang of it, and then you’re good to go.

#3.  Allergies

This can only happen if someone with a Wheat Allergy costumes it, because if you hadn’t figured it out yet, a major component of Wheatgrass is wheat! However, all of you with a Gluten allergy who have to be extremely picky with what you have because literally, everything seems to have Gluten, you can go nuts with this. It is absolutely gluten-free.

Having read about wheatgrass benefits and side effects, decide for yourself whether this diet would suit or not. However, the best practice would be to slowly introduce it into your diet rather than consuming too much of it at a go.