We all must have heard about four major lines used in palm-study – heart line, head line, life line, and fate line. These lines reveal a lot of destiny, relationship, personality, life and death of a person. But today, we are going to discuss ‘Letter X’ which may be located on your palm. Only 3% people in the world have this special X mark and it has a significant importance in palmistry. Alexander, the Great was much interested in palm study and scholars do say he had such a unique marking ‘letter X’ on his palm. A research undertaken by The STI University of Moscow regarding X on palm meaning and its association with the of the fate of people showed that those individuals who carried such a mark were leaders with outstanding qualities. Of the rare people who had the ‘letter X’ marking on their palms, where President Abraham Lincoln, Greek Emperor Alexander, Russian President Vladimir Putin and others.

Palmistry, the ancient practice of predicting the future through the study of the palm, has its origins dating back to thousands of years when it rooted in Indian Hindu astrology. The first mention of Palm reading was found in the Chinese book the I Ching. The practice became quite popular across Europe and Asia and scholars and astrologers passed the knowledge of palmistry to their students. It has endured through the ages and in modern days, people deem it as inaccurate and superstitious. A reason for people being skeptical towards it is their ignorance about the true meaning and the wrong notion portrayed through films, TV shows, and books.

The subject of the accuracy of palmistry is still a matter of debate. Its authenticity is still unknown and thousands of researchers have worked to solve the mystery behind the palm-reading technique and its truthfulness.

X On Palm Meaning

X on palm

According to the study of palms, it is believed that people having letter X on both palms are destined to be great leaders or recognized individuals in the society. These are the people remembered for their great deeds. They are the rare people who leave a legacy behind them. Those who have letter X on one palm are also said to be highly famous and successful in life. It is said that one who has X mark on the palm has an intuitive power or sixth sense. They can see infidelity, danger, dishonesty from a very short distance. These people are sharp and intuitive.

Just like the heart, head, life and money lines on the palm, the letter X on palm has significance in deciding the destiny of a person. Different locations and numbers of the letter on the palm can determine the effects and outcomes for the bearer. The study of X on Palm meaning tells a lot about the future of a person and explain more about his personality and behavior.

Placement Of Letter X

Before proceeding to see the effects of having the X mark on hands, it is a good idea to check the placement of the special letter and its quantity to determine the future and destiny of the person.

  • Having an X mark below the index finger means one is likely to have a head injury. If the sign is deep, the person receives wealth from in-laws.
  • Those who have cross sign below their long fingers are likely to face diseases and misfortunes in their lives.
  • Individuals with an X mark below the ring finger are destined to failure, frustration, and loss of money.
  • A letter X sign present below the little finger indicates the person to be a deceiver, dishonest and crooked.
  • People having a letter X sign on their palms have a higher IQ and stand out from others. Such people adjust easily in every situation. They are strong physically and emotionally. Good luck and fortune always follow them.

Letter X On Both Palms

The most beneficial is having the special letter on both the palms. Just like legends such as Alexander the Great, people having X on both palms tend to stand out from the crowd with the help of their distinctive talent. Cheating such people is not at all easy! Such individuals are the smartest of all, effective and efficient, possess great wisdom and leadership qualities. They forgive easily but do not forget anything.

People with X letter on their two palms are believed to be lucky and powerful. They adapt easily to situations around them. They never complain about the arrangements and people surrounding them. These people are sharp, intuitive, have a great memory. Trying to lie to them or hurt them can unleash their worst side. No one can ever cause them any harm, such is their power of destiny.

Whether or not we agree with palm-reading and effects of having special marks on palms, such an insight into our future and personality sounds quite interesting. After all, it is rightly said, ‘Everything is in your own hands’!