The man has been blessed with limited powers with hands, feet, and intellect. However, if used properly, one’s wisdom can make the person the master of endless powers. To achieve liberation and become the master of unlimited powers, one should practice religion too. Apsara Sadhana Vidhi is a great way to achieve beauty, attractive appearance and personality and success in the field of art.

Hinduism has numerous practices to get miraculous results. Apsara Sadhana is one such miraculous practices known to fulfill all the desires of a person willing to attain an attractive personality. Apsara is a beauty of heavens that sings and dances in Indra’s court and who follows Indra’s orders to dissolve the penance of monks and saints.

Apsara Mantra

Apsara Mantra

Those who desire to attract a handsome man or beautiful woman towards themselves or want to acquire beauty would find the Apsara Mantra highly useful. Apsara Mantra not only enhances one’s beauty and personality but also helps attract any person towards oneself. The mantra makes the chanter’s body and face look like that of a nymph. It is also a beauty love spell. By practicing the Apsara Mantra, it becomes easy to find a beautiful boy or girl and become attractive and charming like an apsara or nymph. This mantra is so powerful that regular recitation can give you everything you think about.

The mantra is as follows:

“Rum khan rambhh nehchh racha khoon rum nahin:”

This mantra should be practiced with faith, devotion and proper guidance to succeed. Regular repetition of this mantra would result in the nymphs fulfilling your desires and filling your life with joy and happiness.

Apsara Sadhana Vidhi

Apsara Sadhana directs a person and fulfills all his desires. The Sadhana gives impressive results in the form of beauty and success in art. According to Puranas, Apsara Sadhana Vidhi is a simple and straightforward practice. However, in this Sadhana, numerous attempts are made to dissolve the person’s practice and most of the people leave the Sadhana in the middle out of fear. To become successful with the Sadhana, you need concentration, trust, resolution and guru’s guidance. Right from the day the Sadhana begins on the day of completion, it is necessary that the person lives like a saint and controls all his desires.

Select any secluded room in the house and set up a pouch on the eastern side. Place a red cloth over the pouch. Install a nymph’s photo on the post and decorate it with garland. Now sit in front of this picture, light up a ghee lamp, give offerings and keep water. Take water in the hand and make the first resolution and begin chanting the mantra. You can chant the mantra as many times as you want. Chant the mantra on a daily basis as per your own will and strength. Use a rhinestone rosary to keep count of the mantra recitation. Doing this for seven days would invite the nymph and she appears before the chanter.

Apsara Sadhana Tantra

Apsara Sadhana Tantra

Men can use the powerful Apsara Sadhana Tantra to make any attractive girl his girlfriend and girls can get anybody in the form of a friend or boyfriend using this mantra. This Sadhana is so strong that you start seeing results in three to five days.

To do this Sadhana, one should choose an isolated place and wear white clothes. Then he/she should chant the very powerful and effective mantra that helps achieve the thing he/she desires.

ॐ उर्वशी प्रिय वशं करी हुं II

ॐ ह्रीं उर्वशी अप्सराय आगच्छागच्छ स्वाहा ॥

These mantras, if recited for 51 rosaries for 21 days can please Urvashi nymph and help you achieve anything you are longing for.

Urvashi Apsara Sadhana helps those who are physically good-looking but not able to attract anybody towards themselves. People afflicted with an inferiority complex can use this Tantra to attract everybody.

Those who would like to get a beautiful and perfect life partner but face difficulty finding them for some reason should use this Sadhana that creates a situation to get your favorite life partner.

If there exists a problem in one’s married life or family or the time is not in one’s favor, he should do this mantra practice.

People who want to make a career in the field of art or acting but don’t get success should use this mantra to get success overnight.

Those who want to look and stay young can practice this mantra to attain a youthful look.

Regular practice of this mantra makes you beautiful and brings beautiful people into your lives.

Apsara Sadhana can be accomplished by both men and women to acquire an intimate friend, transform oneself into a youthful, beautiful and attractive form and succeed in the field of art or acting. This Sadhana can be performed by anybody – young or old, man or woman, belonging to any religion or caste. If performed with complete trust, reverence, and faith, one obtains certain success.