Getting Dreams of Rain? Dreams have always remained a mystery to mankind. Though fascinating, much can be learnt from our dreams if analyzed well. Nothing religious, mystical or psychic is associated with an understanding of dreams. It is important that every minute detail of the dream be considered during the analysis.

Dreams of Rain

Every element of the dream represents a memory, mood, feeling or something from your unconscious mind. Dreams about the weather are quite common and they are believed to be associated with different things. People dream about storms, rain, thunders and other weather conditions.

Getting Dreams of Rain? Here’s An Accurate Interpretation

Many of us believe that seeing rain in a dream can symbolize difficulty in life. However, there are many positive and negative interpretations of dreaming about rain. We talk about rain dreams in this article.

Rain Dream Meaning – An Accurate Analysis

Rain is one of the complicated symbols appearing in our dreams. Rain can symbolize a number of different emotions and meanings depending on the details of the dream. Rain dreams generally symbolize getting rid of all the negative emotions in life. These dreams suggest you improve communication with others.

Dreams about rain can be associated with your family and personal problems. Sometimes, rain dream can mean obstacle in your work or life as rain hinders plans, decisions and going out. Rain is also a symbol of sadness and tears.

Seeing and hearing rain in a dream means grace and forgiveness in most cases. Rain indicates cleaning of problems and troubles and falling in love with life. Rain and storm are positive signs when dreamt about. The storm represents getting a solution to big problems. Rain is truly a blessing and it stands for important solutions to problems in dreams. Rain in dream reminds you to pay attention to details to find the solution you are in search of.

Rain Dream Interpretations

Seeing the Rain. If you dream of seeing the rain and do not remember any other detail, it symbolizes having a positive attitude towards life. It marks the right time to start an important project. Rain dream indicates that you can expect success to come to you in the near future.

Rain and Storm. If you see a stormy sky and rain in your dream, it can be related to depressive feelings in life. This can symbolize the negative energy in you and denote the high time to start thinking positively.

Seeing Light Rain. If you ever dream of light rain, it can mean that you would soon find solutions to problems in your life. Light rain dream signifies that your negative emotions will soon pass and everything would get better.

Seeing Heavy Rain. When a person dreams of heavy rain, it can symbolize his anger. Such a dream is a sign of conflicts present in one’s life. Dreaming about heavy rain also indicates that you are likely to face obstacles in your career.

Running in Rain. If in your dream, you see that you were running while it was raining, the dream indicates that you should listen to your heart. Such a dream suggests that you should not lose a person you love. This type of dream indicates that in case of any problem in your friendship or relationship, you should do what your heart says and that would help you make the right decision.

Getting Wet in Rain. This rain dream is a good indication. It means that good things will soon start happening to you and you need not worry about anything.

Holding Umbrella in Rain. If a person dreams that he was holding an umbrella while it was raining, it means he is capable of protecting himself from any negativity entering his life. He knows how to avoid negative situations and control the feelings. If you dream of holding a closed umbrella while it was raining, it means you don’t use your resources presently. If you dream of holding an umbrella while it was not raining, the dream indicates that you have a negative attitude towards life.

Wearing a Raincoat. Such a dream symbolizes that you are ready to protect yourself against anything negative. Wearing a raincoat in rain means you have the resources and you keep your feelings under control.

Again, if you dream that you were wearing a raincoat and it was not raining, it is a symbol of your pessimism in life. Such a dream can mean you have negative energy inside and around you.

Seeing a Rainbow. If you ever dream about a rainbow, it is a good sign of hope. Such a dream demonstrates time for good changes in life. It means bad period is passing and you should be prepared for something good.

Rain Dream Interpretation

Rain with Thunder. A dream about heavy rain accompanied by thunder signifies that you need to focus on something happening around you. Such a dream can also symbolize your anger in life.

Watching Rain from Inside. If a person dreams that he was inside the house and it was raining outside, it means he is about to face a difficult period. Such a dream can also mean that one is hiding his own emotions. This dream also has a positive interpretation. It can indicate a financial good luck in coming time.

Being Outside in Rain. A dream about being outside when it is raining means that you are ready to express your feelings without any fear. Such a dream can also mean that you are overwhelmed with your emotions.

Rain in front of you. If you have dreamt that the rain was in front of you, it indicates that you will face many problems in your relationship.

Rain behind you. In your dream, if you see that the rain was behind you, it denotes that you are no longer in a bad relationship. Such a dream indicates that it is the right time to move forward.

Spiritual Meaning of Rain In Dreams

Dreams about rain also suggest some spiritual symbolism. Watching the rain from a window in a dream indicates that spiritual insights and ideas will be brought to your consciousness. Such a dream also denotes love and fortune. Rain dreams are often associated with positive energy and accomplishments. Seeing the hail-stones falling in a dream symbolizes elimination of the source of one’s stress and overcoming enemies, difficulties and competitors.

Dreaming of Rain

The Islamic interpretation of rain dream talks about the positivity and abundance associated with such dreams. A person told an Imam that he had a dream about being soaked in rain for day and night. At this point, the Imam exclaimed that it was a wonderful dream. The rain dream symbolized that he had been soaked in the blessings and mercy of Allah. He said the person would be blessed with peace and happiness in great abundance.

These are some of the most common scenarios of rain dreams and their interpretations. Dreams about rain can have both positive and negative meanings. Rain is a complicated dream symbol and it is necessary to take the details into consideration to be able to understand what your dream suggests. Keep dreaming and getting insights into your life!