Also known by the terms ‘crystal children’ and ‘star children’, Indigo Children are human beings believed to have come to the world for change and spiritual awakening of humanity. These children are usually freethinkers with spiritually gifted souls who can see the truth clearly.

They possess special insight into the conditions of humanity and they find it difficult to adjust to the normal society. They are mostly rejected, misunderstood and ignored. Indigo Children are considered to have strong intuitive power and different types of spiritual gifts like the ability to see visions or communicate with spirit guides.

The concept of ‘Indigo Children’ originated in the 1970s. The term is used to represent an enhanced blueprint of humanity and it came up during recognition of the aura colors of the special kids. Auric fields are generally shades of the rainbow but a royal blue color dominates the Indigo’s field and symbolizes the change of course for the entire humanity.

Characteristics of Indigo Children

 Indigo Children - Characteristics

Though the label of ‘Indigo Child’ can be misused, there are some true signs which are so specific to indigo children that they can be easily recognized. Here are some common traits which help you identify whether you or somebody you know is an ‘Indigo Child’.

  1. Your feelings are always stronger than other people. You laugh a lot when movies are funny and cry when they are sad. You feel every emotion deeply. Indigo children seem to have advanced emotions. Their inner self is so sensitive that every feeling they experience feels stronger than it does to others.
  2. You can never be absolutely ‘normal’. Indigo Children, at most times, feel like they don’t belong to the society. They grow up like outsiders as their empathy and openness make them stand out from others and their feelings, actions and thoughts. For children, this can turn out to be especially difficult learning to trust their instincts.
  3. You Struggle in School. The way the Indigo children’s minds work does not comply with the traditional thinking methods. This is why these souls struggle at every place though they are exceptionally intelligent. When they are imposed to the rigid structure, they cannot do well at it because they are not able to understand why it is done.

    To confirm this, you can take an indigo child struggling at a school to a poorly structured organization and see that he will excel. Thus, it is quite common to find indigo children facing trouble in their assignments though they are curious and smart. They need to be self-directed to get success in life.

  4. You Have a Strong Passion to Find Purpose of Life. These special children are born to make their lives meaningful. Deep in their hearts, indigo children experience a driving force of creating positive change in this world. If you are an indigo child, you start understanding that you are destined to be a change maker.

    This sense of purpose becomes the root of your decisions. You always want things to be aligned with this sense of purpose. You are different from the majority of people obsessed with financial success and career.

  5. You Always have a Strong Eagerness to Understand How Things Work. This is one of the primary indicators of indigo children. They are born with a sense of curiosity much higher than any normal person. These souls are always willing to understand everything in the world.

    Such kids are those who keep asking ‘Why?’ at every time. And not only this, they can’t accept a simple answer to the question. Indigos want to reach the core of the concern until they completely understand how the particular thing works.

  6. You Stick to Spirituality but not to Religion. The main characteristic of Indigo Children is open-mindedness. These children love hearing about religions and their practices of different kinds but it is not usual for such a child to strictly follow the religion of his own. Such people are seen mixing and matching different practices to cater their interests and not going far on one path as others.

    If you are an indigo child, you are highly drawn towards spirituality which means loving the messages of religions to you. For you, religion is the Truth in its original form and not diluted by teachings or dogma.

  7. You Don’t Want to Respect Authority. Though not born to be disrespectful, Indigo Children are not likely to respect rules just because they are rules. They would follow a rule only after understanding why it is a rule.

    Only if it makes a sense to them, they would respect it. As an indigo child, you are not destined to negotiate. You are certain about your vision and ways and often end up criticizing and rebelling the authorities.

  8. You and others Suspect that you have ADHD. Owing to the inquisitive and curious mind, Indigo Children struggle with conventional norms and structures. They are seen to get bored easily and this is why they are misdiagnosed with ADHD or ADD. Society does not accept people who are a little different than others.

    They suspect indigo children with some disorders as ADHD. For some, it can be a correct diagnosis while for others, it may just be the inability of the society to accept the ways of thinking of these children.

  9. You are More Mature than Other People of Your Age. At the young age, indigo children mostly feel indifferent because of their extraordinary characteristics of intelligence, independence, and maturity. They are much more mature emotionally than most other people of the same age. Though this may cause problems initially, indigo children learn to cope with a feeling of outsider everywhere.

    Indigo Children are born to be old souls and they feel as if they have lived many lives and have an extraordinary wisdom which others of their age do not possess. As an indigo child, you behave like an old person and when you grow up to be an adult, you get a deeply spiritual outlook.

  10. You are Good at Storytelling. These special children are known for their imaginative capabilities. As an indigo child, you find it, both interesting and easy, to tell stories. Whether it is about keeping the crowd entertained or inventing new stories to make any little kid happy, you are the best at storytelling. People will love listening to your stories.