Academics do not accept dreams as a method of obtaining any information about past, future or from any dead person. They state that dreams result from one’s subconscious mind and daily acts, fear, and desires. However, the Quran mentions significant dreams of different famous people like Prophet Abraham about sacrificing his son and of Prophet Muhammad about the conquest of Mecca. According to the holy book, Prophet Muhammad received Allah’s guidance through his dreams. Hence, Islam believes that dreams carrying information do exist. The dreams of prophets were clear dreams that needed no interpretation. An unclear dream is the one that our soul alters and would require being interpreted using existing methods. Let’s take a look at various types of dreams and Islamic dream meanings.

Types Of Dreams In Islam

Islam categorizes dreams into three major types namely –

(1) Ru’yaa – good dreams or vision

(2) Hulum – bad dreams and

(3) Dreams from one’s own self.

Good dreams, according to Prophet Muhammad, are from the Almighty (Allah) and bad dreams come from Shaitan (devil).

As said by Prophet Muhammad, if anybody has a dream that he likes, then it is from Allah. He should express gratitude to the Almighty for the dream and share it with others whom he likes. Prophet describes such dreams as glad tidings.

Bad dreams, on the other hand, are from Shaitan. When somebody sees a dream that he does not like, he should spit three times on his left side and ask for protection from Allah against the devil and change the side he was sleeping. This can prevent the person from being harmed by the bad dream. Such a dream should not be disclosed to anybody.

The third type of dreams is a result of one’s own thoughts and is neither from Allah nor Shaitan. Such dreams have no significance and should be ignored and forgotten.

Islamic Dream Meanings

Islamic Dream Meanings

Here are some of the common Islamic interpretations of dreams and their meanings.

Door or Gate – Seeing oneself entering a gate or a door in the dream refers to the successful completion of any project or winning an argument.

Elevation – In a dream, if a person sees himself elevated or ascending or in the sky, it means he would achieve elevation in his status.

HandHold – A hand-hold in an Islamic dream denotes that he will continue to adhere firmly to his faith in Islam.

Laughing – If one dreams himself laughing, it refers to some good news or good times arriving.

Marriage – Dreaming of oneself getting married can indicate a delayed marriage. If he does not plan to marry at the time, he may propose to the person shown in the dream.

Milk – Dreaming of receiving milk denotes religious knowledge been granted to the dreamer.

Sex – Dream interpretation for sexual intercourse does not exist in Islam because it is considered to be Satanic. If the people involved in the intercourse in one’s dream are married, it can be classified as a good dream.

Rope – If a person sees a rope in the dream and grabs hold of it, the dream can be interpreted as his adherence to the Islam and God.

Sword – A sword appearing in the dream indicates one’s supporters and companions coming to his aid.

Ship – When somebody sees a ship in his dreams, Islam interprets it as an indication of escape or success.

Keys – If a person dreams about keys in his hand or receives keys, this means he receives some administrative authority.

Gold – Islamic dream meanings of finding gold or receiving gold in a dream is getting a good wife or is an indication of successful marriage.

LegIrons – Visualizing oneself bound by leg-irons in dreams denotes one’s stability in the Islamic faith. Leg-irons are believed to symbolize the firm, constant adherence to the religion.

Pearls – A dream about pearls is interpreted as Allah’s granting of a male or female mater to the follower. Pearls in dreams represent young men and women from the paradise coming to serve the believers according to the Islamic interpretation.

Shirt – Dreaming about wearing a shirt is an indication of adherence to faith. The longer the shirt one wears in his dream, the greater is his commitment to Islam.

Gifts – A dream about receiving gifts indicates a blessing of some sort of happiness in life.

Egg – An egg is interpreted as ladies with large, beautiful, lowered eyes. Seeing eggs in the dream refers to a woman, pure and delicate like hidden, preserved eggs.

Ripe Dates – Dreaming of eating ripe dates or getting them signifies granting of provision according to the Islamic interpretation. It can also be a reminder about avoiding extravagance or doing charity work.

Fresh Dates – According to Islamic dreams, if a person sees fresh dates in his dream, it means his practice of faith will become stronger.

Cows – Fat cows in dreams refer to a good yield of harvest whereas lean cows appearing in dreams indicate poor yield.

Clothing – Seeing a cover or clothing in a dream is an indication of a wife or a husband.

Bathing – When one dreams of himself taking bath in cool water, it refers to Allah’s acceptance of his repentance or lifting from a sickness or calamity.

Call to Prayer – If one sees himself giving a call to prayer in the dream, it symbolizes that his plans for Hajj (the Islamic pilgrimage) will be successful.

Birds – If in one’s dream, birds appear to be flying over his head, it refers to the attainment of a good administrative post.

Door Opening – Opening of a door in Islam refers to the acceptance of one’s prayer or the need to make one.

Blowing – If one dreams about blowing away something or disliking someone, it represents the elimination of a problem.

Flowing Spring – Dreaming of a flowing spring denotes continuous rewards for the person’s good deeds.

Garden – Viewing a garden in dream interprets as the richness of Islam. The garden symbolizes the faith of Islam in dreams.

Furnishing – If a person sees rugs and furniture in his dreams, it indicates a time of break or rest from difficulty or calamity. Furnishing in Islamic dream interpretation also means women and children.

Mountains – Mountains appearing in a dream symbolize attainment of some administrative post.

Ruler – If one sees himself being addressed by a ruler in the dream, it refers to gaining some high rank or post.

Room – Seeing oneself in a room or different rooms in the dream indicates being safe from his fears.

We hope these Islamic dream meanings helped you understand the messages conveyed by your dreams.