In Feng Shui, for centuries, Jade stone has been used for its properties of creating balance and harmony. It is also considered to be a good luck and protection stone in feng shui. One can find numerous feng shui charms made with jade and used for different purposes like attracting friends and creating wealth.

Another good reason for the popularity of Jade in feng shui is its easy availability in China, the origin of feng shui. Jade comes in a variety of colors ranging from green-blue to white and one can choose the color depending on the energy associated with the color.

Jade Stone Meaning

Jade Stone Meaning

One of the most popular choice for carvings used for feng shui cures, Jade Stone is a wonderful balancing stone. It is considered to be a lucky stone which brings love, wealth and good health. Jade has a light, sweet, nourishing energy which is very healing. It has a special purity associated with it and it is capable of purifying your energy in a nice way. So the jade stone meaning is purification. Another jade stone meaning is nourishment and gentleness.

Jade is believed to bless whatever it touches and is a preferable choice in jewelry pieces too – right from beads and rings to bracelets. Jade stone helps a person realize his potential and achieve life goals. It also helps lift the emotional issues and bring a solution to them. Jade is a ‘dream stone’ and can be used to access the spiritual world and enhance one’s insight into the real knowledge. Since ancient times, it is cherished as a protective carving, assuring long life and peaceful death.

Effects Of Jade Stone

Jade Stone Properties

Green jade is the most common form of jade stone. Other colors have their own specific properties as listed below:

Blue Jade is capable of calming the mind while encouraging reflection and peace. It is effective in enhancing dreams and vision.

Black Jade emits protective energy to stay away from physical or psychological negative assault.

Brown Jade connects to the Earth and provides reliability and comfort.

Red Jade removes the fear which holds the person back and forces him to action.

Yellow Jade is energetic and cheerful.

Orange Jade is silently stimulating. It brings joy.

Lavender Jade brings spiritual nourishment and removes emotional hurt.

White Jade filters any distractions, helping decision making and bringing constructive information.

Uses Of Jade Stone

Known as the stone of calmness, Jade’s action soothes the cardiac rhythm and balances one’s nerves. A small piece of jade stone if kept in the pocket recharges one’s energy from time to time and protects him/her against illness. Jade stone is also used to cope with the fear or shock in a young or old patient treated in hospital, away from home and family.

Jade possesses excellent properties of healing the feelings like guilt. Jade healing properties make it useful as a travel stone to stay away from illness during the tour. It is highly beneficial to those who travel alone and also protects pets and children against any injury during the journey. Jade fosters life force energy and is great for relaxing outdoors, gardening and hiking.

Jade is a crystal of love and supports new love while increasing the fidelity and trustworthiness in any relationship. As a support stone, Jade helps nurses, doctors, veterinarians and other caretakers in their respective jobs. It is also a support stone for other professionals like military personnel and educators.

Spiritual Energy Of Jade

For ages, Jade represents nobility. Wearing a jade stone helps create magical goodness and protects the wearer against deceitful and harmful entities during the spiritual work. The abundance stone, green jade, represents the flow of a divine energy into one’s real life. It fills one’s relationships and business with happiness and harmony and also brings material abundance.

Emotional Healing Energy Of Jade Stone

Considered to be a ‘dream stone’, Jade gets one rid of negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It brings stability to one’s personality and maintains the balance between mind and body by stimulating good ideas and reducing the complexity of tasks. It can be placed on the forehead to enhance dreams. It improves a person’s ability to remember dreams and helps release suppressed emotions through the dream process.

Jade is able to remove self-imposed limitations and helps cherish the personal desires and ideals. Jade brings self-assurance and confidence, self-sufficiency and self-reliance and assists the person to turn ambitions into physical reality. Jade stone is also effective in enhancing relationships.

Physical Healing Energy Of Jade

Jade is known to be a powerful cleansing stone. It is able to enhance the elimination and filtration system of the human body. This stone is great for treatment of supra-adrenal glands and kidneys. It can easily remove toxins and balance the ratio of fluids to acid-alkaline in the body. It is also helpful to the joints and bones and effective in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections, bedwetting and genito-urinary infections.

Jade stone has restorative property and allows the skeletal as well as cellular systems to function well and helps get rid of pain related to the physical healing of the body. Jade also assists in the healing of the stitches and is also employed in the removal of cramps. Imperial jade is specifically used for healing after any reconstructive surgery or plastic surgery. In addition to this, jade is effective in the treatment of reproductive disorders and is known to help childbirth.