The concept of magnetic therapy is centuries old—with legends detailing how Cleopatra donned magnetic necklaces and bracelets for the therapeutic effects. Although this technology was employed actively by American medical specialists during the 1800s and early 1900s, magnetic healing had lost its appeal.

How Magnetic Healing Therapy Works

Magnetic Healing

Within the last ten years, magnetic energies have ballooned into a $100 million/year industry in the U.S. alone (with magnetic therapy being used as an established therapeutic tool in France, China, Japan and India—and most known for its ability to repair soft-tissue damage).

Because of magnetic therapy’s acclaim in recent years, various magnetic products have been created that prove to be beneficial in treating a lot of conditions. One magnetic product that’s extremely sought-after by the public is the magnetic mattress that has the ability to alleviate:

  • Insomnia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Joint pain
  • And muscle spasms

Magnetic soles for the inside of shoes are usually great at ameliorating:

  • Painful inflammation due to bone spurs
  • Gout
  • And proper circulation

Magnetic toppers and pads are great products to secure on the knees, lower back and elbows—and are primarily suggested for:

  • Arthritic joints
  • Inflamed tendons
  • And carpal tunnel syndrome

The Science Behind the Healing Effects of Magnets

Science understands that our bodies are made up of plenty of cells that come together to form tissues, blood, organs and bones. Cells are constantly in the processes of restoring themselves. Dr. Robert Becker, a preeminent medical doctor who defends the use of magnetic therapy, contends that the stimulating force behind cellular growth and separation is electromagnetic energy. Dr. Becker and other scientists believe that the cells’ charge in the body gets spent as cells complete their daily processes. This lets the body know when to try to “recharge” the used cells through the process of transmitting pulses of electromagnetic energy from your brain through your nervous system.

James Souder, President of Norso Biomagnetics in North Carolina, asserts that research done on animals as well as microscopic blood vessel examinations have shown how capillary blood flow is energized by moving magnetic fields throughout tissues. This is what magnetic field therapy is based on.

Using Magnetic Energy to Your Advantage

Although the physics concerning magnetic energy is a hot debate, the perks are being felt by people all over the country. Doctor Ronald Lawrence from Agoura Hills, California supports the conclusion that magnets are extremely effective in alleviating arthritic pain—this he has observed in many of his clients. Dee Massengale, a physiologist in Atlanta who’s suffered from fibromyalgia ever since 1982, relates that out of every other therapy she’s tried, magnetic devices have provided her with the most effective means of managing pain.

Take the case of Anne Ziselman from Hollywood, Florida who slept with magnet pads wrapped over her kneecap and found substantial benefits. Her reports included a lessening of arthritic swelling as well as a softening of inflammation after using the device for four nights. “The swelling will sometimes go away on its own, but the only other times that my knee has subsided was when I received a cortisone shot,” Mrs. Ziselman said.

As electromagnetic systems, human bodies live in the balance of and under the effects of positive and negative magnetic energies.

Our bodies create less of these quintessential hormones as we age, but large amounts of melatonin are required to get proper sleep.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a governing factor in skin, hair and muscle mass development. Its deterioration is the culprit of the process of aging. It may not be an over exaggeration to claim that magnetic invigoration of the pineal gland would deter the effects of aging. Studies have displayed many people who show signs of their hair reverting back to its natural color.

Due to the increase of HGH, older patients usually showed an enhanced rate of nail and hair growth.

Simple Ways to Use Magnets at Bedtime

You can employ negative magnetic force to yourself as you sleep by placing four 4 x 6-inch ceramic magnets one inch apart from each other on your headboard—about 2-3 inches away from the top of your head. Ensure you make the negative poles face toward you, so your head stays inside the magnetic field.

An even more effective option would be to arrange a magnetic pad to be placed under your mattress with the negative ends facing toward you. This will allow your whole body to remains in a negative field for the night. The notion of magnetic therapy might seem strange and maybe even harmlessly simple, but the experiences of several thousand patients back its very practical effects. The FDA has gone on to formally state that magnetic therapy carries no health risks.