Palmistry or reading of the palms is a great way to find out what life has in store for you. The marriage line in hand is particularly interesting as it can tell you a lot about your marriage and relationships. Most people are generally curious to know whether they will have a love marriage or arranged marriage, what their love life will be like, and how their partner will turn out to be.

In this guide, we discuss all you should know about the marriage line in palmistry and try to understand the meanings of the numbers, styles, lengths, and shapes of the marriage line.

Palmistry Marriage Lines – Getting Started

Five Main Lines on Palm
Five Main Lines on Palm

There are five main lines on your palm – the heart line (or the love line), the life line, the head line, the money line, and the marriage line. The heart line is the topmost line on the palm running underneath your fingers. Upon closer observation, you can find a tiny line that starts under the baby finger. This line is the marriage line on the palm.

The marriage line is, at times, called the relationship line and is a significant line when it comes to predicting one’s future through palm reading. It not only forecasts when you may get married but also helps predict your attitude towards marriage or relationships at various stages of your life. The marriage line is useful in understanding how you perceive love and marriage and even helps find the reasons and remedies for any issues you are facing related to marriage.

How To Read The Marriage Line in Hand

Marriage lines in Palmistry
Marriage Lines in Hand

Palmistry suggests reading the marriage lines to learn about marriage and romantic relationships in a person’s life. Some people have multiple lines in this place while others have only one line. Here is how marriage lines are read for men and women.

Marriage Lines On Palm For Women

When it comes to reading the marriage line on the palm for women, most traditions suggest using the right hand as it is associated with motherhood. Some traditions, however, believe that the left-hand palm should be read for females and the right for males. Modern palm reading practice does not consider these differences and suggests reading the working palm for both men and women for predicting the future.

Marriage Lines On Palm For Men

Some traditions suggest reading the right hand for the marriage line for men while the Chinese tradition considers that the left-hand side is associated with fatherhood.

Mainstream palmistry ignores gender traditions and believes that the working hand should be read for the marriage line and other lines for both men and women. This means it is best to use the right hand for palm reading unless you are left-handed though most people have symmetrical palms. It is said that the dominant hand represents the future and present of a person and the lines on the palm change with time and deeds while the left hand shows the traits the person is born with and his past.

The Number & Styles of Marriage Lines

The future of your relationship and marriage can be interpreted on the basis of the style and number of the marriage line on the palm. While some palmists believe that the number of marriage lines doesn’t matter and only consider the longest of the lines for prediction, others consider the number of lines as significant. Let us try to understand the meaning of the marriage line based on its number and appearance.

One Bold Marriage Line in Hand

Bold Marriage Line on Palm
One Bold Marriage Line

A single marriage line that is bold and clearly visible suggests that you are likely to find an ideal partner and lead a joyful life ahead. A single dark marriage line is an indication of a stable marriage. You might find a loyal partner and do fun things with them after marriage. If it is long without any additional lines, you may have a lasting and sound marriage.

Two Marriage Lines On Palm

Two Marriage lines on Palm
Two Marriage lines on Palm

Two marriage lines on the palm are quite common; however, it does not mean you will have two marriages in life. As long as the two lines are bold and clear, you can expect a good married life in the future. If the two lines have different lengths and run parallel to each other, there is a chance of falling into a love triangle situation.

Two same-length marriage lines that run parallel to one another indicate a troublesome married life. These people can separate from their partners for a long time and reunite later in life. If the two lines are of different lengths and are not parallel, it suggests a separation or divorce.

Three Marriage Lines On Palm

Three Marriage Lines on Palm
Three Marriage Lines on Palm

Three marriage lines indicate mixed emotions and a poor conception of life. Those who have three lines are romantic, loyal, and passionate toward their partner. However, they find it difficult to concentrate their emotions on one person. If you are not wise, this trait can make your love life troublesome. This means people with three marriage lines should be careful in their interaction with the opposite sex.

No Marriage Line On Palm

If you don’t have a marriage line on your palm, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find love or have trouble getting married. Lack of marriage line indicates that you might not be so much occupied by the relationship. Instead of love, you might want to prioritize other things like your career or hobbies.

Just as priorities keep changing with time, the lines on the palm always change. If you are young, you may not see your marriage line and it can appear after a few years. If you don’t have a marriage line but are already married, it suggests that you don’t prioritize love or relationship.

Length & Curvature of The Marriage Line in Hand

The length of the marriage line tells a lot about the future of your marriage and relationships. Moreover, any curvature in the line adds to its interpretation. Let us try to understand what you can interpret by looking at the length and curvature of the marriage line.

Curved Marriage Line in Hand

Curved Marriage lines in Hand
Curved Marriage lines

A curve in the marriage line indicates a lot about the future of your relationship and marriage. If the line curves upward towards the fingers, it is considered to be a good sign. This type of marriage line is an indication of happy and stable marriage without any hurdles. You are likely to enjoy a joyful life with love and understanding with your partner. You will also be happy in terms of finances after marriage.

When you have a curved marriage line, make sure you pay attention to how curved it is. The steeper the curve, the happier your married life would turn out to be. Those who have this type of marriage line have a higher chance of finding a profitable business. A line that curves gently suggests a happy marriage but a marriage line curving sharply upwards is an indication of dissatisfaction. A sharp turn is a sign that you find a dishonest partner and experience a relationship that is emotionally unfulfilling in the long term.

On the other hand, a marriage line that curves downwards towards the wrist is a bad sign. Such a marriage line suggests that your spouse may have serious health issues and poor overall health. A line that is sharply curved downwards indicates the possibility of accidents. If you have this type of line, it is advisable that your partner should use public transport more often.

Forked Marriage Line in hand

Forked Marriage line in hand
Forked Marriage line

A fork shape on the marriage line has significance when it comes to one’s relationships and marriage in life. This type of line is not a good indication and suggests multiple things. If the line is forked at the start forming a ‘Y’ shape, it indicates divorce or separation. If it is not a big fork, the situation is not so bad and is an indication of breaking up for a short time. You might eventually reunite with your partner. It also suggests that you might experience solitude before finding your true love.

If the marriage line forks at the end, it is a sign that you may experience a crisis in your married life and can get separated. You might spend your life in confusion and even face troubles in other aspects of life such as health and career.

Broken Marriage Line in Hand

A broken marriage line in hand does not necessarily mean you will have a failed relationship or marriage. It suggests that you are more likely to encounter setbacks. You can expect to have difficult situations in your life with your partner and have frequent arguments and conflicts.

The more broken the line is, the more frustration your marriage may contain. Though people with a broken marriage line have a higher chance of divorce, it can be taken as an indication that your marriage needs additional energy and effort to work.

Other Marriage Lines in hand & Their Meanings

Apart from these common marriage lines, there are some important types of this line that suggest different consequences. Let us discuss a few of these.

Short Marriage Line

A short marriage line suggests that you are not strongly passionate about the opposite sex and are less likely to fall in love. You have set high expectations about your future partner and are quite choosy when it comes to finding your life partner. You want your partner to have an attractive personality and the ability to support themselves.

If you have a short marriage line in hand, there are chances that you remain single forever and dedicate your life to other things. As you avoid focusing your energy on romantic relationships, you will find a lot of time for other pursuits. This type of marriage line also signals that you may get married later in life when you find the right partner matching your standards.

A short marriage line is also an indication of a lack of passion for the opposite sex. If you have a shallow line, you might not have the patience to fall in love. Most of the time, you are likely to have multiple short-lived relationships rather than a long-term commitment.

Lucky Marriage Line

While there are several styles and lengths of the marriage line different people can have, the luckiest is a straight line which indicates deep and long-lasting love. Those who have a single straight marriage line with no curves or forks are generally gentle and passionate about relationships and have a happy and stable married or love life.

A long and deep marriage line is considered to be a lucky line indicating great fortune. If you have a deep line that is near the Sun line or touching it, you will not only enjoy a happy marriage life but also achieve success in your career after marriage.

Marriage Line Touching Heart Line

Marriage Line Touching Heart Line
Marriage Line Touching Heart Line

If your marriage line bends towards the heart line or touches it, it suggests the poor health of your partner. This type of marriage line also indicates ego problems and conflicts in your relationship.

There is a possibility of separation or divorce. Such issues can be dealt with by working hard on the relationship. When there are fine lines extending from the marriage line towards the heart line, it is an indication that the partner may pass away before you.


We hope this guide helps you understand the significance of the marriage line in hand and the meanings of its length, number, and style. Reading the marriage line on the palm should give you an idea of what you can expect from your marriage and love life in the future. You also get to know the possible issues in your marriage life by studying  the letter X on palm as it has significance in deciding the destiny of a person and you can work towards avoiding them.