2016 has been an eventful and… strange… year, to say the least. With a US Presidential Race that more and more seems to resemble a TV Reality Show, the increasing strain of Right-Wing Xenophobia, and Beyonce’s “Lemonade”, 2016 already seems to be one of the most eventful years in recent memory. What more could possibly happen, am I right? Well, if you look at the Nostradamus Predictions for 2016, a great French Prophet of yore, then you’d see that not only was a lot of this almost destined, but a lot more is yet to come!

Now I know what you’re all thinking, can Old French Coot from the 16th century? What could he possibly know about a great big Orangutan who seems poised to destroy not just the US but the World at Large? Well I would correct you and say that this is not just any “Old French Coot”, this is one who seems to have predicted not only the Moon Landing and Rise of Hitler, but also the JFK/RFK assassinations! Of course, all his ‘predictions’ were etched on cryptic 4 line poems called ‘quatrains’ (of course) so it could be a case of misplaced projections, however, we’d do well to heed his words nonetheless, for entertainment if nothing else.


Here is a list of selected Nostradamus Predictions 2016. Few of them seems very likely and in case of others similar events already seems to have happened.


1. Melting Poles

Now unless you’re one of those loony’s who believes that the whole Global Warming thing is some giant ‘Government Conspiracy’, it’s likely that you’d take heed of this message.

Scientists have been saying for quite a long time that the north Pole has been growing warmer and is in danger of melting away. However, that has never been mentioned in reference to the South Pole which is still frigid cold.

2. A Game of White House chessboard

He implied that the White House has been acting as a Game master and using the map of the world, especially the middle east, as their personal chessboard, intervening and invading at will, and plan to eventually destroy the world.

Well, with the war on ISIS and the growing stream of Xenophobia across the country, and growth of right-wing reactionary politics, it is hard to dismiss this claim out of hand. After all, hasn’t Trump mentioned quite blatantly and nonchalantly that he doesn’t rule out the use of Nuclear Weapons? Even against Europe!

3. Raining Planes and Exploding Middle-East

He said that the Middle East would face several explosions and that planes would fall from the sky. Of course, he didn’t write it in quite such explicit terms, seeing as how back in the 16th century no one could have known what a ‘Plane’ was. However, based on his implications, it is hard not to see certain similarities.

As for the Middle East, it’s a no brainer, it’s always in conflict and there have been various explosions there. There have been major explosions in other countries as well, which were far better documented, but Middle East really takes the cake on that one. As for the Planes, we already know of the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, and just two days before that a North Korean Missile nearly torpedoed another plane!

4. Greatest Earthquake Ever

According to him the Greatest Earthquake known to mankind shall strike at the United States, especially the western portion, and it’s reverberations will be felt throughout the rest of the world.

5. License to Parent?

According to this strange prediction, Parents who’d like to have children shall need permits and licenses, and won’t be able to do as they please. On the surface, this does seem unlikely. However, the truth is, a lot of people have been concerned about this coming to pass. For example, the CW show, “The 100” imagines a dystopian future which prohibits having more than one child with the penalty of death being levied. China already uses the One-Child policy to curb population growth and save resources.

Furthermore, this can also be seen as the increasingly difficult procedures by which people raise alternative families, via surrogacy, or adoption, or single parenthood, etc. We already know that in India, all such alternative means of raising a child, such as gay adoption, single parenthood, etc, have been banned. If the right-wing won over in the US it’s not a far off possibility to say that they might follow along a similar path. This prediction is perturbing, especially because of everything that’s happened in 2016 that seems to validate such a possibility.

Well, these are just some of the interesting or worrying Nostradamus Predictions 2016 regarding events that have already, or are yet to happen in 2016. What is your verdict? True, or not true? Let us know your opinion through the feedback section below.