What is a Psychic Empath?

A Psychic Empath is a person having a strong ability to sense the emotions and feelings of other people. Empathy refers to the special power that allows understanding and connecting with other individuals without any verbal clues. The Psychic Empathy should not be confused with natural empathy which most people experience. Psychic Empaths are born with this special ability. However, it takes a lot of practice to develop this power.

A Psychic Empath perceives the world around in a strong emotional way. It is like possessing an additional sense which allows feeling the emotional part of everybody around you – the people, animals and even trees and plants. An empath can sense or feel what is going on with somebody without his knowledge. His prana is able to absorb energy, emotions, vibes, and illnesses coming from others even when those people themselves don’t know what is going on with them.

Tests For Psychic Empaths

Most empaths usually train themselves to identify changes in vibes coming from other people. They are generally effective listeners and attracted towards professions which allow them to utilize their abilities. Such professions can include social work, ministry or energy work. People are drawn towards a Psychic Empath because it is natural for them to feel relaxed and relieved by speaking out to them. Empaths are found to be quite polite and they are least interested in hurting people’s feelings.

Traits Of Psychic Empath

Here are some tests and traits to check if you are a Psychic Empath.

Empathic Powers And Abilities

  • You always know what others mean. In other words, you can always say what the other person meant to tell you. In fact, a psychic empath knows if he has been lied to. He even knows the reason. He can tell whether any ill-intention was involved or the person wanted to hide feelings. Though he will not specifically know what you are hiding, he knows whether you meant the things you said or not. It is impossible to lie in front of a psychic empath and remain uncaught.
  • You experience physical ailments of others. This is common for the people you are emotionally connected with and can happen with almost anybody. If you suddenly start feeling fatigue without any reason and later find out that your sickness coincided with the illness of a family member or relative staying somewhere else, this means you are a Psychic Empath. Ailments can take other forms, depending on the other person’s conditions.
  • When in the middle of public, you feel affected by unidentifiable emotions without reason. For instance, you feel great one morning and visit a mall where you suddenly start feeling strange after walking past a crowd of people. The feeling can be anything, anger, happiness, excitement or sadness.  The feeling can be so extensive that you would feel like going home. For a psychic empath who hasn’t yet learned blocking emotions coming from other people, staying amidst crowd is a troublesome experience. An empath can suddenly experience strange feelings to a great extent without any valid reason. These emotions come from people around him and they can’t be ignored or avoided. They are overwhelming and usually difficult to handle.
  • You feel forced to take care of somebody in pain. For a real Empath, it is impossible to ignore somebody in pain or suffering. Feelings coming from those in pain force an empath to go to them and help them. What more, those in pain welcome an Empath without any problem. A true Empath’s care and compassion are always accepted instantly.
  • You can heal. Most Psychic Empaths possess the ability to heal. They can instinctively heal others’ physical pain or ailment by taking it to their own bodies. However, this is not recommended for those empaths who haven’t yet learned how to involve in the process without being sick themselves.
  • People open up to you a lot. Though some empaths like to support others, there are many who like to stay alone as they are unable to cope with everything coming from others. This does not stop the suffering people from getting near to the Empaths. Any Psychic Empath emits compassion and understanding even if he does not want to. The weak, sick and suffering people are drawn towards the Empath instinctively.
  • Anything horrible, whether in real-life or on television makes you overwhelmed. An empath can be disturbed for hours even by viewing horrible news or commercials intended to create sympathy. Normal people feel sympathy for homeless animals but empaths feel overwhelmed and depressed about such things. The feeling is quite deeper than sympathy or normal empathy. The feeling is at a higher level and can make the person cry.


In today’s time, everybody would want to be a Psychic Empath. However, there is no fun and excitement about being an empath. It is a miserable condition which forces you to be alone so as to survive. It is painful and not at all glamorous. If you are an empath, you know it and the above-described traits apply confidently to you. There are ways to cope with Psychic Empathy and turning the curse into a gift especially by being able to heal the physical and emotional pain of others.