Spiritual cleansing is like regular bathing, only, for your Aura instead of your physical body. You know how when you look at yourself in the morning after a shower and you look radiant, fresh and clean, but then when you return from work/ school and look at yourself again in the mirror, you see all these flaws like skin eruptions, dirt smeared on your face, sweat, etc?  Your skin, in this case, acts as a shield to keep all the dirt and filth out of your system.

Similarly, your Aura is your outer membrane for your Soul. It protects it by collecting all negative energies upon itself. As you go through the days, often without change, you might notice that you grow more disenchanted with life, and weaker. This is a sign that your Aura is beginning to wear off, and the negative energies are percolating through. You must ensure that you regularly cleanse yourself in order to keep your Aura intact, and thus protect your soul.

Think about it, when you enter a room in which there has been an argument or a fight, don’t you immediately feel it’s effect upon yourself? It brings you down. You are unable to smile. That is the negative residual energy, and it gets at Aura, weakening it. This can happen in a myriad of ways, someone might curse you mentally and send bad vibrations your way, or your boss might shout at you. In turn, you might also get frustrated and wish ill upon someone else, and as such you would start generating Negative energy within yourself.

This can have hazardous effects. You may become dangerous — or at least unpleasant — to other people, always snapping at them for little things and getting annoyed. This will cause social isolation and further bring harm to your Aura, making you even worse in temperament. You might also feel tired, weak and lack motivation. These are all signs of a weak aura in need of a thorough cleansing.

Spiritual Cleansing – Ways Or Methods

You can go about a Cleansing in many ways as explained below

#1. Spiritual Cleansing Through Firecandle Spiritual Cleansing

The fire has been seen as an ultimate cleanser in a lot of different cultures. You can cast all your Negative energies into the fire to ensure that they don’t pass onto someone else. To do this you may light a candle in your room. Stand before it, feel the heat, before starting to cast all your negative energies into the flame.

Just like scraping dirt off your skin, imagine your scraping all your negative energies off your aura, get them off your legs, your abdomen and most of all off your face, and then swipe them at the fire. Mark an ‘X’ over the flame to ensure that the link between you and the energy is broken. Allow the candle to continue burning for at least ten more minutes to ensure that all those negative energies are properly disposed of.

#2.  Spiritual Cleansing Through Saltsalt-water-for cleansing

This is another powerful cleansing technique. Salt along with water can be powerful. First, you can follow the same technique as in the Candle, except this time you’re casting off the negative energies into the salt water. After you’re done flush it into the toilet because it is akin to spiritual poison now.

Alternatively, you could bathe in Saltwater. You could either pour a fistful of salt into a bathtub and submerge yourself in it, allowing the salt water to cleanse your aura, or you could use the salt mixed with water as a body gel to gently cleanse yourself while in a shower.

#3.  Spiritual Cleansing Through Water (Bath)water-Spiritual Cleansing

Water is also a great purifier when coupled with good intentions and the right thought process. Every time you bathe, you can keep it in mind to cleanse your energy.Make sure to look at your daily shower as a sacred spiritual cleanse. Let all your destructive thoughts and feelings be washed away by the water, envisage them leaving you for good as the water rushes down the drain.

Systematic baths increase blood circulation, while reducing stress and mental weakness. Relaxing during your bath is a way that you can connect to yourself and create love, peace and harmony in your daily life routines.

Every time you wash your hands in the morning, you can do so with the intention to cleanse yourself. That intent will back you up.

#4.  Spiritual Cleansing With Sage And Incense

Spiritual Cleansing

For this, you need to use a natural incense or a white sage. Smudging your sacred space, be it your home, office, or your own body with sage is like bathing in an energetic shower. Simply burn it and wave the smoke around yourself to purify your Aura.

 This sage has a special beautiful scent when burned. The smoke coming out from the dried sage essentially changes the ionic structure of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing your stress level.

These are four really simple means of Spiritual Cleansing, just remember to be regular with them, don’t walk around with a dirty aura!