Spiritual Grounding means one must be amply tethered to Mother Earth. Spiritual Grounding Techniques methods that help you do such things is when you experience volatile situations and emotions, when you are opening yourself up to experiences or spirituality. You need something to keep you steady so that you don’t burn yourself out.

When you are ungrounded you tend to get anxious, volatile and emotional. Issues seem bigger than they are, you fail to put things into perspective and may always feel your energy and spirits drained. In such cases, you need to learn how to ground yourself through spiritual grounding techniques so as to be able to communicate your message with the world at large so that you can get a better idea about who you are and where your true thoughts lie.

When you are centered and grounded, you will feel like your path is illumined before you. This can be done by establishing a tether through visual exercises and sending energy into the earth, which you can call spiritual grounding techniques.

7 Best Spiritual Grounding Techniques

These are some spiritual grounding techniques to connect with your inner self.

#1.  Simple Exercise – Flow of Energy

Spiritual Grounding Techniques

This exercise is simply performed through visualizing yourself in the form of a tree. You must picture roots extending out from under you, going through the ground and anchoring you to the earth. This helps fix the out-of-balance nature of your first chakra.

Your body has two openings, through the root chakra and the crown. The root is responsible for grounding you to the earth. However, to do so you must facilitate a steady flow of energy, which can be done through this exercise.

#2.  Meditate – Increase Awareness


This is done to help you achieve a greater degree of awareness. Awareness helps notify you when an aspect of your body is going out of balance, it helps charge you, and thus help you keep yourself grounded. This awareness needs to be accompanied by a strong tether to not just your physical world but also to the present, rather than an unhealthy fixation with the past or the present.

This helps you be better aware of your physical world while enhancing your spiritual energy. It is enough to do this for half an hour every day, and you should ideally sit down on the floor rather than on the bed so you are better connected with the earth.

#3.  Soil or Clay – Gardening

Soil or Clay

Soil or clay are great products of the earth and as such simply touching and feeling them greatly helps. Which is why Gardening is great means to ground yourself.

Even attending pottery classes or simply playing around with some children’s clay, letting it slide between your fingers, can really help.

#4.  Physical Exercise


Physical exercise is a great way to enhance the flow of energy in your body and tether yourself to the present. This is because it takes you out of your mind and into your physical body, thus purging your mental toxic energy, and clearing your aura.

#5.  Being In Nature


You need to be around natural forces, natural energy. By physical exercises, we don’t mean for you to undergo a rigorous gym session, it may include activities like simply taking a stroll through the woods, or walking down or even sitting on a sea shore.

These are all natural spaces and that energy has a revitalizing force that can help connect you to nature and ground you to earth. For this it is even better if you take off any footwear or anything that might come between you and your experience of mother earth.

#6.  Grounding Foods

Grounding FoodsThese are food items that come directly from the ground, and they’re great for your energy. They can be potatoes, carrots, ginger, grapes, olives, green beans, yams, or any other food item you might have growing in your kitchen garden.

If you like additional flavoring, use the warm natural ones like ginger, cumin, cinnamon, etc.

#7.  Crystals Touch


Different crystals have different natural properties and uses. For example, the volcanic rock Obsidian is black and opaque, and has the ability to block out all negative energies. This is great for those who deal with a hypersensitive nature. Some other such crystals are Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline.

If you are surrounded by crystals in a shop, you might want to simply wander amongst them, touching them lightly, letting your fingers brush over their surface. Trust your instincts, you might get naturally drawn towards the crystal which best suits your personality or needs. You need to simply hold the crystal in your hand and imagine all your unwanted forces and energy draining into its shards.

With these techniques, you’ll be left feeling a lot more calm and satiated, less anxious. It will help you focus better and feel grounded to the world around you, less at odds with your surroundings.