There are some empathic people who possess the ability to smell different things without their physical presence around. If somebody can smell roses when there is no rose bush anywhere or smell their mother’s perfume though she has passed long ago, this is not uncommon. There are some who constantly smell cigarette smoke even when nobody is smoking nearby, so what is the spiritual meaning of smelling smoke or anything else without its physical presence?

It is an intuitive ability to smell memorable scents. It is known as ‘Clairalience’ or clear-smelling. It is a psychic smelling sense and the person with such an extraordinary perception is able to smell energy through his or her sense of smelling while others may not smell the fragrance.

Many people are gifted with the ability to smell smoke at a place where nobody is smoking. Some can even smell death or sickness.

Why People Smell Familiar Scents

The fragrance is believed to be one of the primary triggers for connection and memory and it can work as a powerful tool for your deceased loved ones to get in touch with you. Smell is the easiest thing to remember somebody. When you smell a familiar scent, the memory connecting you to the specific person, event or experience gets triggered in your mind.

If a dead person had some specific fragrance associated with them and one can remember them with the smell, it is possible that they try to catch your attention by re-creating that fragrance.

The smell of a favorite flower, cigarette smoke, baking or cooking, personal perfume and laundry scents are some of the common fragrances that your deceased loved ones can use to get noticed by you.

Smelling Cigeratte Smoke When No One Is Smoking

If you ever smell such fragrances without their physical source, it is probably associated with a deceased person you are familiar with and the purpose for creating the smell could be to connect with you by triggering the memory of the person in your mind.

Interpreting The Psychic Smells

Those who are gifted with the sense of Clairalience can smell things which are subtle for others. Generally, these specific scents contain divine information or messages. Whenever you experience your loved one’s signature smell, it is a sign that the person’s spirit is with you and wants to let you know that they are near to you. It is also possible to smell the fragrances associated with people you did not have a good past with. In this case, the spirit might want to get things right by trying to connect with you through the memories.

Some people don’t relate smells to specific people but to events or situations. People can sense the smell of emotions of other people. For instance, one might experience a particular smell when somebody is angry and a different one when he is happy and yet another one when he is calm. This is when the person with the psychic ability has to interpret particular messages coming from the sense of smell.

If you feel that you too have this extra-sensory ability, you can make it strong by using it and paying attention. Start noticing what you smell and when it smells and try understanding what your ability has to say about it. If you spend the time to acknowledge the spirit, you can definitely receive the messages through your ability. You can find out who relates to the specific smell and then try talking to them or recall memories with them.

Divine spirits or angels can communicate with people through clairalience. It is a powerful gift for anybody as the angel connected to the person uses the specific smell whenever near. You can get intuitive insights from angels through your special ability.

Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Smoke

Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Smoke

Many people with this special psychic ability are known to be able to smell smoke in a room or in the open where there is no physical source of smoke present. This can be a sign that the spiritual world is trying to communicate with us. However, the spiritual meaning of smelling smoke is not always a positive one.

  • Sign of Clair-olfaction – many people with the extra-sensory ability can sense the spiritual world. Such people, as discussed above, have an intuitive sense that works through their smelling powers. Those who smell smoke too often are supposed to possess this psychic power and can smell other things like flowers, incense or other fragrances without physical sources.
  • Message from Diseased Loved Ones – Smell of cigar smoke usually relates to a sign from a specific friend or relative. Any of your family member, friend or relative who used to smoke a cigar can try to communicate with you through the smell of smoke. This is because your mind can trigger memories associated with the person through this smell.

    If you smell smoke and a person or memories of any person comes to your mind, that specific person must be the one trying to reach you through this ability you possess.

  • The Smoke of Hell – The meaning of smelling smoke need not always be positive. If you smell smoke and it does not trigger any good emotion or memory, it can be a bad sign. There are people who can smell the Smoke of Hell. This smell can be sensed at those places where the wall between the hell and the physical world is thin.

    At such places, people with special ability can smell smoke or something burning. It is also possible that you hear some voices or see some shadows moving.

Thus, the spiritual meaning of smelling smoke can be either a joyful greeting or message from a deceased loved one or it could be a warning sign of being in a dangerous place, near to hell.

People with the psychic ability to smell various earthly and non-earthly smells can predict things and situations around them. If you suspect you have been gifted with clairalience, you should spend some time to strengthen and focus on it. Make your psychic gift stronger by paying attention to the smells around. This way, you can exercise better control over people and situations around you.