The Sun is the most important planet in the Vedic astrology. It is considered to be the King of planets and rules the soul and the fatherhood. A horoscope is as strong as is the Sun. The Sun in one’s birth chart represents the personality, identity, and outward appearance. The twelfth house is one of the most spiritual houses in the astrological chart. It is the house corresponding to our subconscious mind; it holds everything hidden in an individual. It represents the things related to secrets, spirituality, confinement, karma, institutions, charity, cosmic consciousness, suffering, escapism, meditation and social service. 12th house indicates one’s imagination, dreams, spiritual guidance, prayer and other spiritual aspects. Having Sun in 12th house presents a lot of special traits to the individual.

The Sun In 12th House

Sun In 12th House

If the Sun is placed in the 12th House of one’s birth chart, a mystical quality gets associated with the appearance of such people. Such individuals live in their own world. The natives born with the Sun in their 12th house grows up to become reserved personas who like to live within their space as they feel secure that way. The person has a strong connection with deeper realms of consciousness that gets stronger as he spends some time alone. Such people are quite shy and don’t prefer getting attention. The Sun in their 12th house makes them secret benefactors. They often help others without trying to be praised for their deeds. They usually don’t like being a part of crowds. They are rarely the social animals.

The natives having the Sun in their 12th house always take a leading approach and personality wherever they go. They like undertaking a deep understanding of worthy aspects of everything. They believe in reaching intellectual heights rather than being the center of attraction. They often possess a calm appearance that avoids their real self to come out in public. Such people do hard work and endeavor at anything throughout their life and they provide different services to people around for which they get recognition and admiration.

The Positive Effects


The biggest positive effect of having the Sun in 12th house is being pushed to find and fulfill the true purpose of life. Individuals with this combination in their natal charts often tend to move towards moksha or self-realization. Finding oneness with humanity and God is their ultimate goal in life.

Though it is a challenging task to attain oneness with humanity, the Sun in the 12ht House help these people handle and pursue it and they are well equipped to succeed. These people question their lives and existence and are interested in finding the purpose of life. They are more involved in spiritual activities. They often believe that they were created to be one with God.

Foreign Connection

Natives with Sun in 12th house like visiting foreign countries. They may have distinctive purposes like recovering their past lives or professional activities in foreign lands. The Sun in the twelfth house indicates foreign settlement or residence. The natives having this combination in their birth chart often feel being a foreigner.

As an adult, such a person is quite productive in environments where no information about colleagues is available, like international relations, foreign services, and other fields. These people seek recognition from foreign lands. They possess a special intuition and ability to shine in matters of foreign operations and international business dealings.

Eternity as Father Figure

The continuous search for fatherly energy leads the individual to seek the true father figure which is the Almighty. Though this placement brings a lot of suffering, significant advancement and growth are also accompanied.

Such individuals ultimately reach a point where they seek a love greater than the physical. They often tend to find oneness with God. When they make the bond with Eternity and find God’s unconditional love, they feel completely accepted.

Imaginative Power

Natives who have the Sun in 12th house are excellent at imagination. They are expert at writing novels and books about secret agents and fantasies. Sun in the twelfth house drives creativity through works of imagination.

Such individuals are likely to be successful at uncommon occupation such as the composition of fancy love songs or suspense writing. The native is often visited by spirit guides and other helpers in dreams. They have outstanding dreaming power.

The Negative Effects

Father Figure

There is an absence of father figure in the life of natives having the Sun in 12th house. Such individuals always feel a detachment from their father figures. This may result from loss of father figure at an early age. It might not have been possible to connect with father figure due to the absence or sudden death. There is also a possibility that the father is present in the person’s life but there is a lack of bond or relationship.

It is also possible that the native’s father had a drug addiction or had an aggressive nature resulting in an inability of bonding with the child. The father might have traveled a lot or might be hospitalized for some chronic diseases or abandoned the family for unknown reasons. Such individuals grow up feeling detached. Whatever be the reason, there is a feeling of not having a father. This results in loneliness and the constant search for the fatherly energy in these individuals. If one’s Sun is strong, the father would be popular but leads a private life which may not be known to the child.

Loss of Identity

Sun in the twelfth house results in dissolution of one’s identity. The placement is advantageous spiritually but the native faces struggle with lack of recognition and loss of identity. The person having the Sun in 12th house leads two lives – the idealized imagery life and the socially limited reality.

Hidden Secrets

Placement of the Sun in 12th house results in self-confidence in the realm of hidden assets, secrets, and confidential information. Though the native is blessed with the Sun’s brilliance, it is enclosed within the hidden aspects and not visible to the public.

Such individuals are guided by invisible helpers. These people possess creativity, intelligence, genius and charismatic personality in real life parallel to their fantasy life.

Significant Losses

This placement of Sun is not good for one’s eyes, especially the right one. It can result in financial losses. The native can expect much expenditure through government bodies like spending on taxes and fines. The Sun’s placement can bring quite a much disgrace to the native.

Though there are both positive and negative effects of having Sun in 12th house and it may seem unfair at the first sight, such a placement can often be a blessing for those who have it. After all, these individuals lead a different life than others and are blessed with unique characteristics and talents.