As more information about the side effects of using chemicals, drugs, and other Allopathic medicines comes up, Ayurvedic treatment starts to seem like a better cure for a lot of regular problems. Triphala Churna benefits in remediation of variety of issues and diseases such as heartburn, digestive problems, etc. In fact, it is even beneficial for preventing Cancer.

Triphala is basically a composite of three separate fruits — Indian Gooseberry (amla), Bhenda, and Harad. These are ground to a powder when completely dry and packaged as Triphala in the correct proportions. They can really be used in an endless number of ways, but here’re 10 Triphala Churna benefits out of them.

10 Triphala Churna Benefits

Listed below are the main Triphala Churna benefits.

Triphala Churna Benefits#1. Digestion: Triphala acts as a Laxative and as such can be really helpful in getting your bowel movements straightened out. You just need to consume a spoon before going to bed, or as you wake, on an empty stomach. However, it must be taken with a lot of water. As a result, It even takes away any bloated feeling or acidity. It is also rich in nutritional value, and as such it enriches your entire digestive tract, and strengthens your rectal muscles, ensuring easier bowel movements.

#2. Better Eyesight: This can be used for cleansing and thus keeping your eyes safe from infections. You’ve simply got to soak about 3 spoons of Triphala Powder in water, leave it overnight, and clean your eyes the next morning with this mixture.

#3. Immunity: Your Body’s immune system can be significantly made better using Triphala. It helps improve your blood circulation, and as a cleansing agent helps clean the gastric and digestive tracts.

#4. Toxins and Fat elimination: As a cleansing agent Triphala is also able to flush out all the harmful toxins in your blood stream, along with all the excess fat in your body. As a result leading to slimming and reducing several fatal conditions that may accrue as a result of them. It is also helpful because of the secretion of the Hormone known as Cholecystokinin, which helps make you feel full quicker and thus encouraging you not to over indulge.

#5. Anti-Inflammation: Because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics it can help soothe and easy, bone and joint pains, and provides nutrients to help your bones properly grow. It even flushes out all the uric acid which is the general cause of inflammation.

#6. Heals Wounds: Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics it can help speed up the process by which blot-clot is formed and wounds are healed.

#7. Anti-Allergic: For those of you who can’t keep score of all your allergies and their cures, this is highly recommended as it doesn’t cause any side effects and can take care of all your allergic reactions.

#8. Diabetes Treatment: While this might not make your Diabetes go away, it can take away any necessity for getting Insulin shots. It has hypoglycemic effects, which help your cells take in insulin easier.

#9. Healthy for Babies: Kids are more likely to contract a variety of bacterial infections and diseases because their bodies haven’t yet developed an immunity to them. So while it is important that their bodies become stronger through recovery, it is not necessary for them to unduly suffer. A small quantity of Triphala with honey, milk or water can help eliminate any bacterial and viral infections, and it also helps build immunity!

#10. Bad Breath: While this might not be an absolute must health-wise, I’m sure a lot of you would put a high stock on this one. Bad Breath can be embarrassing. However, if you mix Triphala with honey and ingest it, or gargle with Triphala and warm water, your breath would feel fresh throughout the day.

While these are certainly some of the most important Triphala Churna benefits, there are various others, like rejuvenating your skin, and removing Dark circles, etc, and it’s highly recommended that you use it, because this is beneficial to everyone in one way or the other.