Have you ever experienced this with someone — you’ve only just met them yet it feels like you’ve known each other since an eternity? You may not know each other’s stories, but you feel like you know each other in a way which somehow feels a lot more meaningful, even if you can’t explain it. Whenever you meet or touch even slightly it feels like the cosmic world is taking around you or that you’ve discharged a tremendous amount of energy into the universe just by being there together? If you have, then it’s likely that they’re your Twin Flame, more popularly known as ‘soulmate’. We are talking here about the Twin Flame Stages that can help you recognize your soulmate.

However, Twin Flames do not ‘complete’ each other, as popular conception leads us to believe. We are already complete in and of ourselves, Twin Flames are souls that compliment each other, fitting snugly into each other. Usually, when Twin Flames unite, there is such a tremendous release of energy that it can often feel too overwhelming to the individual. Alternatively, it may so happen that you’ve to meet your Twin Flame but lacked the means to recognize it. However, all Twin Flame relationships follow a similar pattern or we can call it Twin Flame Stages or Twin Flame Recognition stages. While these might not be a 100% accurate all the time, they can offer you a general map of where you are in your Twin Flame journey.

Twin Flame Stages – Recognition

Let us have a detailed look at the different twin flame stages that most of the relationships go through. Read on to check out if you are on the right path.

Stage One: Identification

identification-Twin Flame Stages

This generally happens as a result of a series of strange coincidences followed by Eureka! moment wherein you realize that you’ve met your Twin Flame. It cannot happen without a physical meeting, however, once you’ve met each other it feels like every moment and every decision you ever took led you to that very moment.

Stage Two: Test

Test-Twin Flame Stages

The Twin Flames, are above all individuals who highly connect with each other on a spiritual plane. As such, once the honeymoon phase is over, personal desires and goals again start coming back into the picture and as a result, the couple needs to evaluate their relationship, their love, and what they want from it. Conflict is inevitable at this point.

Stage Three: Crisis

Crisis-Twin Flame Stages

This is an increasingly uncomfortable stage. A major crisis of any nature can shake their lives, which leads to them spending less time thinking about their relationship and love. As a result, both twins are made to confront their relationships and may fight and even break up. This is an extremely painful phase. However, the pain is good, because only a true soul connection can hurt this bad.

Stage Four: Running and Chasing

Running And Chasing -Twin Flame Stages

In this stage, one twin takes on the role of the runner and the other becomes the chaser. The former often happens because they fear to lose their individual self within their couple identity. This can seem like a phobia of commitment. As a result, they pull away. At this point, the other twin, hopefully, takes on the role of a chaser and fights for what has been brought together through greater forces than just the two individuals.

Stage Five: Release Control

Release Control-Twin Flame Stages

This is an important stage as this can cause reconciliation. The runner is given space to work through their inner turmoil and both twins are supposed to let go of their personal egos and give in to the larger universal forces of attraction which pull them together.

Stage Six: Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation-Twin Flame Stages

This is the stage in which an even more powerful form of Love comes to the fore. This is even more powerful than their initial meeting, and is a rejuvenating force, making both twins realize that they are destined to be together.

Stage Seven: Reunion

Twin Flame Stages

This is the final stage which would lead to love, peace, and happiness. Both Twins have embarked on their individual journeys, awakened to possibilities, and come back to each other. And having survived all the tests and obstacles set in their path their love shines brighter and more stable than ever.

These are the common Twin Flame Stages that most of the twin flames have to undergo. But as mentioned earlier this is not cent percentage accurate and might not happen in the case of all twin flame relationship.