Yakshini Sadhana – worshipping the beautiful female guardians of the earth’s wealth is an effective method to achieve whatever is desired. Yakshinis have special powers and it is believed that these fairy goddesses keep the seeker wealthy, rich and prosperous.

Thus, Yakshini Sadhana is as important to a seeker as a woman in the life of a householder. Yakshini Sadhana, just like Sadhana of any God, gives positive energy to the practitioner. In this Sadhana, Yakshini appears before the seeker in the form of a gentle, beautiful woman. The Yaksha-Yakshis reside in the lower place below the Vishnu Lok and therefore the fruits of worshipping these deities come comparatively early because it is closer to the Earth.

Yakshini Sadhana

Yaksha Sadhana

Yakshas are a class of supernatural beings that are responsible for taking care of Earth’s wealth. Yaksha Sadhana is accomplished in 21 days. In this Sadhana, the seeker worships Bhim Yakshi who imparts him the power. This power is a thousand times mightier than the power of the seeker. There are other Yakshas also but their Sadhana is not recommended. This Sadhana can be started on Tuesday in West direction. The seeker should wear red clothes and sit on a red seat. He should apply a tilak and use a Rudraksha mala. The mantra is –

Hron Bhima Vkri Swaha

Yaksha Namaskar is compulsory before and after the meditation. Keep the rosary in the gomti and lay the red cloth on the seat. Use ingredients like coconut water, red sweets, fruits, incense sticks, perfume and Chameli oil for Pooja. A havan is mandatory on the 22nd day.

Yakshini Sadhana Experience

Yakshini Sadhana is somewhat difficult than other practices. In this practice, the seeker can suffer in physical and mental ways. Attempts may be made to mislead the practitioner through lust and indulgence during meditation. He might also face scary sensations.

In Yakshini Sadhana, a Yakshini appears in front of the seeker in the form of a gentle, beautiful woman. She appears in the form in which the practitioner has worshipped the Yakshini. One can perform Yakshini Sadhana as a woman in the form of a girlfriend, sister, daughter or mother. There are no strict rules for the Sadhana. But to achieve success, one should be auspicious and devoted.

To ensure success in the sadhana, adopt a sattvic diet and stay pure and calm. In the morning before starting the practice, the seeker should sit on the deerskin without touching anybody after the bath. Then, start chanting the mantra in an isolated place until the Yakshini appears before you. When she appears, the atmosphere becomes soft and cozy. The fragrance of perfume and henna spread all over from her body. At this time, the seeker is likely to get distracted. His desires start awakening and he loses concentration at the last phase of the Sadhana. It is really important to stay patient.

Yakshini Siddhi Mantra

Yakshini Siddhi Mantra

There are 64 Yakshas and Yakshinis altogether. Some of the most important Yakshini Mantras are as follows:

Sur Sondari Yakshini:

This Yakshini is beautiful and through this Yakshini mantra practice, the seeker attains wealth and prosperity. The seeker sees the form of the Yakshini in his dream as per his form of worship like a mother, daughter or girlfriend. Sadhana of this Yakshini should be done by the mantra –

Anh Hari Agach Sur Sur Sundari Swaha ||

Manoharini Yakshini:

In this Sadhana, the seeker gets the power of hypnosis. Once he achieves success in this sadhana, he gets the power to subdue anybody. He becomes rich and prosperous. Manoharini Yakshini Sadhana mantra –

Hari Apchak Manohari Swaha   ||

Kankavati Yakshini:

Success in Kankavati Yakshini Sadhana makes the seeker intelligent so that he/she can subdue opponents. With the successful accomplishment of this sadhana, all the desires and wishes of the seeker are fulfilled. Kankavati Yakshini Mantra –

Hari Honey Raksh Karmini, Incredible Kanakwati Swaha ||

Kameshwari Yakshini:

The seeker attains power through this practice. The Yakshini fulfills the seeker’s desires in an active wife form. Kameshwari mantra –

Kire Kameshwari Vaishya Priya Krien || 

Rati Priya Yakshini:

In this Sadhana, the seeker attains beauty. He remains happy forever after successful completion of this practice. Rati Priya Yakshini Mantra –

Hridhagch vech ratiya Priya Swaha.

Padmini Yakshini:

In the practice of this mantra, the seeker receives confidence and self-realization. The person becomes strong mentally and gets the strength to stand patiently in any situation. Padmini Yakshini Mantra –

 Hridhagchha Rashti Priya Swaha .

Niti Yakshini:

The Yakshini, if worshipped through this mantra, helps the seeker in all the difficulties. She protects him from all types of accidents. The mantra is –

Hridhagchhchhchhh Nati Swaha .

Anuragini Yakshini:

The seeker, when successful in the practice, gets satisfied by the Yakshini in all the ways. The Yakshini benefits the seeker with fame, money, and pleasures. Anuragini Yakshini Mantra –

Hriday Anuragani Swacha Swaha .

Yakshini Mantra For Money

Swarna Yakshini Sadhana is effective at receiving immediate money. To commence this Sadhana, one should take bath and wear a yellow dress on a Friday night and sit in an isolated room facing west. Spread a yellow fabric on the seat in front of you and light a ghee lamp.

Pray to Ganesha, Deepak, and Sadguru for success in the Sadhana. Now worship the Rudraksha with fragrant flowers, kumkum, dhoop and navidya and recite the mantra for 21 rounds with the Yakshini rosary. This should be practiced for 9 days. When completed, tie the rudraksh in yellow fabric and keep it in the place of worship.

Whenever you desire to achieve instantaneous money, chant the mantra for five rounds before going to sleep. Swarna Yakshini may come in your dream and inform you about the method by which you can attain the particular money. Chanting one round of the mantra daily in the morning opens new sources to attain money.

The mantra is as follows:

Aim Swarnyakshini Mam Kaarya Siddhim Kareem Pratyaksham Siddhim Swarn Varsha Aim Aim Namah

This mantra is effective at attaining immediate money. If practiced on a regular basis with devotion, the Yakshini mantras can bring desired results to the seeker.